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  1. Ziggurat8

    I posted this in another thread but I really feel it deserves it's own thread. Would appreciate any thoughts or feedback and I would really really like to see something similar in game.

    The current squad system sucks. I'm looking for a squad, i pull up social tab, I look at all open squads, they have a few words (or none) for a name, the squad leader and his outfit and the continent he's on...that's it.

    To fix it and by doing so reinforce teamplay Daybreak should adopt the common mmorpg LFG/LFM party/raid system and adapt it for planetside2.

    I should be able to pull up a Looking For Squad tab. This should have specific roles I would like to fill, infill, sniper, engy, MAX (w type) driver (specific to vehicle) gunner (specific or non specific) construction, harvesting, large battle or spec ops etc. It should then show me squads that are looking for any or all of the specific roles that the squad leader has selected.

    I can then select 1 or more roles to fill and be auto joined to a squad looking for that role or view all roles currently unoccupied in any unfilled squad and choose to fill that role, at which point I will be auto joined to that squad.

    If I'm a squad leader that just wants to run Air squadrons it would make it pretty simple. Open the Looking For More tab, select driver-liberator, x2 gunner-liberator, x2(or4), driver-esf x3, driver-gal-repair, gunner-gal, x2 (or 4). Infantry and ground vehicle roles would be selected the same way. Perhaps have the specific roles locked out to non certed players. So if I'm looking for 1 more repair sundy driver I don't get someone without the cert trying to fill that role.

    1 last thing to really make it all click. Any xp specific to that role is increased by 25% to encourage you to fill the role you signed up for and to make it worthwhile to use the system.

    Just some ideas. The squad/platoon stuff definitely could use a bit of work and implementing something like this could really add a lot to the adhoc teamplay of the game that I really feel we need.
  2. ColonelChingles

    One issue with this is that often times the purpose of a squad might change very quickly.

    Example 1: I am part of an armour squad working under a platoon. We run into a Biolab, and tanks are pretty useless (well more useless) around a Biolab. So my squad dismounts and fights on foot for the next 20 minutes.

    Example 2: After completing a point-hold as a CQB/Medic-Engineer squad we proceed to get on a hill and destroy incoming enemy armour as long-ranged HAs.

    Example 3: Seeing a large concentration of ground units, the ESF squad decided to mount Liberators instead.

    Example 4: A base has been properly built, and now the base constructors transition to base defenders, pulling vehicles or AV infantry classes.

    It can be difficult for a squad leader to predict what future tactic they might use or what vehicles are going to be needed in 10 or 5 minutes. Additionally, every time the tactics changed then they would need to rename/redesignate their squad.

    I still think the idea is viable, just might need some tweaking.

    One simple change would be for squad commanders to see who in their squad has what sort of experience. Maybe put the symbols for the longest played infantry class and vehicle type next to a person's name, so the SL can quickly see at a glance who is good (and hopefully certed) for what. In that way a SL can call for a specific person to pull a Galaxy or a MAX or act as a Medic.

    It might also be nice for a SL to see the nanites of each person in their squad, to see who can pull a vehicle or a MAX. Or even just to see if their squad is ready for a MAX crash.
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  3. breeje

    you need to join a good outfit, those random outfits don't care what you play or how
    as long you follow the markers they are happy

    in a good organized squad from a good outfit will tell you what they need
    and it's way more fun with players who you know
    just find a good outfit and all these problems you talk of will be gone
  4. The Shady Engineer

    Such a system would be incredible for pub platoons. Both OP's ideas and Chingles'. Seeing how many nanites people have is huge for planning any sort of large scale pull and seeing what class your squaddies are most experienced at allows for better decision making as to what the optimal squad composition should be.

    Really nice ideas.