Striker is OP.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    You think TR is OP?

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  2. Collin


    Best perfoming MAX and Heavy (in total kills and K/D wise)
    Magrider (tank with the best K/D again)
    Scyth pretty good as well

    Then you have the total crap medic guns on VS side (i don´t like them), carbines are meh as well.

    I think you can say about every fraction its op or up. Depends

    But lets get back on topic that the striker is totaly OP and needs a nerf alongside with the Betel beeing able to shoot galaxies
  3. Silkensmooth

    I stopped playing the heavy because infil is so much better. Also most vehicles dont give kills because the driver jump out.

    90% of pilots bail, so pretty much every ESF kill doesnt include a kill.

    Yes thats extremely lame and should be fixed imo.

    But striker isnt hard to use. I'm not claiming that i can kill an MBT solo with a striker, but i also dont think that a solo infantry SHOULD easily be able to kill an MBT.

    However, in conjunction with other players i find it to be very effective. It is not at all difficult to hit tanks at significant ranges, and so i would say its working perfectly.

    Anyone who thinks they should be able to solo a tank as infantry at ranges at which said infantry doesnt render to the tank arent thinking about fair and balanced gameplay.

    Of course i also think its silly that AP rounds are so good at 'sniping' infantry.

    Really the whole thing is kind of broken, but the answer is definitely NOT returning the striker to its previous level of ridiculousness.
  4. Cynicismic


    I couldn't have worded it any better myself. This is exactly how I feel as well. The issue is the TR being out of balance, and not the VS/NC being overpowered.

    I think that it's down to preference when it comes to weapons in this game. I, for one, adore my Pulsar VS1, (the Medic gun for the VS; I've nearly Aurax'd it), whereas I never perform as well with the Orion or the Betelgeuse. I will agree in saying that the VS MAX is much better than the TR's - as I said earlier, the anti-vehicle weapon of the VS MAX is far too good, and needs to be worsened - though both MAXes are beaten in my book by the awesome killing power of the NC MAX. This thing, as I see it, is too good. It can mount Ravens, and massive shotguns that literally tear through enemies at the close ranges we see in this game. A single NC MAX can clear out a pretty well guarded enemy capture point, which other MAXes will find much harder to do, unless you have the element of surprise.

    The Magrider is a good tank, though that's because it's so good at anti-infantry, (this may account for the high K/D) - with its equivalent of an AP gun, it can still reliably hit infantry where the Prowler and Vanguard cannot. That, and it seems that on the Miller server at least, there are more serious Magrider drivers than there are Prowler and Vanguard ones. I will still be audacious and say that the Prowler is the best MBT at tank destroying, and in your secondary gunner is skilled, it can also be effective at anti-infantry.

    The Scythe is very good. It has a lower skill floor that the Mosquito and the Reaver to to well in. The guns are painfully easy to use, it is easy to handle and manoeuvre, and is fundamentally easier to use all-in-all. As an underwhelming pilot myself, I have shot down on numerous occasions Battle Rank 100s in their fully tricked-out aircraft, because the Scythe feels like it can do things that other aircraft cannot. Though this is balanced by its extreme vulnerability to AA guns - the Scythe is a massive target when its belly is facing the ground. Moreover, air battles and dogfights are mostly down to skill; who's spent the most Certifications/DayBreak cash is pretty much irrelevant. I've gotten lucky a few times, though I tend to be shot down a lot. Furthermore, the Mosquito seems to be the worst ESF at the moment, and has a much higher skill floor than the Reaver and the Scythe.

    The TR may be considered overpowered in some respects and underpowered in others. This differs from the VS and NC because, yes, they may have weapons that are overpowered, (though not game-breakingly so). The TR is out of balance, in my opinion.
  5. Zombo

    maybe it's a rebound from ******** nerf-0.75ADS threads?
  6. FieldMarshall

    Pretty sure most people would trade the Striker for the Lancer.
  7. Flag

    Pretty sure that for the most part, people having one would want to have the other. A perpetual grass is greener/purpler as it were.

    As it should be, no?