[Suggestion] Stop trying to tell me my username is political! Cmon!

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  1. ViXeN

    Of all the things I see and hear every day in game, political names are the least offensive to me personally. LOL
  2. Baeren

    [PS2] Naming Policy | Sony Online Entertainment

    "Names containing significant religious, political, historic origin figures or words (e.g. Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin, God, ****). We’re not too worried about names such as Blueangel, or Daredevil, Godlike or other such uncreative names, but you can’t run around with a religious figure as your or in your name or words being used in a religious sense (e.g., HolyGod - get the difference?).

    We also don’t need to see Obama, Bush, Churchill and other politicians from around the world in our game, we see them enough outside. Yawn – keep your politics and religion outta this war."

    Reading is your friend...
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  3. ViXeN

    Unless you are talking about worshipping Vanu. :D You must all be enlightened!
  4. SuBs

    SOE is so ******* PC it's beyond a joke.

    You know you're dealing with a bunch of PC-n4zi's when your post gets deleted for trying to correct Stew's insultingly poor language skills.
  5. ViXeN

    Well, its called "being smart" from a business perspective. When you have a very large and very diverse player base its best to keep these things out of the game. Otherwise we would end up with stupid fights over politics and religion every day. Look at how people act in real life over those topics and its much worse on the internet where people can hide behind their computers. :rolleyes:
  6. Ganelon

    I've seen dozens of Obama inspired names on Woodman. It's quite hilarious.
  7. GraphicJ

    G.W. isn't that bad...
    I once got killed by AIDS . Yeah, that was his name in another FPS game.
  8. CaptainYamerica

    Sure did. And I make no qualms about it. Been using this name for over 13 years. Still better than all the Legolas's, Gokus, and Snakeyes's I've ran into over the years.
  9. DeathTollDavid

  10. Tricycle

    Is the OP honestly having a tantrum over something as trivial as a character NAME? I mean how freaking sad is that?
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  11. Goretzu

    You can, but then you have to report yourself. :eek: