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Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by codeForge, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. codeForge

    If you're getting really, really bad performance, we want to find those problems and fix them quickly. Like if you're getting 40fps on Live and 8fps on test, that means something is definitely wrong.

    First, make sure you have GPU particles turned OFF. Second, make sure your settings are the same as on Live. If after those two steps, you still get terrible performance, please reply here with your CPU, GPU, and OS (and anything else you think may be relevant).

    We also are aware of a problem that seems to randomly crush SLI users. We're working on that one, too. This is why we Test. :)
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  2. MGP

  3. Sandpants

    Dunno if it fits,

    But on live I can run X settings with shadows on low at ~30-40FPS CPU bound.

    On Test I run the same settings with shadows on low at 40-50FPS GPU bound BUT if changing player heading it tears and skips frames. It doesn't feel like 40 FPS that the counter shows - more like 20. I have to switch shadows off. Quite frankly the game becomes obnoxiously bright without them, and so I miss them dearly.

    Not being able to play with shadows won't make me care whether I am GPU or CPU bound.

    EDIT: I think I have what MGP describes, but can overcome it by turning shadows off. I do not have to do this on live.
  4. Nexuk

    I can get 30-40 fps on ultra on live and 20-25 on test. Same idea with very low settings. The big battle changes I have not seen, I have my flip queue size on 5 so my GPU renders first. I run on very low settings for everything, yet still no fps change in big battles. I have my GPU at 883 speed. AMD A10 Elite Quad Core Radeon 86 10G
  5. noobindo

    It's funny, but the increase in fps did not change anything.
    Lets see.

    I got problem when soot the enemy and he shoot at me. Screen freeze for a moment so I could not aimingand next moment I was dead.

    I see enemy, shoot about 30 rounds direct in his torso. Then I hear a single shot sound and Im dead. And he standing with full hp and a bit damaged shield.

    Technically, nothing has changed. Now game render more frames, but this frames fake. Players with better system or/and ping got permanent advantage. I got smooth picture, but not gameplay.
    Yes, I know some ppl think thats because high ping to PTS. But yestarday game feedback was better. I saw bullets and lose hp more slowly, not instant. Probably because there was just a few people on server.

    So my question is
    Do you guys planning to improve synchronization algorithm?
    Because its not fun at all, when you need to shoot full magazin to kill someone, while everyone kill you in one shot. I got same instantkill issue on live, but much less than on PTS today. And when i got freeze before die on Live it seems more plausible.

    Maybe you should change balance and increase TimeToKill?
    Now you need about 500 ms to kill an infantry from most weapon. PS2 use clientside hit detection. Let's imagine that the average ping of all players = 100ms. So If someone shoot at me I'll see it after 200ms delay. Most ppl play in prime time, so that internet channels are full of traffic. Server need some time to process all incoming information too. So actual delay could be more than 200ms. So when you realize someone shoot you, he already finish you.
    You cant decrease player's ping, but you can give more time to react.
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  6. daniel696

    Same problem with me.
  7. SkattoNollFem

    I got this problem. I have the GPU particles turned OFF. The settings are the same on both test and live. (High on all but textures, which are set to ultra)

    On Live i get around 50-70 normal and drops to 30ish in larger battles. The game feels smooth even when it drops.

    On the test it jumps from 30ish to 80+ in normal areas. Though it dosent seem to be accurate, it feels like frames are skipped. With or without SLI on dont seem to make much difference to me.

    My system is:
    windows 8 64 bit
    8 GB ram
    GT 750M 2 GB GDDR5 x2
  8. doombro

    I get a decent amount of stutters, and sometimes some very long hitches that I normally would not experience on live. Most of these went away when I turned on Smoothing, but I'll post my stuff here anyway.

    Windows 7 64 bit
    Intel i5 750@2.67GHz
    GTX 460
    8 GB RAM
  9. NC_agent00kevin

    Its the opposite for me; I have stutters and hitching on Live but Test is buttery smooth. I am considering just playing on test until the optimizing goes live, so I can actually enjoy the game.
  10. codeForge

    Yeah so far over 90% of players on Test have not encountered issues. But those last few % want a better experience, and they should have one.
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  11. notw2

    Getting same performance pretty much as The main game without the performance patch

    And in a battle in the test server which this does not show frames drop just as low or Lower

  12. BSODAaron

    I get a decent amount of stutters, sometimes some very long hitches and sometimes I would crash after I die or when i am just running around to a base.

