Sudden game crashes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Leivve, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Leivve

    So I was playing earlier today perfectly fine, but this evening when I went to play the game would crash a few seconds after I deploy in the warpgate. This happens for both my TR and NC characters who are on different continents.
    The character select screen and Launchpad work perfectly fine, but I can't actually play the game.
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  2. AllenOne

    +1 having this problem.
  3. LordMatt XLVIII

  4. MajWinters

  5. Tricky

    Same, haven't had time to play for a few days. Today I log in, download a 60megish patch and now I can't stay in for more than 5 mins.
  6. Jackpail

  7. AllenOne

    I got in just fine right now--but virtually no one is in there. I suspect a system-wide problem that's hopefully just a blip.
  8. AllenOne

    Never mind, crashed again.
  9. Dundrey

    also can't play without crashing
  10. Timithos

    I've crashed 5 times in under 10 minutes with a rig that hardly ever crashes. It's non-playable.

    I can't alt tab out of the this game without it crashing on me. That i'll accept. But now that this newest patch has released my game crashes as soon as i deploy. Wtf guys. I absolutely love this game but i can't exactly play it when i'm not even able to get out long enough to shoot at anyone. Btw i'm certain it's the newest patch. I've played for hours on end until this newest patch came out. Just downloaded it and three times in a row i've crashed. I'll check back in a week and see if you guys have actually tested out your fixes before releasing them.
  12. Jaxxil

    I am also experiencing this issue:(
  13. HommerDeppot

    same issue .... crashed 6 times in 15 minutes
  14. Drambooey

    same. . . 5 in 20 minutes
  15. Apocumn

    Also having issue, tried 5 times, all crashes.
  16. Tenente

    Same here, after the last patch (40Mb) i can not play the game. :(
  17. TSR AlexS Customer Service

  18. Leivve

    Thank you for getting on this so quickly, I honestly thought it would take a day or two, not a few hours. Thank you.