Stopping a TR zerg with one squad - Zerg Control

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  1. Canno

    So basically just sit outside infantry render range and blow up vehicles because they can't see you but you can see them.. got it.
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  2. Ransurian

    How the hell can someone sleep at night after using the Raven past render range? Being on the receiving end of a maddeningly accurate weapon that's pelting you for a *sledgehammer's* worth of damage per volley until you can find a piece of cover to lick your wounds in... It's something that needs to be experienced before it can be fully understood.

    Videos such as this only serve to further testify to the enormous disparity between the Raven and its TR / VS equivalents. The nerf can't come soon enough.
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  3. JustBoo

    I rarely play NC. I have no dog in this fight. But man... to all the people who live on sour grapes and then turn it into lousy sour whine; put your actions where your sad little ego and mouths are. You tell the OP to do this and that and you can do better....

    Well, WHERE IS YOUR VIDEO? C'mon where is it? Yeah, I thought so.

    This is just like High School. The envious little runts chant Fight, Fight! Egging on two guys to fight, while being total cowards themselves. I'd then usully go after the little chicken-bits chanting and say Oh yeah, you want a fight? And of course they would run away, whining all the way.

    So to he Keyboard Warriors and 'Oh so Amazing Squad-Leaders' that can summon hundreds of players instantly, let's see it.

    Finally, it makes you look petty, envious and just plain bad. In fact, you sound like that clueless drunk we all know that claims: I coulda' been the biggest rock-star in history maaaan, if only I could sing! I was cheated! :rolleyes:
  4. Alan Kalane

    Obviously I have the annihilator, I bought it for SC to have it cross-faction because it's my favourite launcher. The Annihilator has the same G2G range (300m) and same G2A range (400m) as any other dedicated lock-on launcher. Furthermore the damage is just the same or at least very similiar because both the Annihilator and other lock-ons destroy an MBT in 8 frontal hits. The only real downsides to the Annihilator is the extended lock-on time (+ 0.5s) and no dumbfire mode so it's very bad up close or against MAXes and infantry but other than that it just rocks.Yes, lock-ons can be countered by smoke but I don't see many vehicles using it and even if I do it's temporary so after a few seconds I can lock-on to the target again.

    As to why the OP decided to use ravens, the reason is quite obvious: while in a MAX suit it's much harder to get killed by an enemy sniper. This doesn't matter however if you bring a medic or two with you to revive you. My outfit does just that but with lock-ons, although if someone wants he can grab a raven MAX as well. I can tell you this: focused fire from 8 annihilators is scarry.

    Ravens do have a range limit, although I am not sure about the exact number. I know because sometimes the rockets just disappear before hitting the target and I get no hit marker even if my crosshair is directly on the target and it doesn't move.

    And uh... yeah I am quite sure I have spent one year in this game now, having BR 73 NC char but this could have been just an illusion... Maybe it's just Matrix-style deception and I need to wake up... Thanks for the idea, looking for my red pill right now.

    Happy new year!
  5. Mxiter

    I wouldn't call "teamplay" bording ravens maxes on a gal & dropping them in high ground with a beacon for engies & medics.
    Smart? Yes, if you want since it's situational but not really hard to organize.

    It's like deploying a sundy in front of an ennemy warpgate.

    This only highlight how long range AV ) weapons(300m+) could be broken, especially Ravens that deals way too much damages &/or are way too much accurate for those range.
  6. Trebb

    What is their range, is it the same as the pre-nerf AV turrets?
  7. Mxiter

    500m if i remember well.

    It used to be 300 (wich is already quite long) but SOE/Hiby decided to buff it at 500m for mysterious reasons.
  8. EliteEskimo

    Their Max range is 450 meters, which allows them to shoot tanks well beyond the range they normally render in many battles.
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  9. Trebb

    Hmm, then I need to make an un-nerf request thread. Inc!
  10. ReNz0r

    I think it would only be fair to give them the same range as the infantry render distance, maybe even tone it down to 250 meters. A bit better than the phoenix.
  11. Slamz

    That's the real problem as I see it: it's not unusual to be getting hit by Ravens coming from a MAX that is literally not rendering. There are just rockets coming from nowhere. I can derive where the MAX is at by seeing where the rockets are originating but the MAX is so far away, he's not being drawn at all (good luck EVER doing that with Pounders!)

    In lower pop situations I have seen a MAX firing at me where the rockets vanish just before they reach me but this is super rare.

    Easy aim + high minimum damage + range that frequently exceeds render distance = bad.

    I mean tanks have long range too but they also get rendering priority. I don't think I've ever shots coming from a tank I can't see. If Ravens are going to travel 450m then, at the very least, MAXes need the same rendering priority as tanks.
  12. PurpleHIppo

    Congrats you stopped a zerg with a raven squad, not that its hard to do but congrats.
  13. ReNz0r

    what people fail to see that in squad gameplay it matters only whether you are effective. We were presented with a goal of stopping an armor column, and when you are presented with a task you go with the most effective method to complete it dont you?
  14. xMaxdamage

    the problem is not that.
    ppl is bashing you cuz that's a cheap tactic, ESPECIALLY because you are using weapons that are a bit OP and soon to be nerfed because of that. AND you are shooting TR, the faction that currently has the least/none effective AV long range power. AND you made a vid showing that as tactical superiority. THATS the reason you are not so much the king of the party in this thread. got it?
    I mean, all this "ravens are OP" mess had the result of making every NC MAX still unaware of the fact roll em, so now ingame when you see NC it's SCREEEE all over the region. should they use them? sure as long as the game let you do so. should they feel proud and record vids showing their superiority? probably not if they don't want to be criticized like you here.
  15. ReNz0r

    I respect fair criticism and i have stated myself that in my opinion ravens should have a range of about 250. Nevertheless the video shows teamplay.