Straight-Pull Bolt Attachment

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  1. Catch23

    I don't agree. doesnt have to be bug-free to tell how it's intended to work. 'Buggy' means it's basically working, but only sometimes. not good enough to play it but close enough to make assumptions. which is what PST is for.

    Bolt-attachement animation is Buggy, so you get different variations of the same animation but you can tell which one is supposed to be the "real" one. The Devs want early feedback, which they are getting here. Noone is expecting bug-free animations on Test
  2. ISKNausicaa

    No we arent asking for a nerf, we are asking for it to be balanced, thats the point of testing it on the ptr, so it can be tested to make sure its balanced before it reaches live.

    unless you think its ok for the more skilled marksmen/women here to be able to drop 5 enemies in 6 seconds flat, or ok for BASRs to basicaly leave semi automatics out in the cold including the new TR/VS/Nanite Systems semis
  3. sindz

    What do VS get since they dont have a straight pull bolt on their rifle.
  4. Rigsta

    OK, so which is the intended one? I've had zero movement (not even recoil), reduced recoil, large downwards dip, and with the Ghost I had the aiming point remaining perfectly still and zoomed while the gun moved around. Others have reported getting de-scoped. Your guess is as good as mine because neither of us are devs.
    I assume the "big dip" is some nascent form of the intended animation. Others are (apparently?) assuming that the zero-movement animation is the intended one and suggesting the rechamber time should be increased. Still others are suggesting fixes for the "death" of the semi-auto rifle. Sure it doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to be more consistent than this.

    The only truly meaningful feedback we can give right now is in the form of bug reports. "If x is true, y seems too powerful" might be useful, but I'm not betting on it.
  5. Nephi1im

    There was another thread like this a week or so ago. What people seem to forget is that the game isn't VR training. Find me a spot where I have 5 targets to hit in 6 seconds, and you may have a point. With moving targets, other snipers, etc, you aren't just like machine gunning with a BASR. The rechamber time is VERY rarely the limiting factor in sniping, it's target acquisition and aiming. The only time the shorter rechamber is going to be much of a factor is when you have to two shot someone.

    Another thing to note, after using it in VR, you burn through ammo much faster, and reload much more often. Since BASR reload times are roughly 25 minutes, if someone is spraying and praying with a straight pull, they're going to be spending half their time reloading.
  6. BloodyPuma

    Guys, please dont panic. Infiltrator shooting 5 bolts in a row is a dead infiltrator, no matter the server. He will do it 1-2-3 times and the enemy will teach him that tunnel vision = death. Look now - you can only take one shot, yet 90% of snipers sits in tunnel vision. Add to that 10-20 seconds more = free certs for everyone.

    Myself - I will not use it. Forward grip gives me 15% more vision [critical part of screen]. Its kinda awkward cause forward grip should support straight pull. Only positive of grip is the vision, only positive of sp - is more tunnel vision.
  7. Catch23

    the Ghost already has a different rechambering animation (which puts it at disadvanatge btw), it always moved around when chambering. I can't tell you what Animation is intended here.
    I was testing SAS-R and the TR equivalent. i didn't get downward dip or noticable recoil which wouldn't setttle until the next shot. sometimes it would unscope on rechambering supposedly ignoring the attachement. of course i'm assuming this, so my guess might be as good as yours.

    But if its was wrong on test and nothing working as intended it wouldnt be my fault to draw false conclusions.

    they changed it completely since yesterday. they are experimenting. now I get a PA Animation, making this attachemnt useless. seems they react to our Feedback going from one extreme to anaother
  8. Nephi1im

    I don't really see anyone (playing seriously) using the 6x on this. At the range it can do anything, it's completely useless. As such, using a 1-3x on it alleviates most of the tunnel vision issue. Again, I think the thing is a gimmick that will rarely see the light of day after a week, but it's not great and not terrible.
  9. ISKNausicaa

    Anywhere theres a big battle and or where players think they are safe, you can aquire additional targets while setting up your first shot the only limiting factors is a players ability with a rifle and the number of targets available.

    At the end of the day it comes down to situational awareness, yeh tunnel vision in the wrong place will get you killed, but in the right place you would be a wreaking ball.

    That though is besides the point, the main contention is this treads too much on ground covered by semi autos, especially the close range ones, why would you bother to use say the phantom over the ghost with a straight pull
  10. ISKNausicaa

    the ghost dipping when rechambering is a bug
  11. Giggily

    Sniping is already too easy, straight pull bolt is just going to make it even more of a joke. I cold see it existing if this game had bullet drop inside realistic ranges, but it doesn't at all.
  12. Nephi1im

    Bullet drop inside realistic ranges? Just for the heck of it, the average hunting rifle is zeroed at 100 yards. Most common hunting rounds have the speed to cause little drop to 300 yards. Now, if we're talking about actual military sharpshooting.... you would have a range card for your rifle. As such, you would set your scope to be zeroed at whatever distance you are shooting. BF4 actually added scope zeroing, kinda neat. Again, acting like we should be 3+ mildots down at 300 yards is silly, and especially not at the 150-200 yards that most PS2 sniping goes on in.
  13. Giggily

    I'm talking about realistic, as in the range that anyone is realistically going to snipe effectively in this game, which is about 100 meters out at most.
  14. Catch23

    if we are talking about the same dipping while rechambering (the one on live servers) this bug exists for a very long time
  15. Catch23

    Forward grip gives you better vision? I don't know what you mean. I don't see any effect with it. did i miss something? actually certed it accidently
  16. BloodyPuma

    Your left hand is not taking so much of visual space.
  17. ISKNausicaa

    sigh, we are talking about when the straight bolt attachment is on the rifle, it should allow you to keep zoomed in when rechambering, there is a bug with the VS rifles that even with this attachment it will gun occasionally do the dip animation when rechambering, which it shouldnt be doing
  18. Catch23

    Yes, then we are talking the same thing. Bug isn't the animation itself but that the attachement is not preventing it. Like on the other two faction equivalents which unscope at times despite the attachement. They just don't have the dip in the first place.

    But as of today they added a new animation for scoped rechambering and all bets are off
  19. Maljas23

    I doubt its going to be overpowered considering that most people will still be running around with fully automatic weapons. Just like now, if you miss your first shot in a direct confrontation, you will likely lose even with this attachment. Yes, in the hands of someone who can aim, it will be deadly. That shouldn''t warrant asking for a nerf.

    Wait until it actually releases on the live servers to judge it, because there is no way to tell in the VR, on static lifeless targets.
  20. Nephi1im

    I'd say 100 meters is about the minimum effective range I snipe at. Less than that with 6x and a moving target is pretty tough to keep in the sight. Past 250 it starts to become pretty tough to consistently hit anything moving in the head, but I'd say, for me and the dudes sniping next to me, 100-250 is pretty much the sweet spot.