Straight-Pull Bolt Attachment

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  1. Catch23

    you don't have to reposition or get behind cover after each shot. At 50+ m distance it's sufficient to cloak and strafe a bit prior to the follow-up shot unless you are getting AOE shelled. But tanks, ESFs and Libs are very visible and countersnipers don't have splash.

    sure you can't do that five times in a row but with situational awreness and especially the new Motion Sensor it literally won't kill you to shoot - cloak/strafe/uncloak - shoot a couple of times while staying scoped
    as for now with chambering while unscoped you have to do the same thing actually.
    Difference is that ROF is slower and you can't stay scoped.
  2. Sworaven

    Ye, bullet velocity is kinda weird. 475m/s I believe? I think the SOAS-20 has a faster bullet velocity than this so-called sniper rifle. I think it's just the recoil pattern that so weird, I'll mess around on the PTS a bit more tonight.
  3. Torok

    Uhm Just so you know, they added a "Sway" animation between each shot while scoped :)

    Everyone wins now.

    GG SOE!
    Epic Attachment is EPIC
  4. Sworaven

    Ye, sorry, that's what I meant with reposition, to move around and not sit still.

    Either way, still not convinced. I predict people will be more reckless trying to hit that follow-up shot and be more prone to getting tunnelvision. I'm not necessarily talking about more experienced Infiltrators but people who are just starting out with class or even the game. A lot of them already make common mistakes like not moving around enough and not using the cloak correct while sniping. The straight-pull bolt will only amplify those mistakes because scoping out will become optional.

    Glad to hear! Almost finished updating the PTS so I can check it out for myself.
  5. Torok

    I'll have you know that PTS is down for maintenance along the other Live servers :>
  6. Sworaven

    Ye, just found out >:|

  7. Puredeathnight

    Then i have been playing sniper wrong i always go for head shots, and better rof is for those that are not good at hitting there targets and miss. In game if there is a enemy sniper around I am ussualy hit and killed by a head shot, i rarely take a body shot from snipers except semi autos (then i laugh and shoot them with what ever i have till they stop) if your going for body shots you are either attack players out in the open with out cover or ones completly oblivous to whats happening. Unless you can reaim and refire rather fast 2 body shots witha bolt action on the same target and getting the kill is not going to happen in any area where there is cover.
  8. Pikachu

    Instead of having this derp annoying animation what about it increasing damagefalloff? Lore behind it is that it requures the cartridge to be modified. Anything but this animation. It ruins the fun of my sas-r x2 scope rifle. The fun I was expecting tl have.
  9. Vanon

    I really like this but i have 2 concerns.

    First off, this shouldn't be given to any 0hk Sniper Rifle that has a short ranged scope (1x-4x). It will cause MANY problems

    Second, whats going to happen to Semi Auto Sniper Rifles. This essentially gives the bolt action the biggest benifit of semi auto's in that you never have to leave ADS. Now they will be substantially weaker then they already are.

    Also like someone else said, who would put anything besides this on a bolt action?