Straight-Pull Bolt Attachment

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  1. Torok


    I Think It's way too good especially on a CQC Rifle such as the SAS-R, it needs some sort of trembling between each shot, as of now it makes the gun a Semiauto with a slower ROF while ADS lol, there is no downside and makes scoring hits one after another much easier and faster.

    Is it like this on TR/VS Too? Haven't tried it yet. Your Thoughts?
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  2. Leadwrecker

    Bolt action rifles with the straight-pull attachment should do the pump-action shotgun's "scope jiggle" between shots while ADSing. This would serve to balance what is currently an overwhelmingly good, straight-upgrade attachment.

    Also, with the current straight-pull bolts turning the rifles into slow-firing semi autos, there is no feedback as to your progress in readying another shot, which feels weird. Pump-action style scope jiggle would feel more satisfying because it provides visual feedback when the gun is rechambering and when it is ready to fire again.
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  3. Ash87

    Just take the other options off the rail, and leave Straight pull bolt attachment there, there is no reason to use anything But the straight pull bolt.
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  4. Revanmug

    Amusingly, I thought the lack of movement feedback from chambering a round was pretty awful. I cannot tell if I can fire or not.
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  5. m44v

    I think the same.
  6. Raraldor

    Not sure you could call this a big downside or anything, but if you shoot and don't immediately scope out you are stuck in scope until the bolt has loaded. So having this on the SAS-R isn't 100% of the time a good thing.
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  7. Commando235

    On the VS Ghost sniper rifle,the weapon I was intending to get because of this, still zooms out when I try to take another shot zoomed in when I have the pullback thing equipped
    Does this happen with any of the other weapons?
    Tried it with the Parallax,V10 and a few others and it worked fine
  8. BloodyPuma

    There is a bug.
    Sometimes, rarely it zooms out.
    Often if will not kick you out of scope but change direction to down.
    And for the rest - its staying in the place.
  9. Pikachu

    Screw you people asking for it to be nerfed. :mad: I was thinking this could make the short range rifle fun.
  10. Raraldor

    people are asking it to be nerfed? o.o
  11. ISKNausicaa

    yes its broken to hell and back.

    the listed rechamber times are a mysnomer, you have scope out time then *rechamber* then scope back in, the scope out and scope in times combined take at least a second longer.

    In effect you are cutting off at least a second from the next shot.

    These close in bolt actions are treading into semi auto terratory (especially the new VS shade)

    The straight bolt rechamber time should be *longer* than scope out+rechamber+scope in times combined, why you ask?

    Because you are scoped in all the time, which makes follow up shots easier
  12. Zagareth

    Isn't there a sound feedback, like the usual rechamber sound?
  13. ISKNausicaa

    not at the moment there isnt
  14. ISKNausicaa

    Just updated the mention of the VS shade to avoid confusion
  15. Greddy

    Here is another suggestion: to make semi-auto viable again...
    new attachment for semi-auto rifle only:
    bi-pod under the rail, to eliminate scopesway.
    You need to crouch to activate it.
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  16. Catch23

    I wrote the other day that it might decrease TTK in relation to conventional chambering.

    Well, as you said, it does.

    tested this in VR by headshooting and doing a follow up body-shot. it takes a short while for the NPC to despawn.
    there are some bugs with it but if you try this 10 times in a row in either mode you will notice that indeed time rechambering is simply cut off in terms of combined delay between shots. so your effective refire rate is faster now on top of being able to keep aim on target for follow-up shots.

    Downside with the attachemnet, as mentioned before: If you leave straight bolt-mode is takes a moment to scope out

    It does turn BASRs into slow firing OHKs semis and you have (unlike in other games that feature this attachement too) a cloak with which you can compensate for being an easier target between shots by cloak-strafe. 0.5 move speed is anough for this

    Instead of having this dequip delay upon leaving scope mode, you shouldn't be able to cloak at all while in perma scope mode imo.

    would make more sense risk/ reward wise. It would be more situational and still be very useful which implies the need for skill to know when to use it and when not to.

    As of now on Test you get an - optional - Semi on your BASR with slower rate of fire and more damage per shot.
    a Semi usually wont cloak between shots, damge per shot is too low, whereas on the BASR in semi-mode it makes sense to do so, which gives it a big advantage over the semi. you do the same damage being exposed to counterattacks much less.

    rechambering is still buggy and inconsistant, so as you neither get visual or audio feedback for rechambering it's hard to tell when rechmabring is done (although of course you can pre-press fire) but once it's on live and polished and you get used to the exact duration of the delay this shoudn't be an issue anymore
  17. MrDerpAssault

    Asking for a nerf despite the fact that it still didn't come out......
    Seriously man, wow, just wow.
  18. Rigsta

    Uh guys, animations are FUBAR on the PTS. If I hipfire a VS bolt-action, the battery pops up into the air while I punch empty space and then pops down again. If I fire while scoped with the new attachment, sometimes the view stays perfectly still without even the normal recoil, sometimes it bobs drastically as I go through the rechamber animation - I'm guessing the latter is the intended animation.

    My scopes have no crosshair/overlay. The crossbow magazine magically floats out of the weapon and back in again when I reload it. My left wrist appears to be broken. I do something weird with my thumb when I fire the crossbow. The ESRs have no optics. The NS rifle iron sights aren't lined up properly.

    We shouldn't start talking about making changes to the new attachment based on animations that are so clearly buggy.
  19. Catch23

    well thats what PTS and this forum section is actually about. To try out new stuff (test) and discuss possible need for tweaks before it gets live
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  20. Rigsta

    People are suggesting balance changes based on buggy animations. That doesn't make sense.