[SUGGESTION] Endgame 0% XP continent

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, May 7, 2013.

  1. RageMasterUK

    In the end, we're going to have all the toys.
    Some of us already have everything we need, and we're less than 1 year in...

    How about a continent for the players who DONT want XP to be their driving force?
    How about a continent that rewards in only glory and decadence?
    I'd be curious to see which players would end up fighting on a continent like that...

    Any player of any skill or level could go there obviously, but this continent would attract the "top-tier" skill focused competetive demograph of the playerbase who are keen to pit themselves against likeminded players. The ones who have maxed out everything they like to use generally speaking. The players who arent particularly interested in the grind, or the zerg.

    There would be a ceirtain decadence to holding that continent, as an Empire, I feel, and could effect an empire reward.
    It would also act as a "skim" of the top end of the skill base and might effect a more survival friendly noob experience for the new players on the current 3 XP continents. Down the line noobs are going to have a real harsh time unless we move the top tier of skill on to something more worthy of their attention.

    The design of the map would be symmetrical as not to disadvantage a team. Its focus would be on providing a level playing field for all factions to promote a competetive angle to the gameplay, so no worrying about WG positions.

    Just some crazy idea....
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  2. TheRealMetalstorm

    Why not, but I can say that the skim effect won't work.

    There are two kinds of "top tier" players.

    Players seeking the next great challenge, vs players seeking to farm and grind on low BRs.
    The skim will skim off the former, leaving the latter with less threats to their existence.

    The latter comprises of the usual AI max regulars in biolabs, ESF podders, etc etc. Not all of these are farmers, but the majority are.

    The former comprises of, for example, purely A2A (rotary + AB) ESFs who seek out other great pilots, etc
  3. Liquid23

    can I have your XP if you don't want it?
  4. Ribero

    I figured that players who don't want XP to be their driving force, just didnt let it be their driving force. As you say players will have all they "need", so they've no real reason to go and grind for XP.

    Aside from that its an interesting idea.
  5. Tobax

    No thank you.
  6. RageMasterUK

    Yeah it'd just skew things into a bit of depth if you had to give up XP opportunities to earn decadence. It would be a continent where the feats would matter more than the XP.

    Hey it could even be a continent with 0% resource gain, so a player could not just stay there and have a protracted vehicle war without returning to the regular continents, and could act as a resource sink.

    It'd be a harsh world with very little tangeable reward, but thats exactly why some players would go there.
  7. TheArchetype

    Hmm, I like it. Down the road when more are BR70+ this would be a great addition. It would definitely bring back a lot of that faction pride that was in PS1
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  8. Richard Nixon

    Hunting skilled tanks with my Vanguard? Not having to wade through endless AA/hover spammers with my Reaver?

    Where do I sign up?
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  9. Eugenitor

    Sorry to burst your bubble, OP, but it'd be a ghost town, in more ways than one. I'd play there- hell, I'd probably never leave, just to enjoy PS2 without zerglings and cert farmers- but the number of people on at any one time might fill a Quake server.
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  10. LT_Latency

    I think it would be empty. Most player upgrade to pwn weaker players.

    There really is already ways to do this. Look on the map for enemy platoons and head to fight them. You odd of find high level players are pretty good.
  11. RageMasterUK

    Yes, thats why Im thinking it should be a smallish continent with perhaps 4 bases, a home base for each empire next to their WG and a central base to encourage the 3 way in the center while giving opportunities to sneak round the sides.

    Think battle-isles if you ever played PS1.
  12. Hibbe

    If you already got everything you want, then play some meta-game, escort players with your sundy back and forth to and from the frontline, take the role as an officer and charge first in to a new encounter, backstab some enemies with your infiltrator, etc. etc.
  13. RageMasterUK

    I do all that. I try anyway. I used to do a public gal using cont broadcast to announce pickups, but no-one really cares they just zerg around. Even if I have a sensible gal in place, I've had trouble getting organised outfits to even accept the lift, they normally have something else planned.

    In a 0% Resource gain cont, a Gal would be a very valuable commodity.
  14. Richard Nixon

    Oshur was a blast. Pretty sure SOE is gonna bring it back eventually. Maybe they might make them 0% XP if enough people are asking for it.
  15. EvilPhd

    If you think that's going to stop spawn room spamming, think again.
    All the things that annoy you now will be turned up x10. Why? Because it's effective.
    What do "pros" do? They do what's effective.
  16. RageMasterUK

    Yes but you fail to realise that as soon as a spawncamp is set up, the pro's will respawn at a different base. Why? Because being spawncamped is innefective.
    What do pros not do? What is not effective.

    Spawncamping exists because inside the spawn shield you get a chance at zero risk XP. Remove the XP, remove the spawncamp.