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    What We Already Know about Existing In-game Issues (as of 1/14/2016 Patch)
    1. Arguably the largest issue thus far, the game is prone to crashing at random intervals, despite your system specifications. The weaker the CPU, the harder this/these bug(s) is/are on you.
    2. The game crashes the longer you are playing or connected to the server.
    3. Players' LaunchPads are not opening properly or are ceasing and giving a variety of error reports which may or may not be accurate of the problem at hand.
    4. Some players' characters are still disappearing.
    5. There is a bug causing the game to become near-inoperable on death, regardless of the type of death, while leaving other game features intact.
    6. Additional problems that are persisting across a wide number of players.
    What We Should Do
    There are a lot of players on-line and using the forum at different periods throughout the day, every day and most are willing to offer their guidance and instruction on almost any issue you might be experiencing with PlanetSide 2. However, these players can't help as efficiently for having to trawl through the same posts that appear over and over again.
    This is a simple message to those considering asking for assistance on the forums. If you are already experiencing an issue, have a quick look at the first few/several pages of the forum; see if you can locate a post that directly relates to you. It saves you the time of describing your issue and you can immediately find updates to your specific problem, without having to wait for responses. It clears the way for help to locate and answer queries faster - everyone wins.
    You might not get responses if your post is a repeat subject as a new post. If all of our responses and issues can be grouped together, it will make it easier for problems that are not so widespread to be attended to. We can make sure there are as few posts on the forums as possible - which is what we should all want in a help forum. Nobody likes to hit the great wall of bugs, but it happens. More-so, nobody likes to go ignored on the forum because their query could not be reached through the spam.
    Don't put other posters down if their issues don't describe the most noticeable issues to date - they have problems, nonetheless and approaching those problems with the game on this help forum (or another off-Support Ticket platform, such as Reddit) is normally the first step for reconciliation. Let them be - they're seeking what they're entitled to.

    Call to Daybreak
    I am fully aware that a representative may not respond to this or even see it, but in case they do; the Player Support forums could do with some bumps and cleaning. It will help you and the players that are trying to alleviate some of the work for your support team.
    Have a good day, everyone. If anyone cares to add reasonable information to this, please do.
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    Great idea. We will put the patch. Make the game unplayable. players fix it yourself. Cool dude. True story. FPS drops, the game crashes, do not worry, and do not write about it. lol.
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    Just an honest and simple request to make the forums an easier place to handle for everyone. The developers who ignore the vast majority of posts on here might not find visiting here so detrimental and deterring if that were the case.