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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Schisist, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Schisist

    While discussing the uselessness of LA against vehicles he has successfully flanked behind without spending 600 or so certs, we developed this idea and i think it sounds like quite a bit of fun and fits our theme perfectly.

    We don't have an 'F' ability, i think it should be an emp bug.

    Basically you get 1 per resupply, it takes 1.5 seconds to apply it and melee range, but if you stick it to a vehicle that vehicle is disabled (not damaged, just shut down) until the bug is destroyed, any soldiers inside are allowed to remain inside if they choose. You can shoot the bug off with gun fire (1-2 rounds), making hiding it on the vehicle another level of depth. It also draws the occupants in to a decision: Leave vehicle to shoot the bug and risk dying to the LA or an unseen ally he brought with him? Or call for back up.

    Now that sounds like a disruptive flanking light assault to me. It also keeps the value of C4 because they are another beast entirely.

    Also imagine, you're a light assault perched on the upper edge of a BioLab, waiting.... A Liberator or Galaxy gets a bit too close to your BioLab for one of their bombing runs, he didn't check the sides of the Lab for enemies and flies low.

    You jump down, jet boost to land softly on it's roof, apply your bug then jump jet epicly to a ledge if you have enough gas left, while you watch the gunship plummet helplessly to the ground.

    You know you want it.
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  2. SteinB

    Light Assaults have an 'F' ability it is just bound to <spacebar>, the mobility of jump jets is a huge advantage for the class they do not need an additional one.
  3. Schisist

    They need an ability to threaten vehicles without spending 700 certs on C4. We are not a complete class without some way to threaten vehicles.

    We are unable to abuse our flanking ability on anything except insta killing soldiers who are aiming down their scopes at something else.
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  4. Lightwolf

    LA's are beastly used correctly.
    C4 is not. My gal will simply shrug it off, and I'll probably assume (if you didn't die on impact, giving me roadkill points), that I was hit by a rocket.
  5. Schisist

    Huh? If you get EMP'd as a Gal at a decent height you will explode when you hit the ground.
  6. DrTeeth

    As has been said, we have our 'F' ability bound to the spacebar. What I'd like to see is a new tool / weapon for slot 3. Personally I'd like to see some more explodey goodness to make use of our height advantage. For example:

    A tool like the Engineer's ACE that can spawn remote-triggered explosives of different kinds - HE (frag), AP (shaped charge), EMP etc.


    A weapon like the Tribes: Ascend Jackal - a sticky grenade launcher that can fire 3 rounds at a time that are manually detonated after they land by a triggering device (left mouse to fire grenades, right mouse to detonate).
  7. Purple

    i got 30 kills in 2 lives yesterday as LA. i think a f ability may make us op.
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  8. Chemicalnurd

    A great idea, but I actually kind of think this would work better for infiltrators.
  9. Capricorn

    You have jetpack, be content with it.
  10. Mr Maigo

    Ammo regen... I spend more time resupplying than killing.

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