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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by GhillieSeuss, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. GhillieSeuss

    Well, everyone recommended against the Striker, but then I got it anyway because I'm contrary like that. After playing with it for some time, I've decided I'm disappointed after all so now I will be salty on the internet. My TR manual said this is the proper thing to do.

    What's the Striker's claim to fame nowadays? Used to be that it was a magazine-fed rocket launcher with a lame flak mechanic. Now we've got:
    Swarm - basically the original Striker, 3-round mag, more interesting shooting mechanics than Striker
    Masamune - 4-round mag, faster DAKKA, still more interesting mechanics than Striker even if kinda meh
    Rocklets - 6-round mag, faster DAKKA, same flak mechanic, equipped on a highly mobile platform, AVAILABLE BY DEFAULT, and even has 2 options to customize through ammo, leaps and bounds more interesting than the Striker

    Oh, and all three of those are available to everyone. Striker needs change. Make Striker great again. Stop using unique ideas on common pool weapons for a second and revamp the Striker.

    And since you never will, here's my suggestion anyway: give it a mag size of 2 missiles that disconnect into 3 so it at least doesn't take seven internet years to unload:
  2. CplRDaWiggy

    Wait, what?

    Are you trolling or something? By 'everyone recommended', do you mean 'NC and VS pilots' recommended?
  3. Liewec123

    woah, came here expecting to see an NC or VS skyknight QQing that TR keep killing them with Striker,
    because they get exclusive access to the best infantry AA in the game.
    instead it is a TR player wanting to make Striker even better lol

    perhaps you want it to fire itsself? it already pretty much does the aiming for you! XD
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  4. GhillieSeuss

    Recommended "against" as in people said don't do it, spend certs on something else.

    I don't want it to be better I want it to be funner. Everyone already has access to at least 3 AA launchers for air deterrence, 3 dumbfire launchers for close up shenanigans, and at this point there's 3 magazine-fed launchers (one of which costs 0, shoots faster and has the same flak mechanic). Only one launcher has a wire-guided rocket. Only one launcher has a laser with no drop. What's left for Striker, the Valkyrie gimmick?

    Don't tell me I have to use it in groups, EVERY launcher has to be used in groups to reliably kill a vehicle. On the flipside not every dumbfire launcher needs to be used in groups to kill infantry and MAXes which the Striker sucks at.

    And if you're a traitor NC/VS pilot maybe they can remove the flak mechanic so you only have the other 27 G2A weapons to worry about. Win for everyone.
  5. CplRDaWiggy

    Ah, so you were serious then.

    Well, good luck convincing NC or VS its not really good, and good luck convincing TR to give up the best G2A launcher
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  6. strikearrow

    The striker valk cheese is real. 1 valk with 2 strikers and 2 engies is strong enough to easily destroy a 4 gunner battle gal. - even with 1 ESF supporting the gal. (unless of course the ESF is a pro and the valk pilot isn't). No other faction has this ability. It means the TR only need to spend 250 nanites to easily handle 800 nanites of AA aircraft - 6 v. 6.

    Plus no other faction has the ability to lock air out of a base fight with just 3 heavies. 3 G2A normal lock-on heavies are only going to make the ESF go repair after its attack run, the strikers are going to blow it up before it finishes even one attack run.
  7. Liewec123

    As I said in the NC max QQ thread, this game is asymmetrically balanced, each faction has their toys that you could point too and call OP, but because each faction has those special toys it kinda balances out,

    TR get Strikers
    VS get Infinite ammo and no drop
    NC get a superior max

    That is just 3 examples.

    Do I think striker well outperforms anything that vs and nc have for AA? Sure!
    But that is fine because NC and VS have their own toys that outshine the other factions in other scenarios.
  8. strikearrow

    However there is no counter to the striker. The VS infinite ammo is only for a select few guns and with the way people throw ammo packs, infinite ammo is no advantage - the no drop isn't true, except for the lancer/lasher and neither of those weapons gives a measurable advantage. The NC Max can be countered by pulling a TR/VS max and using AV weapons that will destroy an AI NC Max.

    The Striker, on the other hand, gives a huge advantage to TR aircraft in dogfight hover duals and, of course, it easily locks aircraft out of many base fights.
  9. Talthos

    If I roll Hover Frame Scythe, I can usually just dance evade most of the Striker rockets. On the flip side, using Hover Frame instead of Racer Frame makes it harder for me to run away from other ESFs, so it's a trade-off.
  10. strikearrow

    If you can evade Strikers fired at your tail where you can't see them coming, then you are cheating.
  11. Talthos

    Not hard to dodge when I can react after getting hit just once.

    Also, I have ears, and a good headset. Not hard to hear them after the first one is fired.

    Edit: For clarification, I'm using a Sennheiser Game One headset, along with a Sound Blaster Z sound card with a custom Equalizer APO installed and applied. Being able to detect and track things by solely by sound is kinda important to me.
  12. strikearrow

    Well then the HA didn't launch them fast enough, you weren't hovering, or you were father than 150m away from the HA.
  13. Talthos

    As I said before, using the Hover Frame on a Scythe makes dodging Strikers easy for me; I would get hit with far more Striker shots if I tried the same tactics with the Dogfighting Frame or the Racer Frame. I simply cannot 'air dance' fast enough with those frames.

    But as I also said, using Hover Frame makes it harder for me to straight up run away from enemy ESFs, so I have to decide what trade-off I can afford at a given moment, when I pick my airframe before spawning my Scythe; do I want to easily dodge attacks from the ground? Or do I want to be able to be able to 'Nope' away from enemy ESFs?

    Seriously though, Level 3 Hover Frame on a Scythe allows me to ascend ridiculously fast.
  14. Gutseen

    striker is ****.
    low dmg
    inconsistent hits
    no pressure on the pilot
    many problems with the rocket lock on mechanic

    its ****.

    tr nowadays aint got **** to show vs NC or VS in terms of weapons.

    even the only Prowlers selling point - the lockdown is a castrated ****fest galore.
  15. Liewec123

    Does more than half of an ESFS health, rapid reload, way more dps than any other infantry AA,
    Doesn't give you the advance warning of lock-ons,
    RIDICULOUSLY easy to use.

    you're QQing about being the faction with the best infantry AA tool in the game...
  16. Gutseen

    try it out in-game u ******** cuck.
    7 hits to get it buring
    more if ESF uses armor.
    3 sec reload


    even the swarm is more effective

    lobotomize yourself with a shovel.
  17. Liewec123

    FYI its the only RL i use on my TR.
    i miss it so much when i'm playing my VS and NC and there is air flying around.


    you don't even need to aim the damn thing, just look in the general direction of your target and you land hits.

    honestly if you're having trouble hitting enemies with a weapon that scores hits if your missiles pass within 10-20m of them...
    then you need to think long and hard about whether FPS is the right genre for you.

    at this point i'm wondering if you're just trolling,
    because again, i can't understand why you're QQing about THE BEST anti-air infantry weapon in the game.
  18. Gutseen

    >sends a gif of a BURNING newb with a mosq on his @$$
    > still needs to send 5 rockets

    u just gimped yourself boi.

    is the Annihilator with 2 shots gib.
  19. Liewec123

    I fired 4 shots while flying through the air from a jump pad far away from the ESF, every shot hit,
    I say again, if you're having trouble hitting air with striker then you should seriously ponder if FPS is the genre for you.
    The thing literally hits any air in the general direction that you are looking in...

    Also annihilator, lol good meme.
  20. Gutseen

    u call THAT far away?! thats point blank.
    u even fookn play'n mate?
    show yer char, ima have a laugh

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