STRIKER getting buffed!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by T0x1s, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. T0x1s

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  2. Leftconsin

    Considering the Beamer could kill a flash faster than the striker, the VS cries should be most great. I know how they expect the Beamer to be the end all be all of anti-flash technology.
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  3. Iridar51

    After releasing it in such an underpowered state it was obvious that Striker is going to get buffed.
    Though the same can be said about Spiker, and we all know how that turned out.

    I'm glad they're buffing it in a way that makes sense, but I'd like to also see either next to none recoil and/or coyote mechanic on ground targets as well.
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  4. LibertyRevolution

    Typical SOE... they are going to buff its fire rate, damage, tweak resistances to it, and make it full auto.
    Sure, buff all that, no way buffing every aspect of it is going to make it OP... :rolleyes:

    I predict that two weeks later it will get nerfed into the stone age like ZOE, lol.
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  5. Ztiller

    I love how the TR somehow act as if they are the cause of this, and not just common sense.

    Everybody who had been on the PTS knew that the Striker was going to get buffed very soon and the massive storm of "SOE hates us" and "SOE refund Striker" was just an overreaction worthy of My Super Sweet 16.

    SOE just chose to release it in an underpowered state in order to prevent the release of a OP weapon that had to be nerfed for ruining vehicle gameplay again.

    I just hope that the TR can stay rational when they realize that SOE haven't increased the DPS with 500% and velocity to 600 m/s.
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  6. Kanil

    It's important that every faction has an excellent counter to the utterly broken, comically overpowered, battlefield dominating ATV. Truly, there is no greater measure of a weapon than it's ability to annihilate Flashes.
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  7. Kociboss

    I think everyone could see it coming from miles away.
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  8. Fellgnome

    I still am unhappy that TR's unique mechanic is "slightly easier to hit things with" while VS has a no-drop high velocity long range lancer and the NC has one that can be guided to its target even around cover.

    It has to do a lot more damage to even make it worth using over a dumb fire which you don't need to remain in LoS for more than a split second to deal its damage.
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  9. InoxGecko

    Oh **** son :eek:

    Make us proud Higby, though my expectations are low.
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  10. sindz

    Now please for the love of god, do a balance pass on the numerous items in the game which are downright crap.
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  11. NinjaTurtle

    Should have started with a 50% buff to velocity and see how that helped.

    Buffing a ton of stats at once seems to go against the point of releasing a weapon UP to tweak it up to the right level.
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  12. Elrobochanco

    They should have just binned the semi auto fire. Pulling the trigger should just piss rockets until the mag is dry, no bloom, but consistent vertical recoil per projectile. TR fights with armor should look like a scene out of macross.
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  13. thebigbortishbort

    oh how exciting , cant wait to see the degree of changes on the O'mighty striker C:
  14. Zapon


    you kidding? As a VS, this is good- we've been hit with so many nerfs, that no- I won't call for nerfs, as stuff needs to get buffed

    and remember That

    THE OTHER THREAD saying "STOP WHINING TR" Was a NC calling you guys out by comparing the Striker to a Phoenix- not a VS

    So as a VS, I say Good for TR- they really need it
    To the NC who were taking shots at TR and pointing to the Phoenix- ..... Lol, looks like the Devs feel it needs tweaking

  15. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Well, at least it will probably be the funnest ESRL of the bunch. I have one on my TR alt and I'm already looking forward to busting it back out again after the changes go live.
  16. Xasapis

    As I was saying in other threads, the Lancer needed multiple balance passes to reach the state it is today. I wouldn't be surprised if the same procedure is followed for the Striker as well. It is certainly a more sane procedure than introducing something at a really strong state (Phoenix) and then toning it down.
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  17. T0x1s

    It was more of a joke ;) And there are plenty of threads about different weapons that are going to be buffed and it gets flamed by the other factions(TR also)
    And thanks for feling with us and hold on. Your Spiker is getting a buff too in a couple of weeks :) And you deserve it.
  18. T0x1s

    Buffed Striker on pts??
  19. Ztiller

    Is there something wrong with my grammar? Because you're the second guy today who completely misunderstand and utterly miss the point to literally everything i say in a post.

    How could that quote have been any more clear?
  20. T0x1s

    It was easy to misunderstand but i read it again carefully and understands I now :)