Straight-Pull Bolt Attachment

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  1. Rigsta

    OK, I've now tried VS, TR and NC rifles with the straight-pull bolt attachment.

    VS: 6x+: The view dips down then back up. 1-4x: all over the place lol
    TR: 6x+: Besides the obviously-not-finished arm clipping through the camera, this one is the closest to what I'd expect the finished product to look like. The view rocks reasonably high as the next round is chambered. 1-4x: Broken, just like VS.
    NC: 1-12x: Little-no recoil, no movement or sound as the next round is chambered. Clearly in the "not finished" category.

    Verdict: They ain't finished! </captainobvious>
  2. Giggily

    You know you can cloak in between shots, right? You shouldn't be getting killed by people with auto weapons when you can literally turn invisible in between shots and reposition yourself.
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  3. Nephi1im

    I believe he was talking about direct confrontation as in you're both pointing guns at each other at medium/close range. With that said, cloaking inside a certain distance is pretty much suicide because of "invisibility" not being as such.
  4. Giggily

    If you're right in front of people you can just pistol them to death or run away. Nobody should ever get a drop on you as an infil because you have the ability to see everything around you thanks to recon darts.
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  5. Nephi1im

    This is a matter of debate and depends on the situation. I rarely drop darts where I am within the pulse. It's basically a beacon to come kill you. Sound tends to be a better way to keep track of your surroundings than the minimap. Either way, when we are talking about someone 25 yards away, your 6x scope makes your primary useless, and your pistol isn't going to do anything. Incidentally, that's probably the optimal range of their gun, and if they've seen you, your cloak isn't much good. This is getting into a super situational scenario, and, as such, I think we are completely missing the point that there is a "deadzone" where your scope is too much and your pistol can't do anything. In said deadzone, a straightpull bolt might give you one more "oh ****" shot before you get owned.
  6. Catch23

    I always drop darts at my own position. I don't mind knowing enemies that I'm around. It's a double edged sword as someone mentioned...but one side is sharper than the other.
    I am not prey. I am the hunter. With darts I can lure them in my direction into territory I have an advantage in.

    If you picture yourself as weak you will be weak. Pistol should win if you got the first shot from behind
  7. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I'm the one who refers to our detection capabilities as a double edged sword...and I wouldn't really say one side is sharper than the other right now. Against players who use low graphics, you're gives us a sharper edge even against enemies who realize that we're stalking them...but not anyone on medium to ultra. The graphical distortion is simply too easy to distinguish right now, even without the flashlight that's soon to come.

    Everything seems great in the first scene...but then you get to the second scene and realize that cloaking is just as visible as when the flashlight is directed upon's situational, always has been unless the enemy is using low settings. After the update, dropping those darts means that someone will be looking for that distortion effect...and flick on the flashlight to ensure that they aren't caught off guard even if they are using low settings, where we're overpowered right now.

    Using the recon darts atop of yourself is very dangerous, you're losing the element of surprise.
  8. Catch23

    You expect too much from the cloak, thus, relying on it. I honestly think you should put more emphasis on you CQC skills if you want to compete in that area, even as an infiltrator, and use the cloak to give to give you an edge rather than providing for a totally different playstyle than all other classes in that environment.
    you neither lose the element of surprise nor the initiative when darting your own position. they know you are around - or have been - but not where you are. 50m radius is a pretty big area giving you tons of angles you can backstab from

    the flashlight effect you show is not very useful, area of effect way to narrow to make it viable over the laser on that Repeater.

    Play other classes, maybe LA. i gurantee you will value your cloak after that and get better in combat. honestly, you seem to be doing it wrong
  9. Nephi1im

    You may be an MLG infiltrator, but in my experience when someone decides to come for you, you're at a disadvantage. Unless you just have superior positioning, anyone who has been playing enough to hunt an infiltrator half decently is going to nail you 75% of the time on equal footing. Again, we are talking about random situational stuff, so it's going to vary widely by where you are and who you're fighting.

    Watching that flashlight video, I'm actually not that worried about it. I said it in the stalker cloak thread, but it seems like the only time the flashlight will probably make much of a difference is when you're sitting still.... which I never do unless I'm sniping. I think the stalker cloak is garbage honestly, but an infiltrator with an SMG is pretty much about to blow your head off by the time that flashlight is going to see them.
  10. Catch23

    lol I am not.

    I just play this class like I play LA and find the additional tools be very useful in comparison.
    And it works, I do ok. If I stay too defensive I don't.

    Yes initiative is rewarded with more or less latency. The person hunting gets to shoot first on average. So you have to hunt the player that is trying to hunt you after seeing your darts on the minimap. Sneak around cover until you are behind him. Because of the darts you see him coming and know his position. Hunter Cloak gives you plenty of time to utilize this advantage. If your enemy uses his vague knowledge of your position and you give your comparably larger advantage away he is winning.

    If you get hunted and try to hide/ get away it won't work as your cloak will eventually deplete and you will become visible both in LoS and on the map.

    Its like with dogs: don't run away.

