Stop the NC migration to Helios!

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  1. Fredfred

    I have so many hours played on my NC character. I made my character since the beginning post-beta. At the time VS had the most population followed by NC.
    The over population is just getting out of hand and making the game boring, no decent fights. And when TR and VS decide to fight us, NC become too lazy or tactically unprepared so we actually get our ***** kicked. I now see NC piled up in the spawn room doing nothing to actually fight other then shooting from behind the shielded rooms.
    I do, have a TR outfit, NCOF just for this, but there doesn't seem much interest in people joining. :/
    I am probably going to stop playing on off peak hours now.
  2. Peebuddy

    This server should be merged with the east coast server who has <The Enclave> in it, that'll dampen Nc spirits.
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  3. Excellentz

    Well that is just a ridiculous remark LOL! You are right, we do create the problem....we are the problem...we play the game, WE are the population...but SOE could've had a much, much better process for solving this whole problem.
  4. LightningWolfTigrBer

  5. Keiichi25

    Actually, we just need 3KDC disbanded and moved off Helios server in general... The other factions have no Chinese counterparts playing at the same time as these guys and it just borks the population in general.
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  6. GraphicJ

    @$#@# 4th faction players. F*****g up the game and servers. I am not too happy of the upcoming merge as Connery already is plagued with an NC over pop.
  7. Ganelon

    Mention a massive NC nerf in the patch notes but don't actually implement it. Placebo effects work wonders.
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  8. Kizzim

    Let it merge, it can't possibly get any worse. Also, they can't make a chinese server or wont, the restrictions and things you must go through are stupid. You could restrict Asia IPs to just one server and call it a day.
  9. Ganelon

    Last time I checked, there was a Chinese Planetside 2. Not sure how that ended up going and if it's released yet.

    I would be happy if SOE decided to transfer the 3KDC platoon. Warping Reavers and infantry are annoying and take away from the experience. Or better yet transfer 3KDC to Connery and transfer all US players from Connery to Helios, then the out of country platoons can play each other.
  11. MasterTater

    On top SOE also caters NC players - as they are already the biggest faction - wit hthe most overpowered empire specific gear, strongest weapons and easiest mode to play the game - so why do you wonder that more and more people line p on the NC faction.
  12. WalrusJones

    They already have to deal with <DRUNK DIVISION> charges.

    They have enough nightmares, admittedly, given the sometimes as low as 15% continent pop TR oftentimes hold their own with the NC.
  13. xGreedFuSioN

    Your signature made me laugh quite a bit.