Stop the NC migration to Helios!

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  1. MrMagicGuns

    Great. After the server merger it will be worse.
  2. 13lackCats

    "I represent a firm of gentlemen who recently purchased this
    house and all the others in the road,
    In the interest of humanity we've found a better place for you
    to go"
  3. Terran537

    I'm getting fed up with all the population the NC have on Helios. I log on and what do you know! There's nothing but steamrolling going on at nearly every base that isn't actively being defended by OGBP or EXE or someone like that. I can't do anything because there's way too many 4th factioneers crowding every door and lagging up every battle. Go home 4th faction! I don't want you here! I was blue before blue was popular!
  4. PGxSazBot

    If you give me all my certs back I'll play VS or TR, otherwise sorry. I played NC in PS1 for 6 years, and my favorite color is blue. NC
  5. HellionX

    The population imbalance is only going to get worse. The thing that bothers me the most though is with NC winning so many alerts and the ability to farm or cap basses at will. I have noticed a huge jump in the BR levels. I rarely kill anyone in the NC under BR40 now. 2/3 of my platoons 250 members are under 40. So now we are out numbered and out gunned .... Ouch !
  6. Peacemaker12

    As a Helios NC I gotta agree this is starting to get out hand now. There's hardly anything for me shoot nowadays and the only time fights are reasonably action-packed are during alerts. I practically only play during 33/33/33 alerts now. I'm tired of everything the Helios NC does lately is being accredited with "stupid NC you're overpopulated", not because we were clever or skilled or anything.

    I'm not sure what to say to you Helios VS/TR guys. The only reasonable hope you guys have is for the Connery merge to happen and hope all of these 4th faction NC jump ship afterwards.
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  7. HellionX

    The VS is under a centralized command that has between 3 to 7 full platoons at all times. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with organization and more to do just with population.
  8. Llaf

    Agree with title. I personally don't think Connery merge will make it worse, I think it will make it better. Yes, NC has a strong presence there, but people seem to completely forget about TR, when the TR on Connery actually surpass the NC population wise during mid-day most of the time. TR on Helios has never had a population advantage since the game launched.
  9. Paperlamp

    I've actually decided to switch to NC. Better LMGs, better pistol at least for my taste, better MAX, worse carbines and ARs but I'm kind of giving up on the classes that use them. And of course the pheonix.

    I don't use vehicles enough to care about the vanguard, honestly I take lightnings over MBTs most of the time to get around faster. Reaver being weak makes no difference 'cause I can't fly. Only thing that sucks is the SC from my NVIDIA promo were mainly spent on TR stuff, and also leaving behind an outfit I've grown attached to.

    I'm just sick of dealing with the pheonix spam and overpopulated NC. Can't beat 'em may as well join 'em.

    just kidding screw the blue
  10. HazyW

    To be honest, if you play a NC character at any time other than prime, the population imbalance is your fault. It doesn't really matter if its BR 70 or 2. When you have a massive pop advantage, you're going to spend your time ghost capping. Is standing on a cap point any more fun at BR70?

    This population imbalance is created by us, the community and we in the community have to step forward to do something about it. Stop playing your NC characters or its just going to get worse.
  11. hansgrosse

    Except a massive population advantage makes for the OPPOSITE of rewarding play. It's really no more fun than being massively outnumbered. I'd much rather play for the underpopulated faction (which the NC was on Helios when I first started playing), but I just love my NC too much to abandon them at this point.

    The good news is that I'll have a Vanu alt coming to Helios with the Connery merge, so I can spend some time shoring up the smaller populations when there's nothing to kill on my main. :p
  12. SgtCheese

    Well, hopefully players learn that it IS boring to play for the overpopulated faction. When the merger happens, I look forward to more good fighting against Vanu, cause I have lost all respect for NC. Also I can't wait to fight with some new TR outfits.
  13. loleator

    nc is underpowered, so all the people joins it to compensate for that.... wait
  14. WalrusJones

    Its getting to the point where I am no longer holding any preference in combating nc forces anymore.

    Its always being totally overrun, and while I often times find a good hiding spot, and start gunning down dozens of the NC as a giraffe..... I don't care enough about certs to do it.
  15. Compass

  16. NUMBERZero1032

    Dem population numbers.

    I don't know if this was ever mentioned before, but this is sort of an idea from left field. Give the lower pop factions a health buff or a damage buff or both.

    Or TR and VS could team up in an uneasy alliance. A couple of us TR and VS mentioned it at Zurvan Amp Station. I also had another instance where me in my Mosquito and a Scythe were chasing after an NC Lib. We shot it down. The Scythe turned on me, but I waggled my wings and he let off. So the seeds for an alliance are there.
    Unfortunately an alliance would mean that this game would turn into a war with only two sides. I'd bet that we'd still be outnumbered.
  17. Cymoril

    You have multiple char slots. Make a new toon on the other 2 and pick the fight and factions you want to play on a daily schedule. I had 2 toons merge on Matherson- so I made the 3rd and Im rarely on Helios anymore eveny tho thats where my main is..As you stated I have noticed on Matherson that the TR seem to have more heart than the NC and dig in as long as possible in rediculously underpopulated odds. I didnt get that vibe from my main- anymore I just enjoy shooting down ESFs with maxes or AA guns and logging. I hope some kind of change will come along for the better and make the game not so boring. Maybe the "honeymoon" for this game is over for me- dunno.
  18. Eugenitor

    The Connery merge might make things better for Helios.

    It will make things significantly worse for Connery.

    We're already outpopulated hard by NC over here (although not as badly). Please don't merge us and make things worse.
  19. tomahawk72

    I personally hope we merge with helios. I need more TR are to shoot.... The only real fight off indar is againist the warping chinese players at night.
  20. Excellentz

    Now that is just foolish. That is not at all why. What extra bonuses do we have...