(Suggestion) mobile artillary

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by F1na1, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. F1na1

    Instead of the orbital strike how about mobile artillary. Ala bf1942. Go YouTube it. Sniper has to spot target before you can fire. Would be wicked.
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  2. Rhinzual

    The Flail was an issue in PS1 and it would be just as hated, if not moreso, here in PS2.
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  3. Haba

    I'd be more for fixed artillery installations in key bases, to give incentive to cap certain locations. Mobile artillery wouldn't be easy to balance,
  4. Morpholine

    At least we could be assured the majority of them would be mindlessly spamming The Crown. (As would most Orbital Strikes, to be honest.)
  5. Rhinzual

    I'd ask for spotters to have me target Ti Alloys, Crossroads Watchtower, Ceres Hydroponics, and THE CROWN all from the safety of an elevator cliff right next to my faction's warp gate.
  6. Roy Teppert

    There should also be mortars. It just doesn't make sense for an army to not have some sort of indirect fire. They probably couldn't balance it though and decided to just leave it out of the game.
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  7. Zorro

    It has been suggested before, and perhaps the developers will get around to putting artillery in.
  8. SDD

    Most of the hatred of the Flail came from it being parked on a tall hill and fired downward, directly at the target. PS2's Prowler is similar in usage, but can fire (at least partially) downward without the usage of parking on a hill.

    Using the Flail as very long range indirect artillery was much more acceptable, especially thanks to walls.
  9. Rhinzual

    I'm sure the VS MAX who was sprinting East towards a base suffering a direct hit from my Northern-directed Flail shot several years back would object to the Flail being used as indirect artillery as acceptable. I remember only a few things on my TR character on the old US East server, but I definitely remember that moment and how hard my fellow outfit member laughed as he was spotting and caught that.