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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by itechen2, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. itechen2

    that's a shame, repeat suggestions not relevant to the discussion. that has been mentioned about 5 times in this same manner by the passerby commenters
  2. itechen2

    the question still stands
  3. Meeka

    Unfortunately, my main character is SteelPrincess and is an NC on Emerald, like you. So, unless you like TKing, you probably won't be sniping me out any time soon, but you're welcome to run along side of me any day... just because we disagree, doesn't mean we can't be friends! :D

    My two older characters; Meekalew is TR and WarriorWay is VS... but, you'll be unlikely to run into either of them, since I rarely play them. If you ever see them though, good luck!
  4. Onical

    it sounds like a good idea until you consider the synergy. atm infiltrators are already a decent treat to tanks if they certed there flash. (they cloak sneak up behind you rather fast and unload a salvo taking out more then half your health). if you'd give them anti tank grenades they would jump out and chuck a grenade at you to finish you off instead of having a HA tag along in the backseat // c4 is self explanatory. stealth+ c4 would be worse then LA + c4 for TR and almost has bad for nc and worse for vanu // then trow in the fact that tanks are already forced to play like artillery/tank destroyers because of all the AT capabilities everyone has they have to keep there distance from the fight and stay near cover. i actually hate the idea of the anti tank rifle that coming out has it going to make it harder for tankers (sniper rounds would be hard to dodge has you won't see it and it likely has a fast velocity) and smoke wont help ether. (if they q you they should easily be able to shoot you in smoke) // tbh i think just cloaking to hide then sniping the crew when they repair is a better "anti tank" strategy for infiltrator. i would even give them a hacking tool to hack unoccupied vehicles (like suggested before that idea is actually pretty good and reminds me of ps1)
  5. MahouFairy

    Infiltrators are snipers. Snipers. Don't. Take. On. Tanks.

    Unless you give them an anti material rifle maybe? Bolt action. 1 bullet deals the same amount of damage as 1 Basilisk does. Will probably satisfy those who want to see a "X" whenever they shoot a tank.
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  6. itechen2

    snipers can still snipe regardless of grenade type
  7. itechen2

    yea? so what. that's is a lot of moving parts there in that situation you describe and if someone is going to go through that much trouble then they probably deserve the kill, assuming they can have that many things go right. i am in a tank quite a bit myself as Meeka pointed out and i think i have had my tank killed by wraith fury flash a total of 1 times. there's nothing to the flash and the moment you start taking damage you just pan around and fire 3 shots and its instant death for them. Add the possibility for them to stick a grenade to you vehicle once you have blown up their flash would make things more interesting, but by no means a guarantee for them to finish you off. if they are going to have all these certs in their flash and infiltrator then surely you will have done the same for your tanks.

    so it boils down to tankers being afraid of less survivability? pfffffff
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