Striker problems and how it should be fixed

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Ryo313, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Ryo313

    Sometimes they lock on sometimes they don't.
    An ESF was 50m away from me ( literally hovering there) and i shot 6 rockets at him and they didn't even lock on nor hit that ESF and yes the rockets were in the 20m range.
    the only situation where i enjoy the Striker is when i'm up against Tanks or Sunderers but even that is a double edged sword because of the high exposer time ( 2.5 seconds while other RLs don't need even 1 sec to fire the rocket and get back into cover)

    i tested the Striker now for over a month and it feels very weak and underpeforming. its a "niche" weapon that isn't even good at its "niche". you can't hit airborn targets at range and closerange you can simply dumbfire with any RL as well.

    My conclusion to fix it : faster Muzzle Velocity and Rate of Fire.
    those fixes don't require too much programming... editing files that are already there shouldn't be a problem at all.

    i would like to see an anwser from devs as well.

    and yes i'm aware that there are a few threads out there about it BUT they are most likely dead without any answer from any dev.
  2. Ryo313

    dmg compared to exposertime isn't justified at all.
    whats the point to waste 1k certs on it... it has no niche role because that "niche" are airvehicles so close to you that you can almost use the knife to hit them. at that point any other dumbfire RL does the job better due less exposertime and faster dmg output.

    can anybody explain the point of the current striker?
    all ESRL have their place but the striker is just a useless junk of metal nothing more.
  3. Bearded Wall

    The point of the current striker is that its there to remind you when the striker WAS good, but the nc and vanu *****ed and screamed until it was ruined and now its "fine" for them.
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  4. Biddion

    It was too powerful in teams. My outfit abused it back on Indarside.
    It's neutering has made it less than effective solo. I pull it out just to scare off liberators usually ending in my own death.

    I find it is decent on the back of a flash as it syncs well with the rate of fire of the AV Fury.
  5. Ryo313

    I agree the old striker was too powerfull and hat its uses.
    i like the current striker or at least the "mechanic" of it exept for the part that you can't really hit something with it.
    and in the range where you manage to hit with every rocket in 2.5 sec you can you any other dumbfire RL and deal the dmg faster.
    its useless at range and in closerange it gets outpeformed by any other dumbfire RL besides that you can't even go against infantry with it.
    currently i only use it to go against MAXes or Tanks / Sunderers because anything else isn't worth going for... you can't land hits or you get killed before you even fire your 3rd rocket.

    the other 2 ESRL from NC and VS have their uses but the striker isn worth anything... and every single TR i've spoken to about the striker says the same thing about it.... its a worthless junk of metal.
    i don't see any point of balance nor anything that justyfies the slow rockets and the slow rate of fire.

    and its "decent on the back of a flash/harraser" ... idk ... the grounder is still better imo.

    i'd like to see a dev commenting on why the striker has to be so useless.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    Now that I have got used to the drop and the lead it requires I get quite a few hits at longer range. Kills are relatively few and only at close range on ESFs so far. But I find a barrage of explosives hitting you tends to frighten a tank or aircraft away. So, essentially an area denial weapon in the main, with the occasional kill (all the more gratifying for being less common). I still use it for the fun but I would love to see a coyote mechanic against ground vehicles. The Phoenix is more effective against ground targets, but I am getting a lot more air deterrence directive points on Striker. So I tend to use it as a niche, anti air weapon.
  7. Ryo313

    the only problem i have is against airborn targets with it...
    most of the time when i can hit a low flying ESF it takes longer to deal dmg then with any other dumbfire RL i could use in that situation and at range i'm still unable to hit anything even tho i'm useing the striker for a month now.

    i can hit tanks /MAX units from a "safe" distance fairly easy but the 2,5s exposertime is still unjustified (dmg compared to the time you need to fire the weapon) but at closer range its quite funny to use it when the tank is distracted (i use the striker and throw an AV nade when i have to reload )

    i wouldn't mind it beeing an AV weapon because the AA niche is already taken by the grounder which peforms better especially at longer range. and at close range i can still dumbfire it and deal dmg to the airborn target.

    also killing > frighting off airborn targets.i don't see a reason why i should use the striker to scare away airborn targets when i can simply deal a good amount of dmg or even kill it with the grounder.
  8. Eternaloptimist

