Strafe dancing and bunny hopping

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bl4ckVoid, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Bl4ckVoid

    I meet more and more people who just dance around like crazy, jumping all over and firing some hipfire weapon. The speed of the strafing is sometimes totally unbelievable.

    Should this be in the game at all? I pretty much think not, but I am curious what other people think.Or is this some kind of hack / exploit?

    (Maybe I should just go and play a more serious game?)
  2. smokemaker

    Just think if TTK's where longer. It would be sooo much worse.
    I am glad for the fast TTK's.
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  3. Vendettta

    You hate strafing? rofl Noob alert....
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  4. xNPCx

    Depends on what you are experiencing. Could be normal speed, could be lag, or it could be a speed hack. You aren't given enough information for me to be able to give you an exact answer.

    But this game plays like your modern FPS twitch shooter if you are looking for something more along the lines of a combat simulator, look into Arma (but this doesn't have the scale that PS2 does).
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  5. FateJH

    It probably does help screwing up the other person's aim at some legitimate level and would improve survivability but I'm much too concerned about abusing netcode and latency to utilize movement like that myself. I don't fault anyone who does.


    I know I was looking for something else when I came to play this game.
  6. rickampf

    I dont do this things... i play more like; taking cover, moving strategically, taking advantage of opportunities or enemies mistakes... but in every FPS game this behavior is present, this jumping and dancing thing is ridiculous but... the pro players do it so... whatever.
    Also, there is some speed hackers too... they move like Goku.
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  7. cfnz

    Considering some weapons have strafing modifiers to reduce the movement penalty it seems to be an accepted, perhaps intended part of the game. Whilst it's something I dislike a lot due to it's gamey nature, I'm learning to adopt it. I tend to agree that a longer ttk would make this worse.

    For more "serious" infantry combat I have Arma 3.

    Edit: You're right about the scale difference between PS2 and something like Arma 3, whilst the Arma worlds are huge it doesn't have the same MMO appeal in terms of number of players.
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    Some people strafe a meter right then left within 1 second.

    I know it is a game, but strafing in a real combat situation just does not happen...
    Have not played Arma, but my previous online favorite was Red Orchestra - practically no strafing, each weapon is a one shot kill (mostly). It is amazing, but the scale is very limited compared to PS2 and I played it to boredom already.
  9. BH Brigade

    The bunny hopping is annoying sometimes, but I don't know what the hell i would do if I couldn't strafe, that would be just ridiculous.
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  10. Bl4ckVoid

    You love strafing? ROFL, kid alert.
  11. Vendettta

    Kid? Yeah I do like strafing, like any good player. It helps you avoid fire while making it easy to kill your opponent. Maybe you don't like strafing because you can't aim and move at the same time? rofl You do realize that strafing has been part of every ******* FPS ever made since like ******* Quake? Are you new to fps gaming bro?
  12. Badname0192

    Bunny hopping people just make me laugh because while they're hopping I just step off to the right or left and keep firing.. strafing.

    As far as strafe dancing goes, it's okay, it's not anyone's fault but yours if you're not adjusting your aim and hosing the buggers down or counter strafing.

    If you want immobile targets, they've made VR.
  13. Garantine

    I would highly suggest this.
  14. ExarRazor

    strafing = good

    adadadadadadspam = bad

    it was a problem in ps1, with bad netcode and latency creating warping.

    thankfully, I haven't seen many adadwarpers in ps2, but that could change.
  15. xNPCx

    Red Orchestra is more of a combat simulator than a modern FPS. Planetside 2 plays more like Battlefield or Call of Duty, where it is all about fastpaced combat and twitch reflexes.

    If you are looking for a good combat sim, check out Arma 3.
  16. Bl4ckVoid

    I do not have problem with strafing, but some people dance left/right within 1 second.

    Look at short strafe here:

    What I see is similar to that, but maybe even faster, hard to be sure. The speed at which this can be done is a bit ridiculous IMHO even without cheat.
  17. Ghosty11

    Ever since the fix to the hit box of the bunny hoppers went through I see much less of them, and when I do see one, he now dies very quickly.
  18. Vansoth

    I understand strafing while fighting and it is an accepted part of the entire genre of FPS games. What I can't stand is when you get into a fight with a player that is moving back and forth really really fast. It is like he is sprinting back and forther rather than walking. He then murders you with precise accuracy and moves on to his next kill. I am at the respawn screen wondering how I can get my character to move that fast.
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  19. CoffeeBreak

    I play a very aggressive LA and do some of this "dancing" but I am noticing some people that are able to do it with crazy speed that I'm not capable of copying.

    They aren't aimbotters that have 10 KDR and 60% headshots, just average 1.5-2 KDR with very average overall stats. But they dance around and strafe at atleast twice the normal speed and are almost impossible to hit. And it's not weird flashing, laggy movement.

    I actually sat perched somewhere and watched one. After he killed three people that couldn't touch him(at 10 meters) I dropped down and put a burst in the back of his head.

    But who knows I could just be imagining it or maybe they made Adrenaline pump less ********.
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  20. Ghosty11

    Programmable keyboard macros.