Striker is rediculous

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  1. DashRendar

    That's great, here's another pro-tip:

    Follow the red rockets while firing flares and dodging max/turret AA fire and engaging ESFs.
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  2. SebDollar

    Well then, if that was the case, surely TR anti air squads would be using Grounders or Annihilators... And surely no NC and VS pilot would be complaining about the Striker..

    As i said earlier, we can agree on the Striker getting less kills than the Lancer and the Phoenix, and cant be used against infantry or maxes.. And if you ask me, that should be looked into - But that is besides the point, and have nothing to do with this discussion.. The fact remains that the TR have an incredible area denial weapon that takes the fun out of fighting the TR

    Thats cute, you realize that red missile is rarely rendered by any air. The most an aircraft will get most times is a lock on warning and a dink noise when we are hit. And that can vary based on the size of the battle below.
  4. SebDollar

    That is besides the point...... And besides the argument..... Yes, the other ESRL's are getting more kills, but what does that have the Striker being a Superior aerial deny weapon?
  5. Van Dax

    TR heavys have benched the striker.
    Its funny I had a good solid battle at nc arsenal against TR, was a tough back and forth multi platoon battle. Back when they had their strikers the same battle was unwinnable. 1 platoon easily beat 2 and it just aint right. They still kept the skys fairly clear due to bursters but the esfs were actually able to play the game in that area again.
  6. Fenrisk

    So strikers are not over powered? It's the combination of AA maxes, AA turets, ESF's and Strikers that is over powered. Got ya!

    The reason 3 or 4 pilots on forumside complain about strikers is because everyone's using the new rocket launchers so your far more likely to come across entire platoons using strikers/phoenixes/lancers then grounders. That is all.
  7. Kaktwox

    So is that why it has a much lower average score then it's counterparts, it is the only ESRL that can easily be countered and only has half the functions of the other ESRL? OP is a joke.
  8. Codeak

    That wasn't english, your post is invalid.
  9. UrMom306

    looking at your sigs i'd say the same for you, and yes i have played all three extensively and i can say that it's the same scenario on all three factions.
  10. Codeak

    if your TR is 9d im guessin ur other ones are like 5h lol, and thats prolly not even 10% filled with flytime.

    But yes i know, libs are pretty much completely under the same stress with all 3 factions.
  11. Kaktwox

    Edited my response, which probably wasn't that hard to truly comprehend in the first place. Care to actually provide a valid argument this time? By the way, you probably stopped being credible the first 7 one sentence replies on this thread.
  12. Babaganoush

    Summary of this thread: If you don't agree with me then your post is invalid.
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  13. Codeak

    You didn't read the thread, I have already said that numbers do not explain how the striker is used in-game. It is still too much for aircraft.
  14. Codeak

    Yes. If you don't agree you are in the wrong thread.
  15. Kaktwox

    Your logic makes no sense, much like all of your other replies.

    "The facts and the statistics that prove something are contrary to what I believe, therefor they are invalid." Is that what you're trying to say?
  16. Codeak

    The striker doesn't get a lot of points so therefor it isn't good? Is that what you are saying?
  17. Algernon

    The striker is very annoying, this is true. But it is not game breaking or rediculous, sure going up against strikers i change my approach vectors, run a different loadout and have to play a lot more evasive, but tbh I still fear burster maxxes far far more than some tr heavies with their "ping-pong" launcher.
  18. FigM

    Lock-on missiles in general are just bad for the game, they limit opportunity for skillful play. Making a powerful lock-on missile launcher is the worst thing SOE could have added.

    I know TR deserves to have some unique missile launcher, but it should be something different, something without lock-on. Get creative. Anything is better than this
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  19. Kaktwox

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  20. Codeak