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  1. Lostlogic

    Sturmgrenadier - Using combined arms to drive the New Conglomerate line of battle!

    Apply Here -

    Sturmgrenadier (SG) is embodiment of combined arms, relying upon all three service branches to strike the enemy in large-scale, coordinated assaults. Armor, air and infantry are all part of the Sturmgrenadier approach to battle. Sturmgrenadier has the discipline and experience to oppose the mindless zerg push, and the strength to crush smaller and less effective opponents.

    Rolling armor columns, devastating air cavalry, fierce air superiority fighters, and highly mobile and flexible infantry units are all part of our cohesive strategic and tactical gameplay. This is what makes our enemies fear and respect us:

    “The first time I watched the Sturmgrenadiers put together a true combined arms mass assault on a base with coordinated pincer movements, heavy armor columns, and calculated air attack waves. Just amazing.” - Dave Georgeson, Planetside Producer

    “If you play as NC and aren't a member of SG you're doing a disservice to yourself. It's as simple as that.” - BuzzCutPsycho, The Enclave, Leader

    “If you are looking for a large organized and effective outfit on NC, you need look no further than SG. While we had a lot of small skilled outfits in NC Emerald, SG was our backbone of progress.” - Malorn, The Enclave, Executive Officer

    Sturmgrenadier brings together a combination of leaders with real-world military and corporate experience, a command staff dedicated to making gaming fun, and a player base that is driven to work as a team to complete their objectives. When eight galaxies loaded with troops drop over a heavily contested objective, or when an armor column rolls through an enemy choke point with heavy air cav support, there is no room for anyone who isn’t playing with the team. If you enjoy fighting alongside friends and comrades to drive back the enemy, then Sturmgrenadier is the outfit for you! No matter how many Sturmgrenadier soldiers are on the battlefield, rest assured that every squad is operating on its own initiative to meet its objectives. Squads win battles, and Sturmgrenadier leads its squads to victory!

    The Sturmgrenadier Way

    Sturmgrenadier stretches across many games, but there is a common set of values that bind all Sturmgrenadier members together:

    Respect; all SG members abide by the Sturmgrenadier Charter and the Code of Conduct. SG members do not disrespect, trash-talk, or otherwise insult other members or the gaming community at large. Our actions speak for us.

    Communications; to fight as a team, SG members must communicate effectively. When you see 200 Sturmgrenadiers assaulting a facility, their communications are organized and coordinated towards winning the fight. Individual members are trained in the appropriate use of communication protocols for different combat situations, and commanders are coordinating with each other in real-time using our professional-grade, rack mounted Teamspeak servers. Communication and coordination is the key to victory, and it’s a lesson we learned long ago.

    Camaraderie; Many SG members have been playing together for 5 or even 10 years. The command staff and the entire membership work to build high morale and a strong esprit des corps. SG holds assemblies in real-life, prize drawings and giveaways at the holidays, and works to provide a strong sense of family. When our members have fallen in real-life, we have taken the time to honor them in our own way. When our members have found great joy in their lives, we celebrate along with them. Our newest members find fast friends, and our veterans call one another family. This sense of family binds us together, more than any one video game ever could.

    Discipline and Teamwork; Sturmgrenadier isn’t like being in the real military, but we are a team, and we train and play as a cohesive unit. SG command staff train members in every aspect of combat, from basic squad tactics to large combined arms strategies. When Sturmgrenadier takes the field of battle, we move together, work together, plan together, and have fun together. There are no super hero players or domineering generals in our ranks, only team-mates succeeding together.

    Leadership; We play as a team, and every great team needs great coaches and play-callers. Sturmgrenadier commanders and squad leaders work together closely to develop battle plans that carry our members to victory. We promote from within, and everyone in SG is given the chance to show their quality as a commander. If you have the right mindset and skills, you could find yourself leading a squad, a platoon, and an entire battlefield. Being an outfit founder or veteran are not qualifications for command, so anyone can rise to the heights of leadership if they have what it takes. Our commanders aren’t chosen to lead because they formed the outfit or have been around forever, they’re chosen because they are the best suited for the challenge of command!

