Striker and Trap complete garbage.

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  1. Revel

    The TRAP is so bad by reputation alone I haven't even bothered to trial it.
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  2. david06

    The striker would be significantly more useful if it didn't have a cone of fire, even more so if they buffed it's fire rate again. Every launcher in the game is pinpoint accurate I don't see why they thought making the striker inaccurate was necessary.

    You can deter ESFs with small arms fire. Liberators and galaxies that are close can be hit with dumbfires. There's a very small number of scenarios where a striker is more effective than a grounder. The striker's dumbfire is suicidal to use against most ground units(especially max suits) so you might as well take an annihilator.

    The striker has the massive negative of having to hold proper lead for a whole three seconds while it fires off the magazine, and the cone of fire will still cause missiles to miss against air targets in many cases.
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  5. -Zlodey-

    I know how to fix all of this!

    Lets rename Fractures to POO-tures, Striker to POO-ker, and TRAP to POO-AP. Viola, correct names for correct weapons!

    Also, I suggest rename Prowler into POO-ler.

    Nah, the Prowler is good, although it could use some more Vulcan. The rest, yeah. They are worthless crap, especially compared to what our opponents pull out from time to time.
  7. -Zlodey-

    Where is POO-ler are good? At farming infantry? Maybe a little better than Vanguard or Magrider now, because, you know, double-barrelled cannon (which nerfed, nerfed and nerfed) - remove it already!
    In any tank-to-tank combat, with similar skill level crew and maxed out vehicles, Prowler will lose. It have lack of damage on long range (secondary gun - bad at range in comparison of ES NC or VS ones), it have same armor as Lighting, its ability makes him immobile target for air and other tanks, with useless second weapon (if its not Halberd). Prowler cant into armor, Prowler cant into turbo to get away. Prowler can only farm infantry, but Lighting with Python outperform POO-ler even in this now.

    You might be surprised at how effectively it can outgun vanguards in cqb 1v1 combat. But, as you may see, it's a matter of taste. The Striker and TRAP on the other hand, are just plain boring and bad.
  9. -Zlodey-

    I have auraxium on all Prowler main cannons. I know how it perform aganist other vehicles, you may not teach me how to play on it.

    Record video, how you act head-to-head aganist Vanguard with maxed shield, AP cannon, Enforcer and good crew. It will be funny.
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    Vulcan and Fire Suppression. If you are the one who fires the first shot, you outDPS the shielded foe. I always preferred playing the prowler this way. Magriders are usually below concern with this setup, even if they are coompanied by a lightning.

    But we are going off-topic. This could be a good discussion, but not in here.
  11. OldMaster80

    The TRAP is not that terrible. It's just a mediocre scout rifle... it can be used, it's just not worth 1000 certs and only 1 fire mode is reasonably useful.

    The Striker is just bad. Probably the worst weapon I've tried since the game is out. The 2.0 design is ok on paper but in practice it does not work.
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  12. Liewec123

    all in? nope, ravens are obviously the best max AV at the moment, railjack SURE i love TRAP, phoenix/raven i honestly like both, both are bad at anti-MAX, striker is good vs air phoenix is good vs ground.
  13. Rayden78

    As same as vanu got punished for the PPA :)
  14. Eternaloptimist

    I think the stand-out difference between the ESRLs is that you have to expose yourself to return fire for quite a long time to let off a full mag with the Lancer and the Striker, whereas you can hide somewhere safe to guide your Phoenix rocket.

    That said, I kind of like them all as fun weapons although I agree the Striker is low velocity, less accurate, shorter range and suffers from drop compared to the others.

    Someone pointed me towards a table showing the bonus damage mechanic for the Phoenix against various vehicles and Maxes, front,side and rear. Is there something similar for the other two ESRLs?