[Suggestion] Buff the Skyguard!

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  1. Darkroyals

    Hey there everyone,

    everyone knows the skyguard. Some players hates them, some players loves them - but it's kinda weak against heavy aircrafts and other vehicles. My suggestion in this thread is to improve the damage to 30%, the RPM to 530
    I remember in earlier times, where i beaten a lightning with one and half magazine with the skyguard. Now it's impossible.

    Kind regards,

  2. JustGotSuspended

    They should buff all forms of AA, as they do as much against air as they do against ground vehicles and infantry. I'm personally against a skyguard 2-clipping other tanks, that said it should be able to actually kill aircraft, not just deter them. A play around with aircraft health and resistances should do the trick.

    Also something interesting to consider would be making some sort of garage where vehicles can switch loadouts, that way your tank can be salvaged once all the air flies away.
  3. Blam320

    They really need to give the Lightning its secondary weapon back; in PS1 they had both their cannon and a rotary chaingun that the user could toggle between. I think the modern Lightning could use that secondary weapon back, so Skyguards and dedicated AV lightnings can have something to toggle to and not be impotent against a different target.
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  4. JustGotSuspended

    either that or at least add the option to change vehicle loadouts at specialized terminals/garages. I think MBTs would then also have to either be buffed in their AV roles, or given the same versatile as such lightning. Otherwise there would be too little reason to pull an MBT.
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  5. Blam320

    MBTs already have the benefit of getting a gunner to operate the second gun at the same time as the primary gun. It can have its attention split between two different targets.
  6. JustGotSuspended

    eh in the state they're in they could really use a buff. It's not too hard for a lightning to take on an MBT and win, and it's incredibly frustrating to be defenseless against air, because if you pick a non-av weapon, you can be out-dpsed by a lightning. Maybe giving the secondary gunner a chance to cycle through an av, and an AA option would be interesting.
  7. xMeserionx

    Skyguard does not need a buff, It 1- clips ESFs with ease if they do a proper flyby; it otherwise creates an area of denial that is dangerous for the ESFs to return to. It nearly does the same to Valkyries except you can repair those things while they're flying about.

    As far Liberators go, the Liberator is a flying tank and really needs another nerf to it's flak resistance. Liberators are much too tanky IMO considered how powerful of a weapons platform they are. It is bad when a Gunship is tankier than your MBTs.

    Galaxies are fine as they're meant to be a super heavy transport, and as such lack serious firepower. It should take multiple Skyguards or ESFs to kill a Galaxy considering the point of the Galaxy.
  8. Blam320

    If you get out-DPS'd by a Lightning while in an MBT, you deserved to die. Lightnings are laughably easy to kill with an MBT's main gun alone. If you let them get a couple shots off on you in the back, then yeah, you're dead anyways.
  9. JustGotSuspended

    I'm beginning to question if you really play the game.

    You calculate it if you want, the lightning guns actually have better dps than mbt primaries. Take into account the fact lightnings are quicker, more agile, and have smaller hitbox. Sure, mbts have more health, but it's easy for a lightning to take on a solo mbt and win, especially from the rear.
  10. Tr34

    I agree with Skyguard. AA Maxes are underpowered against Banshee/Airhammer ESFs as well. They instantly kill the Burster MAX while its dual Burster only tickles them. If A2G weapons are going to stay with low TTK, AA weapons should have similar TTK from close range imo.
    I also suggest adding a Striker/Jackal-like NS/NSX launcher available to all factions to counter increasing number of A2G ESFs. It'll definitely increase the quality of new player experience as well.
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  11. Essayons12b

    I'd rather see another AA platform added. Like putting a Havoc or EMP missile launcher on an ANT with the air guard system that Lightings have. Just make it deploy so it's stationary. All those elements are in the game, Look up Stryker Maneuver SHORAD Launcher. It looks a lot like an ANT.
  12. TR5L4Y3R

    occasional post of buffing AA for infantry AND vehicles vs air across the board
    add dumbfire/peltertype missiles to vehicles, add hornets, buff walker and ranger in velocity and/or accuracy maybe damage, add rockletrifle primary to medics and (yes) infils ... add nanitecosting AA/AV options
    .... and for friggs sake buff ESF secondary AA weapons (coyotes still UTTER garbage, also add better aircontrolls in general already) ....nerf the friggin dalton ...
    add more surviveability to the MAX in outside battles ..
  13. Chazt

    Skyguard is absolute hot trash as it is, but I don't think increase it's damage against all vehicles would be welcome. It is meant to be a dedicated anti-air tool, the problem is it cannot perform that role. It's muzzle velocity and base accuracy is way too slow to be able to hurt air vehicles reliably, and it's base damage is far too low to actually serve as a deterrent.

    I would say increase the flak damage specifically by roughly 30 pts of damage. This won't effect it's effectiveness against infantry or ground vehicles.

    Velocity of the rounds needs to be buffed dramatically however. From 400 m/s to at the very least 600. Even then with how many vehicles stay at the sky limit it may need to be buffed even further.,
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