    All very true and I would certainly not say the Striker is a superior weapon in any category of use. Dumbfires have a faster rocket, I believe, and so if you can hit an aircraft with one it is the better choice as it deals all the damage of a full Striker mag in one hit. It is, of course an all or nothing (hit or miss) shot as I guess you don't have time for a reload (and I have a poor record of dumbfire hits on aircraft). I use G2A lock-ons as well and the only drawback I find occasionally is the target getting away before I get a lock. I can generally hit moving Max and vehicles with anything but I find the lack of Striker killing power against tanks combined with the exposure time to fire off a full mag are a recipe for suicide.

    Having a coyote mechanic against vehicles would, I think, help with having to spend marginally less time lining up the shot and maybe help (using drop) to lob rockets over that rock where you can see the smoke rising from a damaged vehicle hiding behind it. I get a lot of kills by hitting damaged vehicles in cover using a Phoenix and something similar for the Striker would be a bonus for me at least

    All in all, my only real affection for the Striker is the jazz of banging off up six rockets instead of firing one and then standing there watching the reload animation after a single shot. Like I say, even that palls after a while and I go back to other RLs for a bit.
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  9. Ryo313

    I thought about that as well but NC would cry about that and it would be too op.
    a faster Rate of Fire and Muzzle Velocity doesn't take too much of programmig ( just editing existing files) and it would make the striker more viable.

    why useing something that takes ~2s to deal dmg when you can use something that deals the same damage way faster?
    sure when hitting the 6th rocket it deals more dmg BUT its very difficult / nearly impossible when aiming at moving targets.
    the coyote mechanic doesn't work correctly against air targets... i had many situations where i shot at an ESF and the rockets just moved (inside the 20m radius) in a straight line not hitting the ESF.

    btw its kinda sad that devs don't even care. i tried to pm a few but not a single response so far.... ( they are busy nd so on is kinda an excuse .. are there no Community Managers ???)

    shall we compare the striker to the other 2 ESRL ?

    Phoenix... very good to fire inside buildings / vehicles behind cover

    Lancer or whatever the VS one is called... very good at range ( nearly no drop and chargeable as well)

    Striker... bad coyote mechanic against air that doesn't always work ... muzzle velocity too slow to hit anything at range and rate of fire to long to be used in close range... useless against infantry and moving targets.

    where is the balance?
    i don't see it because there is no balance. each one is unique and has its own role on the battlefield exept the striker. ( outclassed in any role by other RL aviable)
  10. Ronin Oni

    The reason it didn't lock on that ESF was they made stealth a counter to Coyotes... which is fine and was kinda needed as they were pretty OP...

    BUT, the Striker got hit by that nerf, and the striker did NOT need to be nerfed.

    I say change the Stealth counter to only halve the lock distance (Coyote has half the lock distance in the first place, so this would make them lock on but only if they were really near misses. Strikers default lock radius is quite large in fact) AND THEN ALSO increase it's velocity SIGNIFICANTLY (up to like 350? 400?) and it will act as a long exposure long range AV and a more reliable AA weapon that can be "soft countered" by stealth.

    It'd also be nice if when viewing an air target with lock weapon there was a UI indicator that the target had stealth equipped.
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  11. Ryo313

    o_O thats bs... the striker is very bad compared to the other 2 ESRL but the only one who has a counter to it? @.@ i don't even know what to say ... that boggles my mind.
    i don't get it why TR isn't allowed to have something "fun" and usefull in their arsenal like VS and NC does.

    There are a few questions i want to get answered by the devs, but i doubt that we will ever get any answer from them.

    • why has the T2-Striker to be so useless?
    • How come it gets outpeformed by any other Rocket Launcher?
    • Why is it useless at range?
      (at range where you do manage to hit with all 6 rockets you could simply use any other dumbfire RL and deal the same dmg faster)
    • why is the 2,5s exposer time justyfied?
      (all other Rocket Launcher deal the dmg faster compared to the time you need to fire 5 Rockets from the T2-Striker so the 2,5s isn't anywhere near justyfied)
    • why does it has to be useless against Infantry?
      (every other Rocket Launcher with Dumbfire can damage Infantry exept the Striker)
  12. Ronin Oni

    I'm not entirely sure the stealth affecting Strikers was intentional. I think they were trying to address Coyote problems and they didn't even think about the striker (who ever thinks about the striker? LOL!)