    A Long History

    Started in 2000 for World War II on-line, Sturmgrenadier was founded on mature players working together and it was this team first mentality that attracted players from all over the world to join. It was a natural progression for SG to look to Planetside as its next challenge and the ranks grew tremendously. From that point on, leaders within SG created additional opportunities for the current member base and have been able to recruit successfully for each subsequent game. Today, we have a presence in many online games. Whether it is a long standing games such as Eve Online and World of Warcraft, or the newest title like Guild Wars 2 (also in the planning stages like PS2), the core of our leadership system is the same: We recruit quality players and through the friendships that are formed, new leaders rise from within to carry on the traditions of team-first organized play.

    Many of the members are coming up on their 10-12 year anniversary with SG. We have social gatherings around the Country and are well beyond your typical 'on-line gaming group'.

    Discover for yourself the reasons behind our success and sign up to join the last gaming home you'll ever want.

    If you're ready to sign up with the New Conglomerate and earn your freedom from the TR and the VS in the ranks of Sturmgrenadier, then apply here:
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  2. SleepyZ

    I've been with SG since 2003 and I must say the best gaming moments of my life have been with these guys. If you play NC and want to join a friendly, mature and highly organized outfit, look no further.
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  3. Destinova_SG

    SG is the first and last outfit you will ever join. I signed up back in PS1 beta and have been here ever since.
  4. Avarice

    I'm new, but I'm enjoying my new comrades immensely. Everyone is top of the line.
  5. feuerdog

    Sturmgrenadier, there is no substitute.
  6. TeaReks

    Time to move the map.
  7. Aldman

    I've been with SG for over 9 years, never looked back!
  8. CarnifexRex

    Application sent. Hoorah.
  9. DaSquisha

    Go go SG!
  10. Skini

    I joined SG in Nov 03 and played in PS1 from just after Beta, I even moved to Texas (from Northern Ireland) just to be in a better timezone with them!

    (ok, I moved because of work, but it was a nice side-benefit ;))
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  11. vert

    Been with these guys for about a year now. Last guild I will ever join.
    Great group of friends.
  12. BuzzCutPsycho

    One of you guys bumped us so I'll bump you.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I have very little respect for anyone outside of my outfit and as a matter of fact I tend to look down upon most of the other outfits, even those who belong to the TR. The only outfit I really have ever respected (other than my own of course) in PlanetSide was SG because of the amount of work and effort they put in to playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

    So if you're NC and aren't too poor to spend $12 for a yearly membership you should definitely sign up with these guys.
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  13. jpmc

    SG is awesome! Come try our trial membership (its free!)
  14. Aldman

    Brings a tear to my eyes, Buzz. :)
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  15. Bohica

    My wife ran with y'all in PS1... I never joined, but had a blast following you all around... looking forward to seeing y'all in this one too :)
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  16. Sypher

    Booya! Just to to installing. Hope to be in soon enough.
  17. Aldman

  18. Phaid

    Ah... just felt the warm and fuzzy.. Buzz :)

    I joined SG about 6 or more years ago...wishing I had made a different fateful choice when choosing between PS and EQ: I passed on PS after playing Tribes for several years moving onto good ol' EQ playing in Karana's as a monk and not giving PS or any FPS a second look. Don't get me wrong, killing dragons and running quests was a huge thrill; building relationships and improving ones character was my mindset. However, endless raiding where loot was very rare, guild politics was a challenge, cliques were the mass, unfriendly players unwilling to help you achieve greatness soured my EQ days.

    I made the decision to go ahead and give PS a 2nd look---my only goal was to just get in, do some killing and get out.

    Jumping in PS was simply that----getting right into the middle of it and I can't thank SG enough for the guidance I received. Not entirely sure who or what prompted me to sign up, but meeting so many great players and friends made PS even better than running a zerg or solo. Their leadership and ranking members are very helpful. You get the chance often to lead squads and platoons even if you have limited experience---there is always someone there to give a hand.

    I have yet to have any issues with any member in the 6 years I have played with SG. It is a friendly bunch of people of all sorts of ages and backgrounds. I encourage you to take a look. Get to know us and come have fun! We are a well organized outfit with great leaders and great members. We do pretty well, and on those days where things don't go as we planned, you still end up laughing and enjoying the teamwork and friends you meet along the way. Come check us out!
  19. Lunaleska

    ^_^ Can't Wait!
  20. Tybo

    W00t! 10 years for me in 2013!