[Suggestion] Striker dmg, accuracy buff

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Zica96, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Zica96

    After some time playing with the new Striker i think it needs a small damage increase of about 250 to 300 because of it's effectiveness against both vehicles (MBT and Sundy's) and some aircraft (Gal's and sometime Lib's) and idk how the accuracy buff would look like cause i'm not a programmer but it needs to be more controlable when ADS shooting.
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  2. Metallic123

    Fix the CoF and increase velocity and I think it would fill its niche nicely.
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  3. Zica96

    Idk, i think it needs a damage increase to at least 250 if not 300 because of effectiveness against MBT's, Sundy's, Gal's, and even Lib's sometimes
  4. Metallic123

    It has resist modifiers so it does more damage to vehicles. The listed damage is the damage it does versus infantry so if its increased to 300/50 (direct/indirect)......

    Yes, buff the striker (make uraxium easier :p)
  5. Brad seven

    Yes, When compared to other rocket launchers ours sucks, unless you're using it with a valkarie
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  6. Borsty

    I play a lot of NC in Vanguard these days, and I have to say: The Striker is AMAZING!
    Not only does it zero damage when you get hit by one of the rockets, most of them always miss, and as an added bonus you get 5 red flashes to pinpoint you where your next tank shell should go. Very nice!
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  7. Zica96

    This is very true, hes not exaggerating either.
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  8. Zica96

    And even then the LOW DAMAGE always keeps us down. It freaking desperatly NEEDS a dmg profile of at least 250 if not 300 and an accuracy buff of some sorts, Borsty points it out pretty accurately actually.
  9. WarmasterRaptor

    I'd go for a velocity buff and to hell with that stupid COF... it's ridiculous! :rolleyes:

    Damage seems fine to me, but hey, how can I know, it doesn't hit anything 85% of the time...
  10. Crayv

    It needs to go one of two ways. The first is being the highest dps launcher in the game due to it's horrid CoF, having to stand there and fire 5 rockets in a row (higher risk), and it can't instantly bring to burning or kill an ESF like the regular dumbfire or the Decimator. Not to mention less alpha makes it less effective on MAXs. Not really worth the Coyote mechanic against air at this point.

    The second option is to make a long range versatile weapon. Less range (meaning it has drop, and less velocity) than the Lancer but still good range by drastically increasing its velocity (I think to about 300 m/s) and removing the CoF. It would become the TRs general use weapon and you only really use the dumbfire when you want the higher alpha for dealing with MAXs or for shooting and ducking around a corner.

    Either way would also fit with the TR philosophy. TR favors high dps weapons and really like their equipment to be good all around weapons.
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  11. CMDante

    It used to be amazing, then airbabies cried and it got nerfed, it has been the worst launcher in the game ever since. It should do 300-400 damage per rocket and be lock-on only, air and ground though. Then it will have the highest damage per reload by a substantial margin but require the more exposure time and be more susceptible to flares or being killed before blowing your load so to speak.
  12. MaxDamage

    Please try the version on the PTS.
    It is really not bad now. It isn't the handy long-range Liberator scarerer, but for its new more op close purpose it packs a punch. The 6 rocket clip and reasonable COF is excellent.
  13. Halkesh

    Increase velocity to 200m/s so it can hit targets (include strafing magrider). Done.
  14. DrBash00

    1. If you dont hold the fire button, but fire them all single shot the striker is more accurate
    2. I think he still needs a little buff, because on the range the striker is effective, i have a good chance to hit my target with the decimator, wich would 1- hit aircrafts
    3. The striker should also lock on to ground vehicle.

    I know VS and NC is gonna hate me, but the Striker is not where it should be right now.

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