Suggestion: Machine Penetration Ammo

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Raines, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Raines

    Just a suggestion for a possible upgrade for Infiltrators.

    Why have Machine Penetration Ammo that you can spec into for a number of Certs?

    It would still be one hit one kill to infantry but say do 1/5 the damage to a tank or turret if you manage to hit them.

    I can't count the number of times I've 'pinged' tanks, aircraft, and other vehicles, let alone turrets and done zero damage. I'm suppose to be firing a high powered round here.

    Any tank that sits around long enough to get five sniper rounds in the hind quarters deserves to get blown up!
  2. Sikab realize every ammunition has a Pro+Con to it, right? Your "idea" just have Pros.

    How about you Cert C4 and do what your Class describes... Infiltrate.
  3. Raines

    I just went and checked... there is no C4 cert on VS Infiltrator... at least not that I can see. If you can name it, I'll take it.

    And cons... how about slow velocity and more drop? Its heavier rounds after all.

    I'll happily Infiltrate and toss C4 around the place, but I 'ping' tanks elsewhere while crossing terrain, and while getting to bases to Infiltrate.
  4. Zourin

    Where's an antimateriel rifle when you need one?
  5. cody weathers

    would be cool but still feels a bit overpowered, besides the fact that everyone with a face that doesn't play infiltrator just hates the class with a blind passion (No not everybody I know)
  6. Ymaros

    Ok now with your greatfull idea, infiltrators, in one load, can kill a prowler...

    hmm, kick-***!

    Others ****** du** ideas?

    Sniper=> kill infantry. Get used to it (or go HA)
  7. Skaylay

    Infiltrators should not be able - ever - to counter heavy armored units in this game.

    But it would be very funny being able to head-shot the poor f**k out from the, glassed, cockpit of a light jet hovering in a spot ; )
  8. Kalocin

    I think it would be cool if we could sacrifice our grenades for c4....I mean if we approach a tank there's a large chance we'll get run over so I image there wouldn't be loads of infiltrators blowing tanks from left to right.
  9. StockpowerXD

    There should be Anti-Material Rifles with special Ammo to ***** from... (Reactive, Armor-piercing, High Velocity, ...)
    The point of reactive ammo f.e. would contain nano therimite charges that melt through the outher armor plating and weaken a tanks armor... This would allow the Infiltrator to support in Vehicle Battles by simply reducing the defense of enemy tanks.

    Armor piercing rounds would simply be able to damage lighter vehicles, but have limited range, since at some point it loses the velocity neccessary to penetrate.
    High-Velocity ammo would give the ammo enough speed to properly hit aircraft, but reduce the accuracy so much that it's pointless to use it against infantry at long ranges.

    These kinds of ammo would be able to do noticeable damage to vehicles with the drawbacks of more limited range, much higher drop and no advantage against infantry, while having much higher reload time and more sway with the Anti-Material-Rifle needed to fire those rounds...

    Basically an infiltrator exclusively equipped to damage vehicles and support in tank-battles.
    Maybe this Anti-Material-Sniper should cost additional Ressources to equip... like a Max-suit.

    The damage output is slow and noticeably inferior to a tank's and the sniper trails are extremely hard to spot by vehicles, but VERY VERY visible for infantry and the rifle would be almost useless against infantry, making infantry support for tanks the counter to AV-Sniper ambushes.

    Reactive ammo-> Support that amplifies allied damage to vehicles by reducing the armor of enemy vehicles -Drawbacks: High Bullet Drop Minor damage and the charge has an activation delay, but no AoE, making it useless against moving infantry.
    Bonus damage due to armor reduction is the main factor for awarded XP. The Armor-reduction is gradually increased by successive hits and gradually removed by repairing and completely disappears when fully repaired.
    Armor reduction would leave visible burn and melt-marks on the vehicles armor until repaired.

    Armor-Piercing ammmo-> Able to damage vehicles except MBTs and galaxies and does massive damage to flashes, average damage to light tanks and fighters and minor damage to sunderers, liberators and turrets including mana-turrets... MBTs can be damaged if shot from the rear -Drawbacks: VERY high bullet drop without any bonusses against infantry and the naturally high reload time of the rifle needed to fire this round.

    High-Velocity-> Basic round with much higher speed, Able to damage fighters and flashes and to some minor extent light tanks.
    Cannot penetrate light tanks from front and would be mainly anti-air and anti-flash -Drawbacks: Agan... high reload time, higher spread making it bad at headshooting and hitting infantry without loosing effectiveness against fighters and flashes.

    Here you go: Pros and Cons of a special AV-Infiltrator that might cost additional ressources making it a Sniper-Equivalent of a MAX
  10. Cer0

    This, a 1000 times this... It reminds me of the Anti-Material Rifle from BF2042, awesome against armor and planes crappy against infantry. Hell even WW2 had anti-vehicle weapons so when did we regress in the future?
  11. Ravenclaw

    if they was a anti-material rifle in game it should be a engineer thing, it should be bolt action with a very very long reload time, very poor vs infantry and limited ammo, and does NOT restock from his ammo pack