[Suggestion] Strove: Pokes Holes in the PPA

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  1. FrozenCustard

    The problem with the ppa is the risk vs reward. The canister and maurader have a SLIGHTLY better reward at close range over the ppa, but the ppa has at the same time can easily farm at a distance way better than the other two. In my opinion maybe adjusting the CoF may help with it being slightly more balanced at range so maybe it would need to be burst fired.
  2. TheFamilyGhost

    Gotcha. You don't like tanks ruining your infantry fun.

    Combined Arms. Read up on it. If your team can't control enemy armor, you'll get it in bajzpouper.

    Or, scream and moan until you get your way. Whichever one makes you prouder...I guess.
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  3. Hatesphere

    The PPA needs an effective range nerf compared to the other AI weapons, this can not be denied.
  4. Tyrant103

    So you want more farming going on? Personally I think all ES MBT weapons should be nerfed to oblivion or have similiar TTK to the Kobalt.

    No one wants to deal with Armour, nor Air and it also isn't rewarding dealing damage to them. And no skill is required from both ES AI weapons be it from MBTs or ESFs.

    People throw around "combined arms" even though the player base don't have the mentality or cooperation to combat MBTs or Air 9/10 times.
  5. NXR1

    As always this turns into vanu not wanting to have PPA be balanced because they dont know how to use their tank properly...
  6. NXR1

    Rather than increasing the range i feel they should make the marauder heavier, so you can lob it over walls because currently its pretty useless since many bases have walls around them and if you try to shoot it over a wall your shot will go to SPAAAAAACE
  7. Alan Kalane

    The Cannister is just the Spiker equivalent mounted on a Vehicle...Yet without the charge mechanic and two round burst :rolleyes:
  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    Well, then encourage combined arms.... its not like its impossible to combat tanks.....
  9. asmodraxus

    Simple fix to the PPA

    Damage degradation, no other changes.

    Otherwise at point blank range how many people can the canister kill with one shot...

    How many people at the same range can the PPA kill with one shot

    PPA 0
    Canister no idea, but seeing as it can instagib infantry....

    Nerf the canister anyone?

    Yeah we can play with stats as well to call for a shoddy weapon (the canister) to be nerfed (it needs a buff to be honest, more range, less instant killiness, and some splash).
  10. Ceiu

    Wow mate. That's a bit of a defensive stand, don't you think?

    What he's actually saying is that he sees the PPA has a bunch of advantages, but its only disadvantage is negligible -- especially when paired with another weapon (magrider main gun) that can damage armor.

    I personally hate the PPA for the same reasons. Yeah, the other factions have something similar; but have you ever tried fighting against the arc to hit something far away? It can be done, of course, but it's brutal and completely counter-intuitive when compared to the other weapons you're using the majority of the time.

    Hell, VS as a whole seems to have a lot of access to suppression (lasher and PPA come to mind) with which the other faction's can't even begin to compete. That's, naturally, going to lead to a lot of ********. The answer may not be buffs/nerfs, but you have to at least understand the where and why of the complaints.
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  11. Vixxing

    Minor buff to Zoe? So you dont think taking 30% extra damage while not even getting one less bullet to kill is awesome? If you want to nerf something Nerf Ravens and Banshee,,, easy the 2 most OP weapons atm...
  12. AdmiralArcher

    the biggest problem with all explosive weaponry especially the PPA, is that their damage doesnt drop off over distance, they will always do the same damage no matter how far away you are which is the problem with the PPA
  13. Cest7

    I'd agree to like 50% dropoff @ 100m.
  14. wereling

    There's no pleasure in doing damage to air or armor? My proudest moments have been me one v oneing mbts or other vehicles (without c-4).
  15. Rovertoo

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't mean to degrade this conversation to mockery, so...

    As Ceiu said, I was pointing out that the PPA in particular is overpowered because it has practically no downsides. Just because a team can take out the assailing PPA spammers and enemy armor doesn't mean that the weapon in question isn't OP. A counter does not balance make, just like killing the guy with an overpowered weapon doesn't make his weapon any less OP.
  16. Arkenbrien

  17. Axehilt

    Actual data (apologies if someone already posted this):

    So for AI secondaries, the PPA is balanced. It'd be nice to reduce its range (and make it stronger at shorter ranges to maintain KPH) but not absolutely necessary.

    For AI noseguns (ESFs) the Banshee is significantly better and the Air Hammer significantly worse. It's hard to rate the value of the Air Hammer's anti-aircraft capabilities (which are notably better) but personally I'd prefer to see them all be vaguely equivalent in effectiveness.

    For all AI weapons, it'd be nice if thermals weren't so overpowered as an optic choice -- or if there were a defensive slot item that infantry and vehicles could take to conceal them from thermals (which would naturally come at the cost of whatever defensive item you'd normally take for that slot, but that's the price you'd pay to become nearly impossible to spot with thermals.)
  18. Yeahy

  19. a-koo-chee-moya

    What?? PPA is useless in a dogfight due to slow bullet velocity, Banshee can scrape by if the pilot is good enough, and AH is very usable. That most definitely figures into the balance.
  20. Axehilt

    You missed the point. The point is that when I play my NC char I'd prefer if the AI nosegun was more specialized (better against infantry like the other noseguns, but worse against air). The Banshee is where I'd prefer all the AI noseguns existed in terms of balance.

    Which isn't saying the AH is bad against infantry. But I'm seeing 108 KPH with the Banshee, 97 with LPPA, and only 75 with AH. Certainly part of that is the time spent engaging enemy air, but the rest is that the AH genuinely is slightly worse against infantry and it'd be better if things were more balanced.