[Stream] Swellzong of Deathwatch Gaming

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  1. Swellzong

    Hi everyone

    Since there isn't a specific "media" section on the forums I'll just post my stream here.

    I'm Swellzong from Deathwatch Gaming (http://www.deathwatchgaming.com) on Miller and I mainly play infiltrator.
    I'll be streaming some of my gameplay which most of the time will be squad based infantry fighting with my outfit.

    You can find my stream at http://da.twitch.tv/swellzong
    If you like what you see please hit the follow button and feedback is always appreciated.
  2. Swellzong

    Streaming casual infiltrator gameplay now.
  3. Swellzong

    Streaming again. DWG Squad gameplay.
  4. Swellzong

    Stream offline due to **** servers.
  5. Swellzong

    Stream online.