Stryker and Vulcan TR air Dominance = Dead Air Game

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    That kind of guy that doesn't fear Decimators, MBT main cannons let alone Vulcans I guess.
  2. WycliffSlim

    This will be a general response to all the people saying that "hur dur, lrn 2 fly if U get Vulcan'd"

    If you're in a Lib and you take 100% damage from a Vulcan then yes... you were doing something wrong. However, there's typically many things attacking you at one time and typically the best way to avoid the biggest dangers from the ground is to hug the ground. You also have to fly close to the ground in order to effectively take out Sunderer's and MBT's unless you feel like hovering at flight ceiling(boring as hell for the pilot). So, for Libs, the issue for me isn't that I get KILLED by Vulcans it's that I'm constantly seeing them do 20% damage or more on my death screen. I think I've been hit by the Enforcer... one or two times maybe. It just does a silly amount of DPS out of nowhere and since it can be on MBT's and Harrassers you run into the Vulcan all over.

    Myself and some of my other outfit members have also noticed a large increase in the Striker spam(lock-on in general too) since the MAX nerfs. It's gotten to the point that you fly into an area with TR and you just expect to start getting locked on to. It's annoying and makes it frustrating to try and do anything. Again, Strikers rarely get the kill on my but almost every time I'm fighting TR they're doing 15-20% of the damage to me. In addition there's been times where I've literally almost been insta-gibbed by Strikers because I'll get locked on by 3 or 4 of them at the same time and since it's nearly impossible to outmaneuver them... well... gg.

    Long story short... It's just getting flat out annoying to fly in TR airspace because you can't even have a dogfight without getting lockon hitting you and it's a gamble getting low to try and break locks because there's a good chance you'll get surprise Vulcan'd. So... I guess for now NC are just getting more of my attention.
  3. Mongychops

    A full speed lib in a dive has nothing to fear from decimators. However, funny you should mention MBT cannons, considering that anchored AP prowlers are the most accurate tank cannon against libs due to having the fastest projectile speed. I wasn't going to bring it up myself, but if you insist!

    So what?
  5. WycliffSlim

    Well, unrelated, but since you asked. A fully upgraded anchored Prowler with AP rounds have the same velocity as Skyguard ammo and extremely small bullet drop oh... and it can fire at a rate of 2 shots every 1.3 seconds. This isn't a discussion on MY part of whether that's OP against air, just a statement of the numbers.
  6. Mongychops

    I understand you don't care, but don't you even see in the slightest that TR ground to air damage output is a little bit excessive compared to VS and NC? A manoeuvre that is safe for a TR lib pilot (low altitude strafing run to destroy a sunderer), is nearly suicidal against TR because of a combination of the; strikers, lockdown burster MAXes, anchored prowlers, and prowler/harraser vulcans.
  7. Sinoby

    The Vulcan is not scary by itself, it is the combination of things: anchored prowlers with AP, vulcan on both harassers and prowlers, deployed MAXes and strikers. All those things are very damaging to the lib, and not really hard to use. TR like to say - l2p, only bads get destroyed by these. Funny thing is - normally people with zero flight experience are saying it. There are different ways to play liberator - 1) boring one - hover at flight ceiling, while enjoying your cup of coffee, while the gunner rains death over enemy vehicles; 2) fun one - fast straifing runs from unexpected angles, using tank burster along with belly gun. I prefer fun in computer games, so I choose number two.
    What many people consider imbalanced about vulcan is the fact, that it is AV weapon, that performs AA duty much better, then othe faction's AV ES secondaries. I understand, that nobody likes nerfs, so can we please buff Enforcers and Sarons, so they kill libs and ESFs in comparable timeframe? Right now shooting air vehicles with those makes almost no sense.
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  8. WycliffSlim

    Couldn't have put it much better myself. Besides if you're the first type of pilot you'll get farmed by halfway competent Lib pilots or ESF's. I love Lib pilots that still use their Liberator as a high altitude bomber. They give me delicious EXP in my Lib.
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  9. GhostAvatar