    Anyways, what do you think of my proposed changes to both how Stealth affects coyote/striker and striker velocity?

    Strikers would still have the soft counter of Stealth, but with a significantly increased velocity they should have roughly the same range effectiveness against stealthed targets that they do against unstealthed now, and even greater range against unstealthed. Additionally it'd give TR a much more reliable long range AV weapon. Sure, exposure time is longer, but at those kinds of ranges you can easily dodge tank return fire, and side stepping back and forth will make sniper HS's difficult.
  13. Shaggath

    People who say it's a niche against aircraft have not test this weapon.

    They need some more velocity and remove initial cof.
    But actually when you need to shoot at range a ground target you take this rl.
    It's her primary fonction not aircraft.
    Lock can be avoid with los easely or out run.
    Classic dumbfire are too slow and easely avoid at range.
    60 ms or 100 ms at 300 meter is 3/5 s fly time for a mag it's really simple to avoid that.
    With 180 is more difficult to avoid it's a 1.6 fly time clustered so they always take some shoot.
    When you say dumbfire are better for this job you just say b u l l s h i t.
    Striker is the best weapon to shoot mag at range and make longshoot without wasting ammo.
    The coyote system it's a little bonus not the core of the weapon.

    Now an increase velocity to 250 when you know lancer have 800 can be a fair trade, more damage are already compensate by expose time.
    And remove the initial cof if i increase my big expose time to control my fire i think a total accuracy it's normal.
    Striker have not the power of lancer but actually it's stay for the tr the best rl for consistent damage against vehicule, we trade that with low efficiency against ia xam.
    Between pheonix and striker i prefer striker more versatile.
  14. Ryo313

    doesn't sound that bad in fact i love it but it requires more programming...
    devs are busy ( so busy that they don't even respont to pms or threads ) so the less programming it takes the better (i guess)
  15. Ronin Oni

    Actually it's just a couple # tweaks I believe. (heatlock range reduction from 100% to 50% at max rank stealth, and velocity increase on Striker)

    Should be pretty straight forward I think.
  16. Ryo313

    ok. well it doesn't matter tho.. we'll never get an answer from the devs and the lack of community managers is horrible.
  17. Ronin Oni

    They read, they listen, they just don't interact here much anymore cause all hell breaks loose.

    Twitter and Reddit get some cross communication, but really, as far as feedback being read, it doesn't really matter where it is.
  18. Ryo313

    i hope you're right. but what i don't get is why useing twitter and reddit if you have a forum ? ( i only use the forum xP maybe i should give reddit a chance)
  19. jmdafk

    I just tried a striker in VR and it felt better than i expected.
    Is it worth getting? being able to fire the whole magazine at an esf in the time it takes to get a lockon from a guided system must make a huge difference when facing the skilled low flying, dodging reaver pilots?
    Very few people seem to have anything good to say about it tho?
  20. Ryo313

    short answer... no its not worth the 1k certs

    long answer... its terrible at its job against air targets especially when they are moving. you can hit them when they are hovering ~50m away from you but in that situation you can also dumbfire any other RL and hit it.
    the thing is .. the "coyote" mechanic from the striker is affected by the stealth thing so they won't always lock on to airborn targets
    and at range the rockets are too slow to hit the target. at close range ( as said before) you can dumbfire any other RL with the same succes ( or even better because the exposer time of 2,5 sec is way to long and you are mostlikely dead before you can fire your 4th rocket)
    the only situation where i see it usefull is at longer range against vehicles if there is enough cover so you can dodge the backfire and against MAX units in addition to AV nades (forget infantry you can't dmg them with it)

    all in all it gets outclassed from every other RL thats aviable. and the striker doesn't even cover the nieche its supposed to fill.
    in the end its up to you but i recommend to trial it a few times to see how it actually peforms in battle before you waste your certs on it. ( and don't buy it with DC it isn't worth it)

    btw on which server are you playing?