Stopping a TR zerg with one squad - Zerg Control

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    WTF man. Pre-nerf Banshee or not it would have taken multiple ESFs working together to wipe out those guys but people didn't even try. Also a couple of 2/3 Zephyr libs or a coordinated Gal drop in conclusion with ESF support would have made short work of these guys. The only thing that should make people go nuts about this is the stupidity of the TR on the ground. I mean you had this giant skywhale coming in at one of the highest traffic areas in the game dropping people on this rock which has been used as an AV/AA nest for ages now. That Gal should have rung a bell somewhere instantantiously, or at the very least those Prowlers starting to die left and right, yet all there was is tunnelvisioned zerglings as per usual. And it took people ages to react accordingly. So really that farm was well deserved. Granted long range MAX AV probably needs some more tweaks. But it's not that you can't counter it. You just need to respond accordingly and you need to respond fast. The TR here just flat out failed at both.
  2. FocusLight

    Well played.

    I note however the utter lack of videos of all the times TR outfits stop NC zergs dead in their tracks, with less user-friendly weapons to boot.

    Well played once again, but this "achievement" of yours is every-day action for most people I know. :)
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  3. WarmasterRaptor

    Oh, a video to show how easy it is to aim with Ravens? thank you!

    So, about those Fractures... what do you suggest we do with them to make them as good as the Ravens?
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  4. FocusLight

    No bullet-drop.

    That's the one and only needed fix at this point, if TR had that we could do the same.

    As it stands VS and NC can pull tihs off with Lancer/Vortex or Phoenix (if inside range)/Ravens.

    TR can try to bombard with Fractures and Strikers at this point but it will require a larger volume of fire, far better accuracy on targets likely to move - they are not locked down after all - and it requires the TR to be exposed to return-fire for far longer.

    Only reliable tool in the TR arsenal left is the annie, and that thing is an NS universal weapon that ANYONE can use.

    But to be fair, if they at least gave the fratures no bullet-drop it would go a long way to make them more viable long-range AV weapons again.
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  5. Slamz


    Basically just a highlight video of faction imbalances. TR MAXes and handheld AV systems can't fight you up there (whereas NC and VS could). Prowlers could give it a shot but with no cover, Ravens will massacre them.

    This wouldn't have worked nearly as well against the Vanu. This wouldn't have worked at all if you were playing AS the TR fighting either the NC or the Vanu. It's purely a demonstration of the fact that you were doing something that the TR have no faction specific counter for and almost no generic counter for, outside of gathering up good pilots.

    Next up:
    A kungfu video where we demonstrate the virtues of our school's fighting style by stealing lunch money from 4th graders. "As you can see from our rich bounty of cafeteria tokens, our school's fighting style is best!"
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  6. ATRA_Wampa-One


    Sorry OP, but GOKU has been doing this since the Lancer was introduced.

    We call that spot on Indar certopia for just that reason.
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  7. \m/SLAYER\m/

    NC doesn't attacks towers with Ravens. you just trying to apply same tactic with different weapon...
  8. Golconda

    NC is hardmode
  9. WarmasterRaptor

    :eek: o_O :mad: :eek: ;) :p
  10. Saool

    Came looking for a good vid. Left satisfied.

    It's the NC version of the classic Lancer squad. I do feel a bit sort for the TR in this regard however. Nothing in the current TR arsenal allows for this kind of long range mountain strike group play.
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  11. Jeslis

    Man.. Only on Kobalt with low pops.

    Try doing this on Connery.. its hilarious, no one can see you up there because its so much pop in 1 area that maxes and infantry won't render to tanks down below. NO ONE will shoot up at you as you farm away.
  12. Takoita

    Drop them with what? No galaxy is gonna survive approaching that rock if they are not sleeping there.
  13. zaspacer

    Even multiple Pre-Nerf Banshee would have been garbage vs. this setup. Pre-Nerf Banshee was bad vs. targets level with or above the Mosquito, without reliable terrain/structures directly behind them. Why? Pre-Nerf Banshee needs a surface for the bullets to hit so the Splash can take affect.

    So it was always a mess trying to sneak up on Ground Gank Squads entrenched on a high up rock. Maybe some Ace with great aim and the ability to do fast circus cartwheels over them (while facing down), but not the average pilot for sure.

    This completely ignores the horrendous coordination and communication tools of casual groups. They can't coordinate well, they can't communicate fast, they can't mobilize strategically together, etc.

    If they could do these things, then the zerg wouldn't be effective, because average casual opponents could effectively counter with their own zergs or employ counter attacks. Zergs (and most completely telegraphed direct tactics in the game) are not effective vs. counters, but the casual groups they steamroll do not have the communication tools to mobilize counters or react together with any speed. Zergs themselves are mindless, it's just a mass of overwhelming firepower that casuals join because it's the current pinnacle of non-communication effectiveness.

    Remove microphone communication, Squad Beacon, seeing each other's names on screen, and access to Certed up Loadouts from a Squad and see what they can do. Allow them to coordinate only via typing in /Region and /Tell, give them 1 narrowly Certed up Unit each (that they have to pick before they know what situation they'll face), and tell them to give it a shot. Then try it again with a group that doesn't even know each other, and each has different objectives. Good luck with that.

    Squad play is easy mode.
  14. Thornefear

    I play on Connery as TR, so I know what's going on with that. With and without lockons, I've never seen a less than 3 heavies take out a maggie, so I think you overestimate TR's AV capacity.

    It's because Outside HMRD there are rarely led platoons, and everyone just roflstomps over TR with vehicles *rollseyes*

    It's a further hit when you come to forumside and see people complaining about how pounders and infantry AV are OP... Outnumbered fairly often, the TR lonewolfs (the bulk of our "army') is usually fighting more tanks than we have infantry.
  15. Taemien

    I'm really not... since all of the tools I typically use are the same ones the TR has access to. I really find it hard to believe it takes three of you guys to take down a magrider. Especially since my squadmates and myself have been able to solo them using various tools: default launcher, decimator, av mana turret, c4, mines, ect.
  16. Ikarius77

    My Tr character in Connery doesn't know the name of default NC rocket launcher... but i am pretty sure that he knows what its a raven. :D
  17. Liewec123

    the cone of fire needs to go, they should be aimable.
    i still think they should have drop, (about the same as falcons) but they should be accurate and go towards the crosshair,
    it is ridiculous trying to fire them right now since they fly off in all directions...

    regardless i'll still probably stick with pounders for the hilariously large damage you can put out with them :)
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  18. iller

    does cobalt even have real zergs? :rolleyes:
  19. Golconda

    cobalt has more ppl than connery, and a bit less than emerald, which has pmuch same pop as miller. (data taken from oracle of death).
    anyway -having a cap to maximum number of players on a continent- we can say every server has same pop on primetime. or at least there's always a full continent on each server.
  20. iller

    It's almost like you're trying to tell me that Emerald/Connery aren't the center of the universe. This has to be a Marxist trick