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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by itechen2, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. itechen2

    Wait what?! Did you just make that up, then tried to say i said that? Um No....nice try
  2. Meeka

    First, your time is not double mine, lol... Secondly, you missed completely the point of what I said. It's not the amount of time I play that makes my advice better; it's the amount of time I play and I saw no need, ever, of an Infiltrator needing AV weaponry. Not once.

    If you're feeling helpess when enemy armor is rolling over you that shows for all the time you've played an Infiltrator, you're awfully inexperienced. So, if you have armor rolling in on you or on top of you... relocate, or do the job an Infiltrator is actually supposed to do.

    Do you know what I do when an armour column is rolling on top of me? I kill the engineers as they hope out of their vehicles and repair them, leaving the vehicle idle and unable to perform its function. I sit on top of Vanguard turrets and kill enemy troops from behind the lines. I hide under Magriders and shoot people. I hide in the deploy legs of a Prowler and shoot from them. You are not helpless in an enemy armour column, it is one of the safest places to hide; the sounds of your weapons are usually masked by their guns and engines.

    BE an Infiltrator.

    If you want to destroy armour, grab a Wraith Flash with a Fury. That's your AV weapon.
  3. itechen2

    and you probably don't know how to follow a discussion. you think you're the first person to bring that up, cause you're not, and it's not up to me to keep repeating myself. Do yourself a favor, read the opening post and a few of the responses then ponder the idea presented, do some prayer/mediation or yoga if you are into that put your thinking cap on provided you have one and read the rest and get up to speed.
    Instead of looking at the title and spouting off the first thing that pops into your skull.
  4. FateJH

    If you're frustrated with them, how do you think the defenders must feel?
  5. itechen2

  6. Hydrologist

    Lol, you said you never tried them in VR yourself. I have.

    Do it. They kill any MBT in four hits when you stick them to the rear of the tank. I'm not kidding.

    Also, this is why they don't give Infiltrators AV weapons:
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  7. whatdidthefoxsay

    the tl:dr of this thread is

    were going to revise warfare, change the game, nerf vehicles, because i dont like being killed
  8. FnkyTwn

    I think giving Infiltrators even more anti-vehicle abilities is just silly. They can already hack tower turrets, as well as vehicle terminals to pull vehicles behind enemy lines, and a Wraith Fury can be insane once certed out.

    You're really just asking for squads of anti-vehicle Infiltrators running to bomb Sunderers or tanks, and that should be left to Light Assaults, especially with their upcoming nerf against MBTs.

    And why the hell are some of you using your grenade bandoliers to blow up abandoned Flashes? This is a silly request. The answer is NO because Infiltrators are INVISIBLE. The only way this would be viable is if equipping explosives completely 100% removed your cloak.
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  9. K2k4

    I don't think infiltrator should get AV weapons, but they should get defenses against vehicles.

    Introducing the cat-suit. A suit slot item which makes infiltrators not show up on the radar for vehicles, AI radar or not. Infiltrators have no counter to vehicles, so this should allow them a chance to remain undetected even when tanks have surrounded their sniping perch.
  10. Doc Jim

    Where's the dislike/downvote button?
  11. Pelojian

    why should a class that can cloak and become mostly invisible get special treatment against vehicles when they are NOT an AV class? You are an infiltrator, you sneak around, kill people, hack turrets and terminals. you are not AV class.
  12. Apples

    If anything it's suicide cloaked c4 bearing infiltrators that are leading to a c4 vs tank nerf not light assaults going by this video. I haven't run into them myself but I've taken out plenty of LA trying to sneak up to my tank all the time and when they're hovering above they're so slow it's easy to drive away.
  13. Vaphell

    In fact i do know how they feel because i am one of the idiots with learning problems who still try to use them defensively. But everybody seems to like it that way because who needs stationary defenses to be of any use? That's some medieval nonsense.

