[Suggestion] Stopping Wolf Packing

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChUnKiFieR, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. ChUnKiFieR

    In an effort to stop wolf packing there should be a limited number of available vehicles for each faction. Wolf packs only serves to bully! :mad:
  2. Liewec123

    People have suggested a vehicle limit in the past, terrible idea, it'd just lead to horrible toxic behavior,
    The pinnacle of which would be big outfits teamkilling the bad stock vehicles of new players
    so that they can pull their better ones.

    There would be rampant rage, flaming and teamkilling, and an air so thick with entitlement that we all suffocate.
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  3. Twin Suns

    Well $hiT, get a group of people and fight back! Jeez.

    Even the PS4 gamers use chat to rally against those vehicle zergs. Fight fire with fire.
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  4. BengalTiger

    Or have a non-symmetric response.

    Put up mine field, go to a place that's well hidden, from which the rear of the zerg is visible when they reach the mines.
    Then they run into the mines and stop - this is the time to shoot.

    Option 2: Shoot before they run into the mines and they won't notice them as they are avoiding incoming fire.

    Option 3: Camp a position that they will see. Lure them in with a Sundy that was "accidentally" parked a bit too well in view, which moves behind cover. Have pursuing enemy run into mines as they do the clever move of closing the distance to finish off the Sundy. This works especially well vs aggressive players.
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  5. Blam320

    If you encounter a vehicle zerg, the easiest solution is to pull vehicles yourselves. Literally it's that simple. If you're getting your butt handed to you and you're trapped in spawn, there's zero shame in regrouping at another base. You have absolutely no obligation to stay at that base and keep getting shelled.
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  6. Raidashi

    Correct me if I'm missing something here, but isnt part of being combined arms is that sometimes the battlefield migrates over to armored combat? Or sometimes air? Or anything in between? Seige warfare happens, and frankly I find it kinda fun when you got like 20+ tanks and vehicles going at it on either side.

    If they stat pulling armor, pull your own and run anti armor infantry like heavies and C4 LA's. It'd of course require organizing with an org, and if your faction doesnt have one on your out of luck. But frankly, you're probably boned anyway regardless of what they did.
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