    Any pilot that complains about the Vulcan is a idiot. And any pilot that dies to a Vulcan is a even bigger idiot that overextended.
  10. Jalek

    Just place an ad for this thread: Lone wolf ESF pilot seeks lone wolf infantry for hoverpodding.
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  11. Decelexevi

    To be fair to everyone, those numbers are representative of dumb-fire rockets being spammed in bio labs and wiping out maxes. Striker is incapable of dumb-fire. VS don't use the lancer for that purpose because it's about as useful as a Pandora against maxes without a charged shot.

    While you're at it might as well throw the ML-7 in that list. Also that MCG is a ******* handheld Vulcan. Tears through ESFs^^

    No seriously, I'll give you the lockdown burster MAX. Everything else is just the same old whine.

    Striker=slightly better version of the Annihilator. Annihilator=common pool item. If your faction still refuses to use it it's your ******* problem, not the TRs. End of discussion.

    As for the Prowler. In actuality all MBTs pose the same threat to aircraft (except the Magrider maybe which falls slightly behind), which is rather small in the grand scheme of things. You seem to completely ignore all the downsides connected to anchor mode. Granted, libs and gals are sometimes fodder to anchored AP Prowlers. However, I wager that actually a lot more anchored Prowlers die to aircraft than the other way around. Nevertheless because anchored means that you're basically handed to aircraft on a silver platter. We've got the lowest armor and DPS is our only protection while anchored. A skill based form of defense, contrary to an overshield that absorbs damage for instance. Yet you complain. I'm waiting with bated breath for your better, more balanced solution regarding this particular subject.

    Regarding the Vulcan. Again, DPS is our only protection while anchored.

    In summary: MBTs pose no serious threat to any halfway decent pilot. The Prowler is no exception. Same for the Vulcan. It's nothing to rely on in terms of AA duty. The only mentionable AA options for the TR is the Striker and lockdown burster MAXs. Considering that the Striker is basically a common pool item, we're only one point ahead in terms of AA with the lockdown bursters. Now if I wanted to I could say NC/ VS is ahead in terms of anti-MAX, because with a Striker I can't do **** against a MAX. Or that NC/ VS is clearly ahead in the long range AV secondary weapon department. Now what? You want me to start a thread about it?
  13. Meeka

    Expecting to play alone in a combined arms game is like joining group therapy and not wanting to talk.

    It just ain't gonna work in your favor.
  14. freeze

    I love how nearly every TR in this thread focused on the fact that the OP said, that he's a loneworlf, instead of actually trying to understand the problems he's trying to convey...

    truly sad guys...
  15. Excidium

    As a TR player, the Striker needs to be removed from the game along with all shotguns on NC maxes. The revive mechanics in this game need adjusting to prevent infantry zerging from mass revives. Something along the lines of a Cooldown and shorter duration before your corpse rotts.
  16. NietCheese

    Everybody sees it every day. I also see the first missile hitting my tank BEFORE the lock warning comes up and I also see (or don't see) invisible missiles hitting my tank, so I have to guess where they are coming from.

    A horribly broken and overpowered weapon, in a very broken game. Phoenix is also a horrible weapon but the 300m range makes it about half as useful as a Striker. Strikers give TR a massive advantage in open ground battles.
  17. Jonesing25

    I guess the Striker is just more popular, It does very little more damage than other faction's ground to air lockons. If 3 people with anti-air lock on missiles team up, it's a no fly zone, free of resources.
  18. Jonesing25

    The Vulcan would shred any air that gets to close, even before GU11
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  19. Jonesing25

    yeah, people flare away from my striker missiles all the time. soooo..... idk
  20. Avlaen

    The few times ive had a lancer used against my max. it ******* hurt no need to cahrge up fast speed means its very accurate can unload a few shots and run away, far more easier to hit with than other dumbfires but granted it does less burst