Suggestion for cheap upgrade for 60 fps playing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by electricION, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. electricION

    Hi everyone!

    I want some suggestions about what I need to upgrade on my pc to get at last 60 fps (stable) gameplay with low settings, with shadow and flora off, 2000 m render distance and render quality 70%.

    My PC with 1500 m R.D. and 56% R.Q. have 60fps max and normal is 40-30fps and in big battles 20-10fps:

    CPU: intel i3 2100 3.10 Ghz (dual core - 4 threads)
    HARD DISK: 148 GB with 30 GB free (wdc wd1600js-55ncb1)
    MOTHERBOARD: Asrock h61m-dgs
    RAM: 2 rams of Crucial PC3-12800 1600Mhz 4GB (works in dual channel: 800Mhz - 8GB total memory)
    GRAPHIC CARD: ATI radeon hd 5450 with 1GB of memory (Catalyst Control Center 3D settings to "optimal perfomance")
    SYSTEM: windows 8 64 bit

    thank you in advance.
  2. Magma52

    Think of this. I have:

    i5 2500k @ 4.4GHz
    GTX 980 4GB
    8GB RAM

    I run everything on low because I don't like FPS fluctuations in online FPS shooters. I want 60 FPS lock all of the time. It stills dips down to 45 FPS in the very large battles. Render quality is 100%, however. Anything less and I feel that I cannot see the distant enemies easily enough.

    The only thing you can do is increase the amount of scenarios in which you get 60 FPS lock. What does it say in the bottom left corner of your screen? Does it say GPU or CPU? Whichever one is there is the one that is holding you back.

    Apparently my CPU is holding me back in this game but it's fine for everything else. I'm not upgrading my CPU for just one very CPU heavy game. I will live with the FPS drop in the large battles.
  3. RainbowDash9

    i got a gtx 750 for like 100 dollars and it stays around 60 most of the time on ultra (with shadows on high) or if you play on medium or low you can basically keep it at 60 at all times unless an platoon of skrubs all shoot rockets at you at the same time or something crazy lol. you might need to upgrade the psu though if its still stock

    also max framerate i get on all low is 250 (looking up) with an average of about 140
  4. electricION

    well, the text show often CPU and GPU. But more GPU.
    Not care of is a big battle or small, open field or close quarters, switch always to CPU and then to GPU and then to CPU, but always try to stay on GPU.
  5. electricION

    So......what I need to change on my pc? And what type of hardware you suggest? I not want to buy 1000$ of founds is small....
  6. Pfundi

    Might you start with posting your user options.ini? When you got everything on low and flora and shadows off that i3 of yours should be able to run at at least constant 50 fps. Anyway Id suggest viewing that thread:
    BlackDove is some kind of hardware god (seriously, he seems to know everything. Like he invented that whole stuff), he sure knows whats lacking and what to upgrade to what.
  7. Freeloaderusa

    btw your using ati radeon card you might want to consider using the radeonpro tool as well as it can increase frames with texture settings lowered. I totally agree with pfundi it should be able to run the game very well on lowest
  8. sIcGER

    you definitely have to upgrade gpu - and at best cpu as well - ram is fine
  9. BlackDove

    What kind of PSU do you have? There is not really a cheap option unless you want to buy a used Sandy Bridge i5 like a 2500 if you can find one.

    You could optionally get a new CPU like a Haswell i3 and H97 motherboard and eventually get a new GPU like a 960 as well.

    You might want to check this guide i wrote. Also make sure smoothing and vsync are off given your specs.
  10. electricION

    I have a PSU Ms-Tech ATX 550 watt. Here my useroption.ini (I repeat it, with this config I run luckly max 60fps and normal 40fps):

    My goal is to have a minimum 60fps with render quality at 70% and render distance 2000 m.
  11. electricION

    update: meanwhile waiting for an answer, I tryed readeonpro suggested by freeloaderusa, but no fps boost. always the same.
    anyway, I see that catalyst have a overclock tool. Maybe this boost my fps, but I'm afraid to use it. I not want to destroy my graphic card.
  12. electricION

    I'm pretty in conclusion I need to upgrade my hardware to get 60 fps minimum? And what kind hardware I need to change?
  13. day ofm one

    Just copypasting my signature up here:

    Windows 7 | Mainboard: GIGABYTE GA-H87-HD3 | CPU Intel Core i3 2x 3.30GHz | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti | Ram: 8 GB

    I run stable on ~60 FPS (sometimes a bit lower, sometimes a bit higher, but usually not below 50).

    My graphics setting are all on HIGH, except shadows, which are off and particle effects tuned down because there are issues when you get shot in aircrafts (AA in third person eats FPS like hell).

    Wait, I barely fly...
    Could turn it up maybe? ;D

    Overclocking usually does not make a big difference, except in energy use (you don't need a radiator when you overclock, in the summer you will have to sit in a fridge).
    Most of the notably higher energy use gets converted right into heat.
  14. electricION

    thank everyone for the info! To get what I need to upgrade my graphic card.