Stopping a TR zerg with one squad - Zerg Control

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  1. Thornefear

    Yeah I have to agree. I mean Bravo to you for co-operative teamplay. That I respect. But stopping an armor column with NC maxes really isn't that hard. Epic challenge, try with current level TR.

    Vanu would be a little more difficult than NC, but they have options still ><
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  2. zuka7

    And then these unrendered and revived maxes complain when they get one cliped with the banshee or pooff pooffed with air hammer.
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  3. CorporationUSA

    Teamwork is OP.
  4. FBVanu

    If you can repair a vehicle, you should be able to repair a MAX suit.. and revive the character inside. But it should take TWO to repair it. A medic to revive the character AND an engineer to repair the MAX suit.
    Otherwise, if I get blown up in a Lightning, a medic should be able to revive me and rebuild my lightning at the same time.
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  5. Redshift

    As soon as i saw the title i knew it was going to be a bunch of ravens on a mountain, not exactly a hard tactic assuming your team isn't playing on 12 inch monitors....
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  6. Taemien

    I'm not entirely convinced that was an enemy zerg you were fighting. The fact that you were spotted (at about 2:00) and more than 2-3 of those vehicles turned and shelled the hill lends me to believe you were fighting a platoon element. Now.. it might be ran as a cert farming zerg mentality.. but they were still talking to each other.

    What this means is you all did a better job than you give yourselves credit for. While it wasn't as coordinated as you all were, you still beat them at 4*v1 odds (*or more).

    This is the kind of stuff players need to engage in more of. Its alot of fun, you get to work with other players, and kick the crap out of your enemies. I can attest to how effective this is, my static squad is usually 4-6 people and we run without platoon support and get very similar results. Its not uncommon for us to take a base with 1-12 vs 24-48 pop against us.

    Of course with our size being small its also not uncommon to see a zerg come in (96+) and push us out. But for a full squad or platoon, that is alot less likely to happen.

    VS has it easier.. at least on Connery. Just pull two 1/2 Magriders and roll up. They'll scatter like roaches. Not even kidding. Couple of my static have been trying TR lately and their resolve is terrible.. a platoon will actually redeploy rather than fight Magirders. They have a whole platoon... don't need more then a heavy or two or a LA to take care of TWO magriders but they'd rather cede the base when they have 60% of the pop.

    When asked why.. the PL's response: "Just don't like fighting magriders, rather farm somewhere else."
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  7. zaspacer

    "Air support"? A full organized squad of hardcore players on a big rock should be able to knock out just about any Air that gets near it. They took out a Galaxy that tried to rush them, how do you expect an ESF, Lib, or Valk to even get close? ReNz0r's vid lol's at the Gal counter attack attempt, how seriously do you think they felt threatened by Air?

    "AA Maxes, Engineers, Medics" were clearly mentioned in the vid. It also appears they remembered to bring a Squad Beacon as well... wait, they have TWO Beacons: more than 1 Squad?! Their position had great line-of-sight. What are you expecting Air to do vs. that? Maybe a couple casual players in under-Certed ESFs sporting the new Banshee (complete with un-upgraded Mag) would have been the right punch to knock out a nest of AA Maxs... with Engineers and Medics... and amazing line-of-sight... and 2 Squad Beacons (FYI, Squad Beacons are also conveniently really hard for Banshee to hit)

    At least you used your Gank Squad to actually defend an attack into your Faction's territory. Most Gank Squads seem to focus on either farming or griefing, with no actual regard for Faction battlefronts.

    "... the *hill* south of the main TR force..." you mean the Super Tall Giant Rock with no Ground Vehicle Access. The same massively hard to deal with structures we see organized squads of hardcore players spawning Maxes, Engineers, and Medics on to wreck house with over and over?

    Using a full organized squad of hardcore players to implement hard counter tactics on a zerg of casual players, is like you taking out a Special Needs softball team by yourself. Are you really that surprised people aren't all that supportive of your bragging about it? That said, it's good to see these types of tactics posted so at least players can see how it's done and how effective it works.

    Casual players don't have the coordination or communication tools to deal with this. Let alone the Certs or game experience/knowledge.

    Maybe they could have coordinated some sort of brilliant lightning response via the amazing tactical resources of /Region or /Orders...

    The TR were zerging a base with 70% population. We see the cap timer already ticking down. At this stage, the zerg would have the base locked down and be farming whatever Infantry limped out of shield areas of the Tower.

