Stryker and Vulcan TR air Dominance = Dead Air Game

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  1. Mongychops

    Huh, I tried it myself and it still seems to come out different to either.

    Liberator 4000 hp, striker does 2500 a clip, halved to 1250 by resists, so 3.2 magazines to kill the lib or (3 magazines + 1 round), 4 lock ons, 3 reloads, 3 magazine empties (1 magazine empty = 4 fire delays to shoot 5 rounds).

    4x lock on (2.25s) = 9s
    3x reload (5s) = 15s
    3x magazine empty (0.65s x 4 = 2.6s) = 7.8 s

    This gives a total of ~32.6 seconds. Granted this assumes perfect timing (but so does the G2A launcher). It appears that ps2calc used the short reload of 4.4 seconds not the long reload of 5 seconds in the calculations

    Sunderer has 4750 hp, striker does 1375 per magazine ( 3.45 magazines, so 3 magazines + 3 shots). This gives the same result as for the liberator, but with an extra 2 firing delays, (so an extra 1.3 seconds) which gives us 33.9 seconds.

    Lock on + reload for a normal lock on is 2.5 s and reload is 5.2 s for a total of 7.7 s to do 1500 damage (1500 / 7.7 = 195 DPS). Lock on for striker is 2.25 s, 4 firing delays between shots is 4 x 0.65s = 2.6 s, and long reload is 5 seconds = 9.85 s to do 2500 damage (2500 / 9.85 s = 254 DPS). The DPS probably the smallest part of the issue (another issue, is the burst damage of it, since one lock on causes two thirds more damage than one G2A lock on, or more than double an annihilator lock on), but it contributes to the main problem, which is that outdoors, if a TR player owns a striker, and expects engagements with vehicles over 100 m away, he will probably equip it, leading to lock on launcher critical mass far more often than with other factions when unorganised.
  2. Slandebande

    You make it sound like the magmowers main cannon only has drawbacks and no downsides. The turret stabilization for one helps a bit if you ask me.. Not interested in a complete pro/con list, just putting it out there
  3. Liewec123

    i freaking HATE stryker.
    i get extremely far away and im certain i'm behind cover and still BAM BAM BAM BAM...
    this is how every flight seems to end no matter how far away you fly or what mountains you duck behind.
    lock on launchers are ridiculous.
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  4. Nobalification

    Striker . . . This RL is same as NS Anihilator kids. Stop hating everything what you dont have.
  5. Andy79


    totally the same kid, yeah right
  6. Winfield

    Yeah you had me at Vulcan Air dominance.

    10/10 would fall to this troll again.

    EDIT1: Striker is basically an annihilator 1.2. If It should have any nerf at all it should be to it's range not to it's damage output(only because there are way too many areas that make this weapon too effective for both AA/AV combined).

    The next thing you will be whining about is the Lancer groups on hills. I can see it in my mind's eye.

    tl;dr: Don't blame bugs like screwed rendering distances on faction weaponry. It has nothing to do with balance. As I said before in another thread regarding to render distance: SOE needs to get their finger out off their #ss.
  7. NietCheese

    The Striker was a mistake, the Phoenix was a mistake, ZOE was a mistake, the Fracture was a mistake.

    The reason why this game is in serious trouble is the fact that they seem to have no notion on how to create weapons so they are fun to use AND balanced in game.

    The infantry vs armor balance has gone out the window, and the Striker problem has been ignored for many months. It is absurdly good at killing enemy air and a massive advantage for the TR.

    Maybe the lock on changes will fix it, but they still haven't mentioned why the hell tanks should cost 450 resources but get killed by invisible AV turrets, Striker spam that shoots through hills and guys drop podding in with C4.

    SOE have proven they are so inept at balancing new items that now everytime they mention something new I fear that the game will receive it's final nail in the coffin.
  8. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    TR is the only faction that can have 3 libs and 10 mossies all working together under there striker and skyguard protection !! I got lock by 3 strikers ,that was just what was showing when i died .LOL 3 seperate strikers .Whats that like 15 rockets coming at you!!
  9. exLupo

  10. Nobalification

    bla bla and i get locked by 5 NS Anihilators by NC and VS its ok? . . . MOAAAAAAAAAAAAAR HATE
  11. Kunavi

    Vulcan used in the same sentence as Dead Air Game?!?! That right there made me not want to read a single thing in the OP. And they call me silly for wanting C4 tweaks!! #NERFEVERYTHINGIDONTLIKEBOOSTEVERYTHINGILIKE
  12. Lyel

    It is in no way balanced against Lockdown and Aegis. It is still without question the best of the three. Lockdown needs a Defense buff and Aegis needs a bigger hitbox.
  13. Regh

    The TR Owl says: