sudden performance drop-please help

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Grievance, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Grievance

    ive been playing PS2 on and off since alpha and recently came back after about 6-8 months off game.

    i am having pretty big performance issues all of a sudden, in large fights my character animations become extremely choppy along with other character around me, while my overall fps doesnt take a big hit. i usually run at 60fps and drop down to 45-50 in big fights, while my reload/aim animation on character will be moving at 1-5fps

    ive been running the same PC setup for a few years, and had no previous problems with PS2, currently have gtx970 , i5 3570(OC to 4.2 ghz) 16gb ram.

    i used to run game on full high/ultra settings and had very little slowdown except in big fights, now even setting the default medium video setting still leaves me with chopping character animations.

    anyone have any ideas ? thanks in advance
  2. Eternaloptimist

    There are a lot of server performance issues at the moment, if posts on the forums are anythign to go by. I've started getting quite a lot of lag hitches ever since consturciton was launched and more recently I get hitches and choppy play just after spawning. This is not limited to big fights but it is more commen in the 48+ per side battles. IDK the answer but I would not assume it is your rig if I was you (I'm not technical so someone might call me out on that).
  3. Grievance

    thanks, but everyone cant be experiencing animation lag i hope
  4. Savadrin

    I haven't seen anything like that at all. What kind of HD are you running? The only time I've seen chop is when there's slow texture loading due to having an old platter style HDD instead of an SSD.
  5. Eternaloptimist

    Good point - I remember under SOE some ways back there were lots of complaints about lag etc that I just was not experiencing. Guess it's my turn now. I'm on the EU servers btw.
  6. SlugSniper

    I tend to get random lag spikes so bad that tanks go floating off into the sunset and then teleport back.
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  7. Grievance

    im on a SSD, samsung 840 evo

    i actually just did a full wipe/reinstall last night to see if it helps, ill have a chance to try out today. im hoping it was just some corruption or something on my last drive.

    but to get ready, are there any general/proven things to get the best performance out of the current client ?(my specs are earlier in the topic)
  8. MuggieWara

    Had the exact same issue today!No problems before.Did you guys find a solution?
  9. Grievance

  10. Diggsano

  11. Grievance

    i havnt changed any settings since the last time i was playing, when the game was playing smooth.

    this also isnt my gif, but i have an identical issue. so this is happening to multiple ppl
  12. Grievance

    tried to play again after latest patch, still not fixed
  13. Diggsano

    Uldate NVIDIA GEFORCE Experience,


    Go to your desktop
    Rightclick (just on normal, no programm)
    Nvidia settings

    And there on 3D settings...

    Change to single programms and choose Planetside2.exe

    There yoh can make the settings.
  14. Grievance

    is there a specific change that needs to be made ? only suggestion ive seen is turning off shader cache, ive done this with no improvement

  15. Nekky

    My guy was doing some weird stuff with his arms when dropping tank mines last night.