[Suggestion] Striker Napalm

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Zica96, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Zica96

    Well SOE since your'e not changing the current piece of s*it you call a rocket launcher, here's my take on the situation (i know this wont happen so shut up). Fill the Striker rockets with napalm and increase the muzzle velocity to 250 m/s or something like that. NAPALM THE HERETICS!
  2. Stormsinger



    You may want to consider actually looking around a bit before spewing bile into the forums. Changes are being made shortly.
  3. Zica96

    Dude i don't research and look up EVERYTHING that goes on in the current PS2 development. And when was this posted? If they actually make it playable and a REAL F*UCKING ROCKET LAUNCHER, then i'll forgive them for this vile thing we have right now.
  4. Stormsinger

    I took that screenshot and uploaded it just for you. (You're welcome) It was taken 19 hours prior to my posting, so... 20 hours ago, as of this posting, give or take.

    There are also quite a few threads about it in the general forums, as there have been all day. A few may have been deleted due to all the duplicates everywhere.

    Here's the source. https://twitter.com/mhigby/status/519274583442980864
  5. Zica96

    Ok then, thanks.

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