Suggested change to the Vortex.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by hansgrosse, May 6, 2013.

  1. hansgrosse

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I've been hearing a lot about how underpowered the new VS MAX anti-armor weapons are, and though I've never personally used them, they could use some love from what I've seen of them.

    My suggestion is to overhaul the way they function altogether. I was thinking about the best way to make them unique yet still functional, and it came to me that it could be really neat to turn the Vortex into an anti-armor machine gun. Make it something like a beamy handheld version the basilisk that, as compared to the Basilisk, does a little more damage per shot to armor, a little less to infantry, fires a little faster, and retains about the same accuracy. I believe that it would make for a fun, unique, and worthwhile weapon!

    The Vortex is such a cool looking gun. It deserves better.
  2. Ghosty11

    The VS MAX is not allowed to have nice things.:eek:
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  3. Quiiliitiila

    Yeah, look what happened to the Cosmos... :(

    Back on topic, it's a fairly cool idea... But unfortunately there will be no drastic changes to the Vortex other than small tweaks in damage, damage degradation, etc. That's ONLY if the devs decide that the Vortex needs some tweaking, which more likely than not they won't.
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  4. Cryptek

    I'd prefer such a weapon as a NS Anti-tank weapon. After all we got the NS burster, we'll get NS flamethrowers and so it would be logical to get a NS anti-tank weapon.

    If you really had to change the Vortex I'd only settle for making it a 700 meter range Ghost-buster beam (using the Lasher beam from Beta) continuous damage death ray. THAT would be fun.
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  5. Jkar

    My suggestion to change the Vortex would be at the very least to make it auto charge, raise it's damage against infantry so that three to four uncharged shots or two fully charged (one from each arm) can kill them and also give it the same projectile velocity and damage degradation as the Lancer.

    To elaborate on the auto charge, the weapon would automatically charge up to level three and hold that charge until you decide to press fire. You can still have a fast rate of fire with lower damage shots if you tap but the usability of the weapon would improve a lot if you don't have to hold both mouse buttons and track a target, which is even more difficult than the Lancer without any kind of zoom. Besides it's unpractical for a MAX to abort a charge because your only option is to MAX punch, which of course is a hazard to anyone around you.
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  6. TeknoBug

    Eliminate charge, slower ROF, higher damage (say 550 dmg?) with same velocity.
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  7. KorJax

    I don't think auto charge is nessicary.

    Honestly all they need to do is buff the charge damage by making it so the charge time is half of what it currently is (aka, double the DPS when you charge since you can shoot a full charge twice as often now), while also removing the utterly ******** damage dropoff a "sniper" AT weapon gets past 200m.

    Now you'll have something that is actually quite nice without being OP. doesn't do as much damage per shot as any other AT weapon but still deals a decent amount of DPS, with the benefit of being a nearly-hitscan weapon that is perfect for long range shots.
  8. Noktdaz

    Didn't they just create a new armor piercing resistance type for the AP tanks and liberators? Maybe a change to the Vortex's damage type could help?
  9. Sieve

    The damage falloff is a bit ridiculous, almost half at what, 200m?
    More than anything I want the recoil bugs and the guns refusing to shoot to be fixed though, those are extremely annoying.

    As far as usability goes, it might be good to break out that "change fire mode'-key, let us toggle between how the gun currently works and a mode where you'll fire single shots at a constant rate, because it's a major pain in the *** slamming both mouse buttons as fast as you can while keeping your aim on the target, let along at long-range.

    Also, damage against Harassers feels a
    I swear those things can eat more Vortex hits than MBTs, and the composite armor ones can be taken down faster with Quasars faster than with Vortexes
  10. PhilDun

    Good suggestions. Especially regarding a "change fire mode" key.

    As a side note, the only solution to this now is to create a macro that automatically fires for you. (I.e. Press mouse 1, press mouse 2, delay 0.05 sec, repeat). This can be done quite easily on Logitech keyboards, which have built-in keystroke recorders. On the other hand, such a macro might be considered cheating.
  11. Jetlag

    You guys are missing the most important part of this thread

    OP said what?
    Seriously I think you might be the only VS player who thinks these water pistols look good. These things look ridiculous on a MAX unit.
    Every other MAX weapon is attached to their arms and look like death machines, why is the vortex a hand held pistol?
    I get it art team, you were proud of the lancer design, but that does not give you an excuse to reuse the model for the new VS max weapon design.

    Fracture = new design
    Raven = new design
    Vortex = cross between carbine model and lancer animation :/
  12. Hellspawn

    The true inspiration..

  13. Jkar

    How about we just rename the Vortex into the Beamer Mk2 to give it an accurate description until we can come up with a solution? ;)