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Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by DatVanuMan, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Metalsheep

    Now we just need an Implant that gives you Predator Vision in the smoke.
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  2. gibstorm

    As long as it takes up your pistol slot that is not too bad

    But over all, I don't like 1 hit knife kills.

    don't bring a knife to a gun fight
  3. TraatAdmiral

    Of course it doesn't. It goes in your knife slot.
  4. gibstorm

    We already have that.

    There should be some penalty if you going to be able to start one shoting people with them. They do too much work on stuff no one asks for.
  5. SpruceMoose

    this is like an early Christmas SOE
    omg yes

    I am gonna drive right on up to a lock down prowler
    uncloak in front of him with my knife out
    and challenge his honor
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  6. BobSanders123

    Please add chainsaw mode for chainblade. Press B to hold like a samurai sword and rip through your enemies guts!
  7. Unclematos7

  8. Auzor

    Put a darklight on it for the ultimate "alien vs predator" experience...

    Roll NC, get a choice of shotgun primary, and a shotgun pistol too for good measure :p

    The commisioner still headshot-kills infiltrators..
    conspiracy theory: this is all a plot from SoE to sell more commisioners!:mad:

    I think this is also a good moment to re-look at some of the factions pistols.. compared to the NS weaponry..
    the rebel: 4 shots to kill.. until nanoweave comes into play.. -> Buff to 4-shot nanoweave.
    Vanu weapons... enough said?
    All ES "heavy" pistols get an accuracy buff, to have similar ADS accuracy as the revolvers.

    And yeah, some more sights would be nice; I do hope they will remain 'iron sights', with variety of the top of the gun; a holographic sight on a pistol would look ridicoluous I'm afraid.
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  9. Kubin

    It sacres me that you are Vanu yourself and you ask for the short end of the stick for us ._. Longer reach... well, yeah but they wouldn't change it into a sword (thank Gods :p) so it would be rather slightly longer distance and it would be as bad as nothing. Especially compared to NC-only OHK you proposed.

    However I'm still suggesting that OHK with a knife could only be done when you hit the back of your enemy.
  10. Bape

    Stalker infiltrator + OHK knife = rage mode.
  11. Kubin

    Depends on how long does it take to switch fire modes with a knife, because (as someone above said) "switched on" knife is not only audible but visible even if its user is cloaked.
    Besides there is a rage possibility already - xbow+knife combo. It's nearly as quick as OHK knife and can still be done by a Stalker. It's just not as easy at it sounds (for me, i don't know how about others).
  12. SpaceZeal0t

    They should close off all of amerish except for Ikanam and 3 other hexes for factions to spawn from.

    Esamir is like this on the pts and its nice to see a fight happening just next door form your spawn point.
  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    i hope scopes are coming to empire-specific pistols as well! i really hate the Spiker ironsights
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  14. Frostiken

    Make the VS one a sword and give it an AOE attack.
  15. Kubin

    For all things good - please, don't put swords in a futuristic war game :(

    If it absolutely have to be ES, then just make our Force-Blade feed on enemies' shields. When you hit an enemy while your blade is in that "powermode", you deal some damage and you restore part of your own shields if the enemy you have just struck had shields on so you wouldn't gain shields from damaging HP directly.

    At what rate should your own shields be recharged? I don't know but. 1:1 (damage_dealt : shields_recharged) would probably be OP in most situations (because even if your enemy starts shooting first, you cut him and suddenly all the shields he tore down of off you are back and you just cut him again to death).
  16. DatVanuMan

    Nah, permission granted:D
  17. DatVanuMan

    That would be faqeng scary, man!:(
    Reminds me of a level in Spec Ops: The Line.
  18. DatVanuMan

    Do not worry, brother.
    *Slams battery core into Flare*
    Let them charge to their deaths.:cool:
  19. DatVanuMan

    Nah, man. They just need to be implemented correctly.
    And be empire specific:p
  20. DatVanuMan

    Well, think about it. When knifing, you can reach your enemies longer out, thereby suffering less danger.
    But, if you REALLY think it's the short end of the stick (Can't have a fellow VS brother disappointed with me!:D), then how about faster equip time and there is NO trail? Goes with the stealthy VS trait. Anyways, in the midst of battle, having no trail is not in the slightest important.
    Also, I like the back-only OHK. Of course, the NC one would be allowed to do so front and back. I mean, I'd rather NOT be unable to OHK someone from the front, but if too many people complain, then sure? I'd still be able to OHK them. Also, HEADSLICES SHOULD COUNT. Knifing a guy's head should be a kill, no matter what.