suddenly microstutters

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VeryCoolMiller, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. VeryCoolMiller

    did anyone else experience micro stutters after the sunday patch ? before was running perfectly
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  2. tommyrocket

    Could try "SilkSmoothing" using NVidia Profile Inspector. Can't 100% say it will help, but it's worth a try. A setting of 1 or 2 on there should do, without adding too much input lag. That side I'd recommend following this:

    Also take note of another user's tip in the comments. Set the UserOptions.ini "MaximumFPS=250" to something like "MaximumFPS=63". Use RivaTuner Statistics Server and set a frame cap that is a few FPS lower than the useroptions limit. That 'should' remove a lot of that stutter, along with the input lag. I've also seen improvement as other users have.

    Hope this helps you.
  3. OneShadowWarrior

    Starting seeing alot of these stutters today. Delayed deaths when I shoot my opponents, terminals not working, then the disconnect hit.
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  4. VeryCoolMiller

    Ok i nailed it... was the amazon prime video. I have 2 monitors and sometimes i play and watch stuff on the second monitor... the player of amazon player website caused this annoying thing... even when paused.
  5. Lord_Mogul

    If for any reason you have logging enabled, but that off. One of our outfitmates hat crazy hitching over the past days until whe found it was some looging feature.
    And agree on videos on secondary monitors, they always threw off games for me whe nrunning. Some more some less, but clearly somewhat offputting.
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  6. vonRichtschuetz

    Same happens to me with Twitch or Youtube. It's noticeable in every game, especially on weaker systems.
    My workaround is just switching to another tab in the same browser window - drawback is obviously it doesn't work if I actually want to watch stuff.
  7. strikearrow

    I have everything off - except ps2 - and I still today have constant microstutters that make playing very unpleasant. I won't be playing until they get this fixed.
  8. Towie

    You play PS2 while watching something else at the same time !

    Geez it takes 110% of my concentration to be mediocre without focusing on something else as well. Maybe you were a Chameleon in a previous life ? ;)
  9. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Gotta watch the new Game of Thrones season.....
  10. Towie

    Ahhh good point - and I guess it gives you something else to look at should Arya decide to get her kit off again...
  11. Ulviirala

    I often get a lot of stutter when stuff is happening, like getting pelted with enemy fire causing little explosions... makes it next to impossible to try and dodge or tactically advance in another direction, but of course only since DX11.

    Being told to "turn down my settings" (that haven't changed since DX9) doesn't exactly feel in line with the bullscrap promise of "tons more performance", in no world does that make sense. Plus, it doesn't help. I've never witnessed a newer DX version bring "better performance" to a game anyway. If I had the choice, I'd select "the DX9 version" in a heartbeat. Not sure what delusions usually drives developers to force-feed people the performance lie.
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