    Run away from animals like alligators or Maxes in PS2

    Thus, don't be afraid to dart your own position. It's a trap and at close range SMGs or shot/knife is top in ttk. If you don't dart he could still know your position. Maybe you were spotted or there is prox radar around or you took some shots/ left tracers.
    So always assume that you are on the map anyway. That mindset helps
  11. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Damn, I just tried it again, and yes it's awesome, but...
    I want the NC scopes. Damn, that 4x.
    I mean... Damn
  12. Sworaven

    I'm not sure if anything has changed to the straight-pull bolt animation but the lack of movement during the actual rechambering felt weird. They should take a look at a pump-action shotgun.

    It also makes you an easy and vulnerable target for counter-snipers. I seriously doubt people will cloak between shots when not scoping out. People might also be less situationally aware because they're scoped in the majority of the time and getting tunnelvision. Even though these factors might be more of an indirect nature, I don't think they should be overlooked in the 'straight-pull bolt' vs 'no straight-pull bolt' balance discussion.
  13. Catch23

  14. Sworaven

    You overestimate recon darts. Don't get me wrong, they're arguably the best tool ingame. But they do let enemies know there is an Infiltrator around, they have limited lifespan and radius, you only get 5 at full rank and they're very expensive to cert compared to the Engie/Medic tool.

    The only time when I dart my own position is when I suspect some on to me and I'm about to leave that position to regain the element of surprise. But when I know there are enemies around and they haven't spotted me yet, I'd rather not alarm them to my presence by lighting up the minimap with darts.

    In my opinion, it's better to pay close attention to audio/visual cues and use the recon darts to enhance rather than to replace your situational awareness.

    That being said, if you feel comfortable marking your own position, go ahead! At least you're using them ;D.
  15. ISKNausicaa

    A fair point, it doesnt stop you from scoping out after each shot if you are in a situation that warrents it, it just gives you options, more kills when in a good spot you know is safe (at least for a short while) being able to get that faster followup shot on a moving target at range etc.

    It comes down to a players situational awareness and greed, the same issues you run into with the semi autos right now, and thats my main issue, i worry its basically allowing basrs to take the place that semi autos inhabit on live now, would you use the semi autos (esp the close range ones) over a basr with straight pull?

    I feel this is especially valid with 3 new semi autos appearing alongside the straight pull (TR, VS and nanite systems).

    Btw what are your thoughts on your ES rifle?
  16. Sworaven

    Because they'll be more focused on firing that follow-up shot to get the kill than on using cover/cloaking up and repositioning.

    I can definitely understand your concerns about BASRs replacing semi-auto's. I don't really play with the semi-auto's so it's a bit hard to give an opinion on the case. The few people who actually do use the semi-auto's will probably continue using them. I'm hoping the rechamber animation (while scoped in) will make the weapon sway enough so that it isn't/feels like a semi-auto with a slower RoF. A pump-action shotgun is a good example of how it should be done.

    About the ESSR for the TR. I don't like the way it looks. I believe I described it as a 'badly deformed balloon-animal' in another thread. As far as for the functionality, it's not really a sniper rifle, is it? It feels like a SOAS-20 on steroids, except for the pinpoint accuracy. I think the gun will be difficult to handle because it's got the recoil pattern of a blender. Can't wait to try it out on the live server though.
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  17. ISKNausicaa

    Lol love the description "badly deformed balloon-animal", gave me a good chuckle.

    For me the bullet velocity could do with being upped, the weapon description is just pure trolling atm, and the burst fire recoil pattern could do with a look; can't see the reason to use it over tap firing in automatic mode ( please tell me if I'm missing something with burst fire mode).
  18. Puredeathnight

    The idea with bolt action sniper rifles is to aim for the head correct? And a head shot is a ohk? So how would a lower ttk affect this unless your like aiming for body shots, and if you can land two body shots on the same person you should be aiming for the head.

    What it does affect is your aimed rof ie: rate of accurate fire. Witch i think you go on to talk about. Sure a he gher skilled sniper can get more kills with this than with out but they still have to aim. Additionly your cof drops before the animtion of scoping in is done, so a really good player can already fire and hit targets almost as fast as if they had a straight pull bolt attachment baised on its curent state, now if they imploy some kind of acuracy reduction or time increase for a small time after rechambering while ads that higher skilled player may find that a stright pull bolt is not neccisary.

    In short if they increase the rechamber time while ads with this attachment only players that wouldnt be able to make use of its full potential with out pentitalys will use it.
  19. Catch23

    you are being rabulistic.

    TTK is this context obviously is average TTK as no sniper in the entire PS2 universe manages to score successful headshots only even trying to do so. all snipers have to do follow-up shots

    moreover, in some cases a 2bodyshot stratgey especially with the faster ROF small scope BASRs is viable. two easy bodyshots is better than missing two headshots in a row. higher ROF makes this strategy better

    as you said it yourself:

    well, so far they don't
  20. Xhaleon

    The attachment needs to be renamed, because all sniper rifles (except VS) make use of straight-pull actions by default.