[Suggestion] Strove: Pokes Holes in the PPA

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  1. strove

    Hi there, looks like im going to crusade again.

    On the topic of the PPA and its balance in comparison to alternate faction equivalents.
    While the recent PPA nerf sure hit the spot, it dosnt dominate the game any more and thats great im not saying its overpowered nor am i just doing the typica "please nerf or i quit" hissy fit.


    Its still in an odd place and here is why i think this:
    The Marauder and Canister are the TR and NC anti infantry guns
    The Marauder is a fury upgrade in simple terms, it fires with an arch and when moving its a lil difficult to land them at times. The damage is decent and the effective range on the move is around 40m. Again nothing wrong with this at all.
    The Canister is a shotgun (of course) which, typically for shotguns is a short range monster, its effective range is 0-35m ish, again no issue.
    The VS PPA is odd purly because of its ease of use over range, with no bullet drop and a reasonable cone of fire its effective range is anywhere up to 200m.

    This is the result of a single run with a PPA.

    My suggestion is to reduce its efficiency over range by either dropping off the damage range, or reducing the size of the projectile and explosion as it gets further away.

    Who am i?
    NC: Emerald: BR 71
    VS: Emerald: BR 37
    TR: Emerald: BR 21

    Having played all factions and looked up numbers for nearly 2 years of PS2 i just hope people listen.
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  2. Diilicious

    I still dont know what the ppa is, no matter who i ask it seems that people assume im trying to troll.
  3. strove

    Proton PPA is the laser ball Vanu anti infantry vehicle weapon.
  4. K0NFL1QT

    Personally, I think all it needs is to drop it's ammo count. The Magrider PPA gets 20 shots, and it seems to only take three to kill an infantry. That's six targets that can be brought down in one reload, and potentially many, many more if the targets are clustered together thanks to splash damage. No other Secondary I know of has anywhere near this much killing potential. A smaller ammo count would either make the gunner more careful with their shots, or force their killing sprees to be broken up more often by the four second reload.
  5. strove

    Maybe, but weve already seen a nerf in that regard, the only issue im seeing right not is its ability to farm from ranges well out of rocket range with no chance of any infantry counters. Changing the range would force the driver to get closer and then balance is restored.
    I get the feeling that another direct nerf would get too much flack from VS players so defining the range maybe the best bet.
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  6. TheFamilyGhost

    Great. More pleas to make the game easier based on diatribe founded on arbitrary rationalizations.

    In case no-one has noticed, players are moving away from the game because of this nerf-culture.
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  7. CipherNine

    Well when you nerf a counter to some weapon/class you indirectly buff that weapon/class so effect evens out.
  8. strove

    Equally people will leave a game after getting repeatedly farmed by a weapon that is and always was out of place. Im not asking for me, i dont care i kill people with stronger weapons with weaker weapons and keep going. What im interested in is the health of the game and the thoughts of other players on the matter.

    Thanks for your input TheFamilyGhost but if your not going to contribute with anything even directly related to the subject matter then i think its best you leave this post to people who will.
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  9. TheFamilyGhost

    You are well intentioned, no doubt.

    However, you present an out of game rationalization that is intended to produce, or represent, an in-game outcome.

    It doesn't work that way.
  10. TheFamilyGhost

    Actually, what I am on about is exactly about the subject.

    You say you are interested in the health of the game. Very well, I ask you one question: What is more important to re-playability: challenge rewarded by delayed gratification, or entitlement rewarded by instant gratification?

    btw, here's a free tip for anyone wondering. The solution to being farmed is to find a better way than the one that is getting you farmed. Rationalizing that one was farmed by a weapon "out of its place" denies that if the weapon was indeed farming, then it was exactly in its place, and the victim was indeed, the one out of place.
  11. oumajgadxoxo

    And once again NC main calling for vanu nerf. This is getting hilarious. Yes people are gonna quit the game because of one weapon... People didn't left the game despite insanely OP NC MAXes or vanguard I WIN shield and gonna quit it because one weapon mounted on a vehicle that can be easily killed by any other MBT. Ye, lets turn PPA to a joke of a item like ZOE so we can have another useless crap in our inv. Let others have all funny toys like 0 TTK MAXes, best shotguns or tanks that can hit from halfway across the map. I have better idea. Delete spandex faction. Than, and only than NC will be happy. But propably they gonna cry that Carv is 750rpm and SAW isn't...
  12. strove

    Both, the i shoot=you die is the instant but the directives, a long term goal for people to work for, a "delayed gratification" if you will. The hitting a new rank, unlocking a 1000 cert weapon ect ect along side the instant shooter entertainment.

    Regardless the game is in the constant state of flux, every patch there are bug fixes new features and changes to ingame mechanics and weapons, its very hard to balance a game like this.

    My point is, feedback like this improves the health of the game. The devs activly ask for player feedback, PS2 is a huge job of balance between 3 factions tens of thousands of players, hundreds of weapons.
    If that wasnt the case there would be no discussion forum, there would be no suggestions topic, there would be no test server, there would be no bug report feature, there would be no public relations.
  13. strove

    And no im not a typical NC fan boy, ive made a point of playing all factions, i even linked in a 29kdr session of MY VS character to prove a point. Unlike the forum whining that... actually you seem to be doing oumajadxoxo... I look at things objectively as a person who love the game, not the faction. I have given valid arguments as to the reasons in comparison to the other faction equivalents.
    Again if you have any objective non rage influenced comments on things let me know, im here to have a discussion not to be raged at by a... VS fanboy...

    as to OP NC maxes, try not standing next to one and fighting from a range, seriously its a shotgun max, like any shotgun its a close range power house. I would rather take a VS zoe over an NC max any day (outside of bio labs)

    VS zoe, yeah that was kinda over nerfed i agree, i think that there should be a minor buff to its stats

    NC Vanguard shield, i can see the issue, it has been nerfed recently and maybe needs some more, but it only lasts a short time. Try staying in cover and taking your shots after the shield goes down.

    PPA sessions:
  14. TheFamilyGhost

    No, feedback like this wrecked the game. It encourages weapon performance based on arbitrary measures, and leads the devs to believe that the players want out of game rationalized outcomes instead of in-game earned outcomes.

    People that profit via developer win-scripting lose some very basic player skills, the first being problem solving in an atmosphere of intense competition. Therefore, those same players then have only one recourse. Make the game easier, and easier, and easier... exactly what has happened to this game, and why the server merges had to happen. Yep, people are moving away. Why? Re-playability. Winning all the time is fun...for a while.

    Your response to the question did not meet the expectations of an adequate answer. Shooting someone is delayed gratification; the challenge being the method by which the killing weapon was put in a place where it would be most effective for the situation.
  15. a-koo-chee-moya

    So? I've seen 20+ infantry ks, and similar KS on the other factions AI weaponry. Your one lucky/skill run doesn't supply enough evidence for anything.

    Saying that. Canister should just be scrapped. No tank wants to get that close to infantry.
  16. Cuban

    I would rather the canister and marauder get buffed to be as effective as the PPA... No more nerfs please.
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  17. Yeahy

  18. sindz

    Buff main cannon on magrider and you can nerf the PPA for all I care. There is a reason the PPA is strong atm - think about the whole picture before you make "nerf threads".
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  19. CipherNine

    How can everyone win all the time?
  20. TheFamilyGhost

    Exactly. They can't. So, what you get is what we've had: the see-sawing back and forth of adjustments to appease the loudest mouths, counter adjustments ad infinitum.

    The only way to speak sensibly of weapon abilities is to have a governing law of physics that rule the abilities of each weapon. We are far beyond that, and gamers who have "game loyalty staying power" know it.