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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quintus_Fontane, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Quintus_Fontane

    Hi all, I had an idea for what I think would be a cool feature to add to the game and wanted to put it here to get other opinions on it. Forgive me if this or something similar has already been posted (Or indeed if this is not the correct place to put it; I couldn't find a dedicated suggestions place).

    Right now, it's a bit underwhelming when your team manages to cap a continent. It's gloat-worthy and all, but it's just a bit... 'Is that it?'. I seriously doubt I'm the first person to think of the following, I just think it'd really make it feel like an achievement, and also an extra event which might make more people work towards, rather than just finding the nearest insane muderbrawl and heading there (Though, I do love me some insane murderbrawls).

    I'm thinking that upon a cap of a region, a giant aerial vehicle spawns in the centre of the map, a sort of mothership, for the team that conquered. Huge thing. Players can't move it, but they can spawn in it at various locations and man turrets on it. The objective for the defending team is to defend the ship for, say, 30 minutes to an hour or somesuch. The objective for the two opposing factions is to board it, and take it down from within before that timer runs out (You could say something like it has a superweapon, or a mega resource extractor that needs an hour to spool up or something to give a reason to the whole event).

    Think about it; teams forcing entry into the several landing bays on the vessel any way they can, be it drop pods, galaxies, etc. Then, breaking off into smaller teams (Or giant zergs), heading to different parts of the ship to take it down from within; hitting a medical room or an arsenal to capture a spawn point for your side, engine room/s, sweeping down gunnery decks, the CIC, bumping into teams from the other attacking faction and three way murder insanity breaking out. And then, when the last point falls, the ship starts going down and the survivors have to run out and bail off the side before it crashes (You'd need to add some sort of galaxy style anti grav thing for those on board who leap off). Have your team's radio dude/girl announce how much of a collective badass your team is, every player on the continent get a brief pop up on their screen announcing the outcome and maybe even the levels of badass displayed by each faction that took part, and the victorious side/s get a sort of super-base takedown bonus in xp and certs.

    I really think it would add something that is sorely missing from this amazing game; a sort of world event that everyone can work towards and feel awesome about after, even if they lost.
    Again, this was just me brainfarting today instead of doing anything productive, but I'd appreciate hearing everybody's thoughts on this. I saw the list of ideas the devs had for this game in the future, and I thought this would make a nice thing to add in the interim whilst we're waiting for the planetwide map, base building, NPC legions and such.
    Please be gentle ^_^
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  2. Hardbaloney

    Fantastic idea. Gives a reason beyond "score points" to capturing regions. I think the idea could be expanded - you have to have control of certain regions on the continent in order to "fuel up" the death machine. Once those conquests are completed (and held), the countdown to extinction begins. The opposing sides have to move in on the machine itself to try and do what Quintus described. I think it's effing brilliant.
  3. Quintus_Fontane

    I like it! Adding regions that absolutely must be held to trigger or fuel the ship would give the other sides a chance for a last ditch effort to stop it!
    My friend just had a good idea also, in that once the map was capped and you'd defended said points that you mentioned, and the ship arrives, the territory can't change hands again until the ship is gone, one way or the other. This would mean that virtually every player would converge on one point on the map.
    The CARNAGE....
  4. JT-WhiteFlame

    Sounds like Battlefield 2142's Titan mode. Man those were some good times. With the problems there has with mass players in one area, they might not want to give incentive to have people gather like that. Maybe instead of 1 big ship, have 5-10 smaller ones, spread around the map. Maybe defending each major base.
  5. Quintus_Fontane

    Sadly I never really played 2142; by the sound of it I missed out.
    I hear you on the server issues; if they implemented anything like this they'd need to fix that first. Some people might also struggle with their FPS with so many people in a single area, too. A few smaller ones could work, I just worry that it'd feel a bit too much like the regular base capping though (Albeit base capping with sugar sprinkled on!).

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