    In that scenario, anyone Q-Spotting ReNz0r's group will have them lighting up on the mini-map like Christmas Trees, not to mention the lightshow from their Weapon's tracers would be drawing attention. And any zerg that is in full farm mode is gonna be able to swivel around and take shots at any target that shows up.

    If anything, it's the attempted counter Gal drop that speaks to actual coordination to deal with ReNz0r's group. Though it's unclear who that was.
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    That's how the game is meant to be played. Nice job. I see less and less of those coordinated strikes as time passes. At least as far as public platoons and squads are concerned. People are not even trying. It's more like "here's the WP be there or be kicked".

    That's why I loved TE ops @ BCP's stream back when TE was still playing although I'm not the biggest fan of BCP as a person. It was pretty much common practice for them to set up AV/AA nests somewhere with Anni HAs or MAXs and just wreck face. Made for absolutely epic moments on a regular basis. Hate to say it but we need more outfits like that. Less toxic ones that is.
  9. Leeloo

    So that's what it looks like on the dishing-out side...

    Kinda reminds me of this:

  10. Takoita

    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the chest-beating macho style of the narration; also, it was kind of too dark to see anything but the glowing tracers and the kill feed to properly enjoy the show. Still, kudos to you and your folks!

    I'm really not sure how you'd go about countering a bunch of folks sitting on a rock like that though. The easiest option is not to enter their range and bore them out. :D
  11. DocteurVK

    Drop a squad of C4 fairies with drifters and smoke nades, drop your 24 C4s, detonate, finish the survivors at CQC.

    Spot clear
  12. TheBurningLegion

    I really hate the way NC and VS do this all the time (mostly to farm), but TR cannot do it.
  13. Liewec123

    with practice you can aim pretty dam well with pounders, i racked up a pretty insane streak last week in that large open expanse on indar (i forget the names of the 2 bases)
    max Lockdown and Pounders are LETHAL when you can aim them,
    granted they're not as ridiculously easy to aim as ravens.
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  14. Jachim

    Right, so that we can die to a single volley from 2-3 raven maxes before we can undeploy. Or a single AA reaver who decides he wants to waste 5 mins killing us slowly..
  15. Jachim

    VS/NC get easycakes AV maxes. We're boned because our special literally roots you in place for a tank or a few rockets to just gib you.

    Meanwhile VS/NC can strafe in and out of cover just fine with theirs due to the slow fire rates and high damage. We MUST remain in visual to get anywhere near the same DPS.
  16. Liewec123

    i play all 3 maxes and i totally agree that it sucks being rooted, but the damage you can put out with maxed lockdown+pounders is so insanely high, pick the right spot (with an engi and ammo pack nearby) and you can devastate anything that moves,
    its best if you pick a spot where you can barely see over cover, you'll be really really hard to hit from a distance since tanks will have barely a pixel to aim for and tank turret movement is rather clunky
  17. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    NC did nothing wrong here, they were just hardcore lamers.

    -No-skill long distance AV weapons on a rock only accessible for air.
    -Until air understands whats going on all Sundys and Tanks are already destroyed and then its only one pilot at a time = no threat.
    -Tanks have to drive far away to get an angle to shoot up there, but then they have no render distance for infantry and the medics will revive the max´s without being hit = pointless.

    Rly nothing impressive, just an action that makes everybody hate the game.

    Why didnt you drop in an enemy base with an infi, hack the terminal and spawn vehicles to counter the zerg from behind?
    Or just spawn Vanguards in the next possible base but not the atacked one and flank the atackers.

    I guarantee you, both couldve done the job. Not as easy as you did it but at least the /yell chat would stay empty and less people would visit the forum for falcons.
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  18. Mxiter

    Pounders at pixel range? Are you drunk? Even with maxxed lockdown (wich buff velocity + reduce drop), it's just a pain to hit anything past 100m because of drop & recoil.
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  19. BarxBaron

    This is the BS I was exactly talking about when they nerfed the banshee.

    I didn't pull shees to farm. Only to deal with OP Lancer/Vortex and Raven nests TR now has NO COUNTER for.

    Let's nerf the banshee and leave lancer/vortex and ravens as they are. Another success by the SoE balance team!

    Tanks are not a damn counter to unrendered AV when the tank renders easily.
    I love that you even suggest lockdown, which is suicidal in the open and makes the tank an easier target...because how hard is it to hit a tank with super powerful guided rockets and near instant lasers with no drop from range, especially while stuck still? Try this **** with TR and lets see how well you perform.

    0/10. The abuse is real.
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  20. KillerOrgy

    who was the zerg, your team or them, all i see, ur Max zerg team shooting guided bullets, very "pro" gameplay, lulz...