[Suggestion] Hossin: Remove construction sites Delta, Sigma and Omega

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by libbmaster, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. libbmaster

    Both Delta and Sigma are far too close to the surrounding bases for their own good. The lattice lines tell the story: they will put a kink in the flow of battle, slowing things down and cluttering up the map.

    Omega is technically okay, because staggered mesa outpost is so far out, but would need to be removed to make this change balanced. Moving Staggered mesa to roughly the half-way point between the two bases current locations would alleviate this problem. While doing this would take a lot of work, it surely must be less than constructing three brand new bases to replace the construction sites.

    Please bear in mind that this suggestion is not simply based off the aesthetics of the map. My personal experience (and the opinion of many players on the forums) is that environments like indar, with many small bases very close to each other, have very poor battle flow (the pushes across open ground are too short, resulting in a jerky progression). Both Amerish and Esamir flow much better because of the open terrain in between bases, facilitated by their small number of outposts.

    Please give this suggestion consideration. Many others on these forums have been asking since day one for less bases, more room between bases, and for the remaining bases to be made more unique. You followed through with this on Amerish and it worked spectacularly: please continue the trend on Hossin!
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  2. UberBonisseur

    Can we get a pic for clarification ?
  3. libbmaster

    MS paint to the rescue:


    Clockwise from western warpgate: Delta, Omega and Sigma.

    As you can see, sigma is kind of okay. But the other two just seem unnecessary, like many of the bases on Indar.

    My suggestion is that moving staggered mesa would be a much better use of the dev team's time than building three new bases, which I assume is their plan with "early expedition" and all.
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  4. TorigomaSET

    Ehhh if Distance is the Problem, why not complain about those bases Southeast and Southwest respectively Delta and Omega? they look far closer.