Stopping a TR zerg with one squad - Zerg Control

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ReNz0r, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. ReNz0r

    Hope you guys enjoy this one

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  2. Ikarius77

    Good cooperative gameplay video....

    Try to do with TR maxes and I will be much more impressed.
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  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Oh look I'm famous for killing a VS Scythe. :p

    Seriously though, good job to you guys. TR were completely oblivious to what was going on there. No matter the amount of spotting some of us had done or the huge defencive marker that was placed on the map, only a few bothered to notice and even fewer bothered to try and take you out. All in all, seriously poor play by TR.
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  4. LT_Latency

    What weapons would you shoot back with at that range??
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  5. ZDarkShadowsZ

    You don't shoot back at that range. They're on a rock. You get air support.
  6. LT_Latency

    Which takes a long time to set up. By then everything will be dead unless there are a group of pilots on team speak which is rare in this game.

    Most people don't fly or fly badly.
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  7. ReNz0r

    We all have to work with what we have for the best effect anyway thanks for even discussing this.
  8. LodeTria

    As impressive as Unrendering AV nests go, this is okay.
    Try it with some risk next time.
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  9. Golconda

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  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    TR have Prowlers, deploy few in good place - end of story.
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  11. ReNz0r

    The job of an organised unit is to get the job done try it with risk? what is this a competition? Its interesting how people cant enjoy teamplay in a game that has less and less of it every day. Love the ******** people i rly do
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  12. Golconda

    yeah because prowlers have no bullet drop and can be carried on galaxies.
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  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    its dosnt mean, that you need to place prowlers on exact place, where they using Ravens. Prowler has firepower, if you can't find how to use it, its different story.
  14. TheMish

    They were there before they dropped the raven maxes...
  15. ReNz0r

    You guys keep forgetting that we had way more than just ravens there. We had medics engees and ravens plus bursters. Later on we did the same thing but tr mobilized a lot of air so in addition we dropped 12 bursters to clean this up. The sky was on fire lol
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  16. Hoki

    No offense dude but this is how you counter anything.

    The only way to take out an organized max squad is with a surprise organized max crash.

    This video, while cool and all, also helps show just how bad of an idea it is to allow maxes to be revived at all, and how a cost of 400 resources can't be used to justify it. Also, ravens.

    Granted you could have done the same thing with a **** ton of heavies as well, but then we're talking more coordination, plus only needing flare airpower to counter it. Unless its a **** ton of lancers. Then you're screwed. Or Mustarde/elusive1 could probably kill all of you anytime you stopped to fire.
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  17. LibertyRevolution

    Should rename video to "nerf ravens".
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  18. Trebb

    The problem, and this is not exclusive to NC (though having maxxes with basically dual engie AV turrets helps), is that if we DO lockdown and fire back, chances are you aren't rendering to the tanks, yet the tank is rendered to you. It's free, easy, cheesy kills. I admit I've done it before as well with a TR max, from above that Indar base with the canyon and rock bridge over it.

    And for nostalgia, here have a pre-nerf AV turret video that has the above base in question, where one squad man stops a vehicle zerg, totally not OP :p

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  19. Mxiter

    Few lancers would be able to kill thoses maxes quite quickly, until they're in render range.

    Badly TR don't owns long range anti-max weapon.
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  20. Hoki

    Lets be realistic here, VS don't own lancers, because none of them actually own a lancer.
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