[Suggestion] Directives for EMP Grenades

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by xthezerohunter, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. xthezerohunter

    I just dropped 200 certs on an EMP Grenade only to find that it has no directives, no ribbons, and to get an assist the target has to die within 2 seconds. So why doesn't it have directives? No destroy 100 enemy shields, or assist 50 teammates with an EMP Grenade? EMP Grenades are great for Deployable Destruction, but the max I seem to get is about 1 Shield Regen and a Motion Spotter in really crowded areas. Sure people could just get 2 Infils from different factions get 2 Sunderers, and throw EMP's at each other all day, but people stat pad hacking and revives too.
  2. Skiptrace

    Not a bad Idea, never thought about that, could roll in LA Jetpack and HA Shield, along with Medic Nanite Regen Device.
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  3. MisterSlim

    I believe it actually DOES have ribbons. I think it's likely a bug, but I happen across EMP ribbons from time to time, and I have the silver medal on it as well. (I am determined to auraxium the EMP nade!)

    I think the strangest thing is that we have no headshot ribbons. Kills past 70m yield us Marksman ribbons, yet there are no ribbons for headshots. xD
  4. xthezerohunter

    Now that I think about it, it is weird that there aren't specific ribbons for headshots. If most of our weapons are Sniper Rifles there should be a better achievement as opposed to bonus xp, and Recon.
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  5. Amouris

    Your player page says 0 kills with EMP...so yea.
  6. MisterSlim

    I know, and I find it odd. I think there may be a problem with the kill tracking for it. I do have the silver medal on it, and I did receive the cert bonus and in-game notification that awarded me the medal. I'm also aware of at least one other person with the silver medal on it.

    I could screenshot my in-game loadout showing the silver if you'd like, it wouldn't be a bother.

    -Stay Fr0sty
  7. TheKhopesh

    EMP grenades don't count kills that you get with them if you detonated an explosive, only if it kills with that tiny bit of damage they do when they hit with a line of sight from the det point to the target.

  8. MisterSlim

    I'm aware, and this is a problem that has plagued me over the past couple days. When killing with an explosive using an EMP blast, credit for the kill is given to the explosive type, and nothing is given to the EMP nade. However, if this were the case, and I were getting explosive kills, I wouldn't be getting random ribbons for EMP'ing, and I wouldn't have a medal on it. (I actually had it bronzed before I bronzed my frag, if that tells you how often I use the things xD).

    So, that leaves us with two possible problems:
    -One is that explosive kills with the EMP are counting toward the medal and ribbons, but not to the kill count of the EMP. I find this implausible though, as after spending a good while over the past couple days asking around, I've only found one other guy that has it medal'd. Also, since those kills are already tracked for the explosive, I highly doubt they'd be credited for the EMP as well.
    -The other is that actual EMP kills are being credited toward the medal and ribbons, but not tracked. I'm not sure how plausible this is, but it is logical.

    I'll do a bit of digging, and see what I can find out.

    Side note: Ouch. I need to get my KPM back up on the Parsec xD, that's lookin' rough.
  9. Amouris

    It's likely the bug where people were getting credit for different weapons than what they were using, which is why I have VS Rocket launcher kills on my NC in the in game weapon list.
    I wish stats.dasanfall would keep track of EMP kills.