    From time to time there are threads complaining about their UPness and you can find me there saying that the turrets need more hp so a single tank is not a grave danger to them, so they don't go down in 5 seconds whenever few tanks feel like rolling in. Probably bonus resistances in standby mode so they require more effort to take down when unoccupied would be a nice addition too.
  14. Vaphell

    mediocre shooting mechanics is totally orthogonal to having a stealth class that wreaks havoc (which is common sense) or not and is relegated to annoying peons instead (which is a horrendous waste of potential). Just because PS2 shooting is better doesn't mean the infiltrator class as a whole has to get the short end of the stick. That does not follow. All in all, it only tells me that the ex-SOE couldn't design their way out of the paper bag and had to introduce ******** limitations.

    Yep, and in PS1 infiltrators had a trunk full of asplozives plus could hack ****. Where is the continuing of that tradition of them being a ******* pain in the ***?
    I don't care about infantrycentrism that much (i am perfectly fine with being a tiny gear of a huge machine), but having to nuthug others whenever a max or anything bigger than a flash shows up does cause the bitter taste in the mouth. I care about 1 class being excluded just because it has imbacloak (which every other dude sees through no problem) even though its SPM is literally bottom of the barrel when compared to other classes and their numbers in the wild are low.

    war simulator would be 95% logistics. War simulator with high tech would be 1% infantry because infantry is free food for anything AoE with imbavision on and no counterplay to it. In a war simulator bases would give shelter to the owners, not expose them for farming from all directions. War simulator would be about managing scarcity. What exactly is scarce in PS2?
  15. itechen2

    pffffff below me. i'll be greatfull when you leave. rick
  16. itechen2

    You almost sound elitist, my feelings of useless do not come from a lack odd knowledge but rather stems from the obvious lack of options "on hand". Funny you make the mistake assuming that because i ask for an expansion upon the infiltrators inherent or acquired loadouts, that i must suck. that some how i have not been able to figure out how to deal with these situations of which require some skill no doubt, how dare i. That i am so incredibly inexperienced and how i have wasted my time. That because i would want this i am most certainly inferior to you or everyone and I must be doing it wrong. Yea yea i hear ya. You are doing quite a terrible job of convincing me to play the class any differently than i have been which i dare say probably looks very similar to what you are doing, gee what's a shocker. So yea i know what the options are and i am well versed on how to do things. So if you don't mind i would like to hear from some one else and allow the discussion be continued not bogged down by your negativity. We read you loud and clear, or should i prepare for some more recycled words and add some ugly name calling that may or may not hurt my 1 feeling currently being used by uselessness.
  17. itechen2

  18. itechen2

    uh.....ok? im still a wondering why infiltrators don't have something in their loadout inherent or aquired that can damage armored targets, taking into account not just tanks but liberators, galaxys as well. good luck trying to fire a atv fury in the air at a gunship, lol
  19. itechen2

    just going by what i remember so call me crazy but you said you had 28 days as an infiltrator and i have 58 days as an infiltrator so since you are hell bent on measuring epeenis's then yea actually thats more than double, i haven't been in school since i graduated a number of years ago, so my math and gramar ain't what it used to be so bare with me.
    No i got your point loud and clear and can be summarized with following words. You have a superiority complex, there is only one way to play the infiltrator class and that is your way and since you personally never felt the need for AV weaponry, you speak for the entire player base because quite frankly everyone else who thinks that ever is wrong and you know the right way of doing things, yup, gotcha

    yes redeployside is the answer

    Pfffffff...Come here and ill show you how inexperienced i am...sniping is one of the main purposes of the infiltrator and i seriously doubt you can snipe as well as i can. have you ever gotten a triple kill (meaning 3 kills in 3 seconds) with the SAS-R ? have you ever headshot infantry in mid air after taking the jumpad at the Impact site on indar to the bridge at point B? Do you on regular and frequent basis headshot light assults jetpacking around? yea that's what i thought. i do and that is why i play infiltrator, i take great pride and pleasure in shooting off your face and when i am out and about i would like something (on hand) to damage armor with provided the right situation
  20. itechen2

    Um ok, completely missed the point, secondly players choosing infiltrator shouldn't have to spend thousands of certs on the flash just to do damage to armor.
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