    Windows 7 64 bit
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel Core@2.8ghz
    GTS 450
    8 GB RAM
  13. codeForge

    Yeah as I said in another thread, recording video drops frame rate. We'll fix that at some point, but right now it's just not up there with getting people from crashing and getting FPS higher in general.
  14. blueangleofdeath

    The patch is great everybody!! My frames aren't really better but it is more stable and smoother now, I seem to get plus or minus about 10 or so. In some places I get better frames on live though. Big bio lab battles are still a problem though. I understand that this is patch one and that it is being updated as we go. I'll post an update after the servers come back up. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the SOE teams working on this and the work they have put into it so far :D
  15. DistantPower

    Well on Live, since GU8 or 9, my frames got steadily worse. Spikes and hitching then and there but nothing that made the game totally unplayable. Since the 16th October, Live crossed the unplayable line, with some patch or addon that tanked fps down to 1-5.

    On Test, no doubt there's been an improvement (Hitting 48-55fps and with smoothing, a usually constant 35-50 fps). Really all that's barring my way is those damn hitching episodes, which crop up seemingly at random. On one playthrough, I'll encounter one, maybe two at most and another it's frequent with episodes lasting 5-15 seconds, with another one cropping up 5 seconds later.

    If that can be nailed down, then Bio-labs not withstanding, I believe we have a rather good patch.


    Windows 7-64 bit
    GT 650 1.5gb
    8gb ram 1600mhz
  16. notw2

    Id like to add though my video was recorded with DXtory which makes little Difference with fps But yet still Shows that the fps hasnt exactly got any better and when im not recording and i try to do a battle I get 25-30 frames when there is not even 48+ people in an area
  17. daniel696

    This was the Patch 1, and I got a really stable fps (Now I can play with shadows on high! =D), it doesn't drop bellow 15 for no reason like before, but is still low fps, can you tell us how many Optimization Patch's will have ?
  18. NC_agent00kevin

    Your CPU doesnt even meet minimum requirements; you are lucky to run the game at all.
  19. Airazor

    My frames where all over in a 25-48+24-48 bio lab battle on Indar earlier today.

    On live I still get terrible frames and it "seemed" more stable frames on test, but I still had 16fps in the outside of the bio lab. Inside I was getting 5-12 fps. Sometimes I would jump to 30fps for a few seconds then back to 16 fps.

    Test server seemed slower though. Just sitting at Indar warpgate was slowing me down to 16fps-25fps. In an open field I rocket to 40fps-50fps...I wish it was like that all the time :) At the time the warpgate pop was not that high, maybe 12 peeps top.

    Flying was slower on test then on live by a 5-10 frames as well.

    PS: I have a low end machine, and like was posted from a dev, low end machines (allot of us players) wont see much changes. So shucks! I tried and hoped at least something good would come of this OMGF. I need more testing before I can make final verdict though :)

    4gig ram
    ATI mobility 5650HD 1gig
    Win 7 64bit
  20. Scientiarum

    I am consistently getting 5-20 fps WORSE on the test server than with live on identical settings where I get 35-60 fps which is quite playable and fairly smooth most of the time with little screen tear except when looking at skybox (weird I know). I get 28-45 in PTS with more noticable screen tear and stuttering that is not reflected by FPS meter. Screen tear is obvious regardless of what I am looking at. Both FPS is w/o TS and TS overlay running which seems to have a minor impact on fps for me (not sure why).

    I am running an nVidea Quadro K1000m (I know a terrible gpu for gaming... it is a business laptop o_O ) on Windows 8 64-bit. No vertical sync, motion blur, or particle effects. Running on mix of medium and low settings. CPU is i7-3610 @ 2.30 GHz, all cores are unlocked and on plug power. 8 gigs ram w/ 7.82 gig usable.