sugestion ti alloys problem.

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  1. nagibator

    when 1 team have allatum-ti alloys. 2 team have crown. 3 ceres, its ok. stupid battle starts when 3 team paint ceres- ti alloys, stupid useless fight between 1 and 2 team on field south ti alloys(under 3 team).
    suggestion map rework: cut ceres-alloys link, build higher unapproachable mountain between ceres and allatum broadcast(big silo spawn right now spot), move crown c point to old c(north down crown), b point under ground tunnel with 5+ ways to it ( something like hossin nasson). and maybie move ceres little easter.
    that will move 3 way fights from useless 5 auraxium ti alloys to main base of the map crown
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Yup. In general I'd agree. TI is not suited for hosting the big fights, Crown is much better equipped.
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  3. RabidIBM

    Agreed, T.I. Alloys was never meant to host the big fights. Also the Crown is very hard to get to from the north, making it unlikely to get a 3 way fight going in earnest.
  4. OldSchoolD

    It was perfectly fine for 7 years, a developer shuffled his feet, and then it wasn't.
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  5. Liewec123

    agreed, if i remember right there was a wide open area between the spawn room and the cap building so it could actually be taken,
    though i don't know if the rock bridge was in back then, but the rock bridge is a absolutely necessary feature.
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  6. JustGotSuspended

    they added the rock bridge a bit latter, and after that it really started to generate good fights. There was an SCU there, and the point wasn't too bad, I feel the base had a better layout. Now the point is in the sort of awkward position, caught in between two staircases.

    They revamped it a lot of times, this I think was as close to the "original" layout as I could find online.
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  7. Liewec123

    Oh yeah! The memories <3
    I think there was a wall and roof over the outside balcony (on the thumbnail of the vid) too at one point,
    I remember I used to like deploying a sundy between the two doors up there,
    Back when we could deploy sunderers at our own bases to fight zergs
    (and there were a lot of zergs! Because there was no stupid faction queue! ) :-3
    Good times!
    I wish for a treat they'd give us back some of the old stuff that was changed for the worse or removed entirely.
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  8. JustGotSuspended


    There's no denying the game had flaws back then, but the devs attempted to shift and change everything without actually understanding the reason behind why they were doing it. That's why they add the bridge in one update, then remove it in another, and these illogical decisions either worsen the game, or at best don't solve anything at all.

    The old TI was fine, at least in terms of fighting inside the base. It provided a much more engaging fight from what I remember, you could actually adventure outside the point room, and we didn't have to deal with these stupid stairs. The was still the issue that attacking from Ceres sucked, but this was not solved by the revamps anyways, if anything it was made worse. There needs to be either some sort of jump-pads from Ceres to TI, or some sort of building(s)/cover shielding the path up from both the Crown and the Attacker's spawn room.

    If anything, the best solution would be to replace those buildings on the right of the vehicle spawn with the spawn room, and turn the current spawn room into some sort of building the provides cover for people coming up from Ceres. It's a wonder that the biggest issue the base has could likely just be solved by something as dumb as changing the orientation of the spawn, yet the devs prefer to continue mutilating it.
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  9. OldSchoolD

    They are most evidently trying to avoid us joining big fights, hence Bastions, OS, Storm and base redesigning to make 3-way fights ever more difficult to happen. I assume this is how they "fix" the unfixable latency issues, by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    But the biggest issue the game has is described here:

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