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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by itechen2, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. Hydrologist

    Good job missing the point yourself. Giving invisible people anti-vehicle weapons is just going to lead to that. Hell, it already has. They haven't fixed what they do in the video. Go do that if you hate vehicles that much. You don't even need a friend because C4 doesn't go away if you switch classes.

    And who the hell cares about aircraft as an infiltrator, much less galaxies? You have a cloaking device and they have a hard time looking down.
  2. CNR4806

    The only non-MAX infantry class that poses any real threat to aircraft is a Heavy Assault with a lockon launcher, and even those have to be used in numbers to make a Liberator consider running, much less a Galaxy.

    Do us all a favor and use your brain before posting.

    1337-tr1cksh0071ng doesn't change the fact that Infiltrators are deadly killers who also boasts a massive psychological effect, while snipers are worthless load wasting the team's continent pop cap.


    This has degenerated to the point where the trolling is rather clear. By the merit of dragging this rubbish into page 5, I give you a 10/10.
  3. ronjahn

    While I don't like the idea of giving infiltrators AV weapons, they could use a few more recon type abilities specific to vehicles.

    Give infiltrators some sort of vehicle marking tool. Spotting vehicles in this game is unreliable at best. Give the Infiltrator a spot scope which makes a bright flashing mark on all friendly minimaps of which vehicle is where. Allow this spot to sustain for an extended period of time. Make it so everyone in the region gets a visual announcement that an enemy vehicle is marked. Put a yellow squad like marker over that vehicle so then the people who miss the minimap, and miss the visual cue(you know because most people are oblivious to all communication in this game), still can see that an important enemy target has been marked.

    Gives the infiltrator a sneaky and powerful AV option without giving them an AV weapon and maintaining their reconnaissance role. I also wouldn't be opposed to being able to shut down a vehicle with hacking, but I don't really like the idea of stealing vehicles.
  4. K2k4

    That's exactly why the infiltrator needs it. I'm saying that giving infils a means to prevent vehicles from positively identifying them should be an option. Its not a means of making infil av but it would give them a chance when a tank gets next to their sniping perch they just spent 5 minutes to get to.
  5. FnkyTwn

    I think the bigger question is: Why can't Infiltrators also heal other players?

    Imagine making clandestine runs behind enemy lines to revive entire squads of elite players. You'd be like a para-rescue badass, and why should Medics be the only one to revive other players?

    Maybe somebody should start a new thread to handle all the feedback for this new line of Infiltrator?

    While we're at it, why do Infiltrators have the least amount of hitpoints? Why are Infiltrators discriminated against regarding something as important as our very lives? I'm not saying it's racist, because Infiltrators aren't really a race, but it's kinda racist. Classist?
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  6. Pelojian

    what is the point of classes if all classes can do AI and AV near equally?

    infiltrators should not have infantry AV tools, medics should not have c4.

    engineer and heavy should be the only effective AV classes.
  7. K2k4

    I get it, by suggesting infil can hide from tanks better you have equated that this means they will be able to blow up tanks with impunity. I'm not agreeing with op and I don't think that infil needs ways to damage tanks but a defense to avoid tanks is necessary given infiltrator can't damage tanks at all and put themselves in exposed positions regularly.

    If engineer and heavy are to be the only classes with AV please explain WHY you feel this way. All you have said are absolute statements without any justification for your reasoning.
  8. Pelojian

    It doesn't make sense that a class designed around stealth, hacking and AI should have AV tools. likewise it doesn't make sense to me that medics would need C4 munitions in the first place.(i could see dual grenade setup 1/2 rev nades & regular)

    when you think real world combat demolitions which come to mind first?

    Engineers and HAs fit the bill for AV roles with explosives well, LA is a stretch if you want to include them for flanking attacks from above. Medics and Inflitrators though? medics are direct support and infiltrators are stealth AI and recon.

    it doesn't make sense to me that a AI, heal&rez class has an AV tool and it would not make sense for infitrators to be running around with AV tools ether.
  9. Meeka

    Yes, 28 days on one faction... and I was saying what Infiltrators SHOULD be doing, instead of crying their eyes out about vehicles.

    What the hell? It has nothing to with superiority, you don't give people who can cloak AV weapons, it's bad game balance. It's bad enough to have Wraiths, which you can at least counter. I was trying to give good advice to what infiltrators SHOULD be doing around vehicles.

    Uhhh, wait, who has a superiority complex here? And why are you pointlessly rambling all that off? But, since you brought it up, here goes:

    Since it's a weapon you mentioned, I looked at your SAS-R record; you have 25% accuracy with a 0.11 kills per minute. My SAS-R record; I have 41% accuracy with 0.4 kills per minute. So, even if I *only* look at my NC, I have almost double your accuracy while killing four times as much as you do... on a Infiltrator that I've played 1/3rd less time than you have (I only have 13 days on my NC Infil). So, all those "amazing" things you said you can do as a sniper, yeah, they're not happening for you on a regular basis... and when they do happen, it's more luck than skill. But hey, at least I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm super skilled, when I know there are way better players than me, but you've got a long way to go to be one of them yourself. :)

    .... the worst of it though, you have a 3.0 KDR and only a Score Per Minute of 99. Do you know what that means? Just by looking at the rest of your weapon use... the bulk of your infantry kills coming from the Viper Lightning means you're spamming bases... You have almost no C4 kills, almost no tank mine kills, almost no knife kills... you really don't like to put yourself in any sort of situation where you might die, do you?

    The next time you want to try to impress someone with superiority complex talk, you should probably do it in front of some newbies from the safety of the spawn room, they'll be more your cup of tea.
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  10. Meeka

    Infiltrators DO need an expansion, it's called "hacking empty vehicles".
  11. MahouFairy

    C4 for Medics and LAs is more of a self defense tool rather than a downright offensive one. Defensive tool against tanks for infiltrators? Press F.
  12. MahouFairy

    Infiltrators are snipers or those "ol secret agents of WW2", sneaking in enemy cities to uncover information that can aid their own empire. Have you seen a dedicated sniper or a dedicated secret agent take down a tank, in the heat of the battlefield? Like the sniper abandoning his position to rush at a tank for some glory?

    Let's be frank. War simulator or not, RL tactics are always good to have. You can even call it common sense to some extent.
  13. MahouFairy

    Same thing. People need to stop suggesting that infiltrators as a viable AV option because it isn't.
  14. Reaper1911

    Well i havent got around to reading this whole saga about infiltrators but as far as my gameplay on PC with this class, my suggestion would be Grenade Bandolier for extra Frags and the Hunter QCX with explosive bolts. You will be able to take on light vehicles and a standard sundy with this at max 4 grenades and a few explosive bolts so, infiltrator has a small AV option if you use the class right.
  15. itechen2

    crikets? or the equally ineffective explosive bolts
  16. itechen2

    im not suggesting a viable av weapon, you misunderstood
  17. itechen2

    those opposed to the change seem to have one thing in common, an unfounded and totally exaggerated idea that it would make the class OP or some anti tank killing machine. it wouldn't. a common yet ridiculous and unfounded notion. it is a freaking grenade people, it is NOT some ANTI EVERYTHING ARMOR blitzkrieg.
  18. itechen2

    whatever. what is your in game name, i would be glad to out snipe you
  19. itechen2

    yea, where is that? if we cant get that, i would at the very least want a grenade
  20. Meeka

    It's a feature PS1 had that PS2 yet does not have, but is supposedly coming in the future.
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