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  1. troxis

    i always hear players talking about strafing in all fps. You need to do it in order to win most fights and i can see that in a game like halo with a slow kill time but in this game how do you guys strafe? i can barely move before i die.
  2. Frosty The Pyro

    you should be moving before the enemy even starts shooting at you, there are very few times win its wise to be still
  3. Proplayer

    Frosty is spot on. There is no reason to be standing still unless behind solid cover and your flanks are free of enemies. I killed so many players just yesterday in a massive infantry fight standing still and ADSing. The word turkey shoot gives it no justice.

    ADS strafing is key and a weapon that offers .75 strafe coefficient is gold.

    Another thing is the duck-strafe. I use it all the time and it is very very effective. Players headhunt and to duck on them, strafe and then pop up messes them up big time. Planetside 2 is a bit clunky in terms of how fast the process can be done but once you get the hang of activating your shield and duck strafing proper you will win a lot of your fights.
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  4. Xiphos

    Strafing is overpowered on Magriders.
  5. Omgwtfgg-awayhue

    Sprinting forward should be used alternating A,D with it. Moving your mouse left to right as your strafing/sprinting helps too.
  6. StormFrog

    Two NC guns have that. They're both AR's.
    The TR get two carbines and one AR with that coefficient.
    The VS get two LMGs and one AR.

    I suppose there's the NS-11A too. Still not great.
  7. troxis

    What are the names of the tr weapons with strafe
  8. StormFrog

  9. SinerAthin

    Don't emphasize too much on strafe unless you're right infront of someone.

    Even the Adv laser sight cannot win vs ADS at 20-30 meters, strafing is used to effect when very close to an opponent and hip-firing.

    But, of course, even when you are ADS at 30+meters, always strafe. It won't have the same effect, but it can save you from a bullet(or you could get unlucky and walk right into the fire of a poor marksman, but less likely).
  10. Efraim

    if your not strafing then your dying, if your right in front of someone then knife. 5 key mouse with knife on the left clicker
  11. Stormlight666

    Next time an infantry is carrying a magrider and shooting with it i'll agree with you, however you're in the wrong forum discussion.
  12. Deathcapt

    strafing is amazing, it's really really strong esepecially with hip fire carbines. I use a GD-7F with adv laser and it can land head shots at 20m from the hip.
  13. gunshooter

    You have no idea how far 20m actually is.
  14. Deathcapt

    Naw man, gd-7f with laser sight, super accurate like the ak in counter strike accurate.
  15. Bruhja

    The strafing in this game sucks bad, its totally imbalanced because an empire with less cof can track a strafer where as for example the NC HA would be better off throwing his gun at a strafer because after the second round the cof is spread out so badly that you have to spend more time compensating for recoil and COF than actually tracking your target.

    PS1 had it right, you actualy had to stop moving, take a knee and line your shot up because if you were running your COF would be bloomed to 100%.

    Not sure about the rest of you here but any normal person cant expect to hit anything with a rifle while strafing left to right, jumping, crouching, running around like a complete spaz.
  16. KnightCole

    Having to stop to fire, aiming and what not, that went out with the advent of Call of Duty. Since then, games have been purely strafing, jumping, bunnyhopping bullet spraying shooters.
  17. hostilechild

    I have yet to lose to a bunnyhopper, so please keep doing it.

    Strafing is good but you better fire the first shot before you start or your cof is larger. same as stop running before shooting.

    Tapping left/right as shoot really messes with client side prediction making you appear to move more than you do. Some people it seems to have a much larger effect on than others. Even more so in big fights where server "loses" some packets.

    And if you watch navy seal training they are moving while ADS and shooting, its not just in games. Now at longer ranges you should be still, crouched, proned each with additional advantage to lower COF. But in a game with .5 ttk its all about twitch reflex nothing else is going to help unless the person has bad aim.
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  18. MadcowwithSwineFlu

    Only in a video game would the AK be considered super accurate. Glad we dont use modern weapons in this game and the AK considered an accurate weapon platform.

    I like the bull with the compensator, forward grip and NV scope. I dont know if HV ammo would make any difference but it seems a very good gun.