STOP Latice!!! or give us a server without one.

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  1. indianahoops

    People want to fight for more than 10 mins and not travel all over the map.

    I don't want to spend more time sitting in a vehicle traveling around chasing people than time actually fighting.

    Also, I see battles of all different sizes, at all times of the day on Indar. Maybe you should try harder?
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  2. LynxFury

    Yep, it's a great indicator that there's been server mergers more than anything else.
  3. Cougarbrit

    As annoying as I find the Lattice mechanic of an enforced flow, it does guarantee a decent fight, and it has stopped ghostcaps on Indar to a degree, though you'll still find people dodging fights to go cap an empty territory if possible.

    If anything, it's made smaller outfits more competitive to larger outfits, as now they have to fight. The small outfits don't have to go about chasing ghostcaps and emptysquadcaps because they don't have the numbers to take on larger outfits anymore, because now there's almost always gonna be allies present to help out, meaning smaller outfits can do what they do best and wreck stuff with highly focused play, and directly impact the larger fights instead of just being on the sidelines.

    Larger outfits benefit too as they don't have to split their numbers to secure other territories as often, they can concentrate more of their forces without being penalised for it.

    As for the massive zergfits, I don't really care how much it's affected them, it's not that interesting having massive outfits that take a bloated chunk of the playerbase and hog the spotlight.
  4. indianahoops

    Then why aren't the other continents locked? Better yet, why are the other continents ghost towns, with maybe one decent battle going on during prime time?

    Why is Indar sooooo popular?
  5. Ash87

    It's funny how anti-lattice people are so quick to use comments like this, littered with insults of how stupid pro-lattice people are.

    Anyhow: If there are separate servers, it delays development times and limits the content people on both end get. If you want a Hex map you will likely be frozen in content. You wont get the Resource revamp, you wont get hossin... because all those things are being developed with the Lattice in mind.

    So if you like and want the game exactly as it is now, then yes, you can have a server all to yourself.
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  6. Silkensmooth

    I personally hate the lattice. Most of my outfit has stopped playing because of it. I think changing major game mechanics is a terrible idea this far along.

    To me, the lattice forces us to play in a certain way, whether we like it or not. There is only Zerg now. Obviously zergs contain a lot of people, which means a lot of people like to zerg. Ok, makes sense. It takes no skill to zerg. Who has the larger force will always win. You don't have to feel like you got beat on a personal level because its just one mindless zerg vs another, and you can blame any loss you experience on the people around you.

    The hex system was much better than the lattice for me. With the hex there were all kinds of different fights of all sizes and types. There were zerg battles which occurred mainly at large bases like allatum and the crown, and then there were smaller battles all around those major bases. It was great.

    Ghost capping? If you really think that there are people who run around just capping for xp you are daft. It's terrible xp. I used to do a lot of this so called ghost capping. It had nothing to do with xp for me, but it was a great way to start small fights. I'd go to somewhere fun like TI alloys and cap it, drop a couple bettys and wait for the poop to hit the fan as it were.

    Always doing the same thing quickly makes the game boring and old. There is a virtual stalemate going on on indar now, and the only way to break it is to collude with one of the enemy factions to gang up on the other. With the hex i felt as though the world was open and i could move freely about. Now it feels very linear and forced.

    One final problem that i have with lattice that is affecting a lot of people is the lag or lack of frame rates or both. I dont have an amazing computer, its just ok. I have a quad core amd processor running at 3.1 gigs and a 460 gtx gpu. I get 15 to 20 frames on very low settings at any of these current big battles. Thats basically unplayable and has pretty much ruined the game for me. I spend a lot of time flying as far from big battles as i can get. The ever present multitudes of flak users make frames drop to 1-5 fps.

    I really dont see the point of the lattice system. It has forced everyone to play in just one way, ZERG, and thats just not fun for a lot of people.

    More choices in a game means higher replay value and this is making me not want to play at all.
  7. LynxFury

    It was always the same on Connery before merger or lattice. Indar having the vast majority of folks with a sprinkling on the others.

    Now there are far more people on the other two--again probably because of merger than anything else.
  8. TacosWLove

    Me 2
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  9. indianahoops

    That's not my experience.

    Indar is always pop locked when I log in. Has multiple large fights (50+), with all 3 factions involved.

    The other 2 might have one large fight each and usually has 2 factions dominating the pop with one faction basically a no show.
  10. Cougarbrit

    To be honest, both sides of this Lattice-Hex argument seems littered with ad-hominim.

    Lattice supporters think the Hex supporters are all backwards idiots, and the Hex supporters think the Lattice supporters are all backwards idiots.
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  11. Ash87

    That's a backwards and idiotic thing to say!

    Have at you!

    J/king, I think your right, growing kind of tired of this entire thing. Both sides are sapping each other's supporters through attrition.
  12. T-G-K

    I've realized that all these idiots that whine about the Lattice system seems to be entirely obsessed with the very "Small" fights. 1v1, 6v6, 12v12. You guys really are not playing this game right and should probably leave anyway. This isn't CoD, this isn't Counterstrike, this is a game built for LARGE groups of players to fight against other LARGE groups.

    Not like there isn't plenty 1v1 fights, but this game is about group tactics and the people that play it FOR THAT REASON are playing the game right.

    It does not show a lack of skill, it shows a willingness to work as a team. If you are so ******** from getting owned by a group of players working together because you want your 1v1 game and refuse to play with others then GET OUT!

    This isn't your game..
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  13. PhiladelphiaCollins

    I'm on Connery too and I can honestly say that I have never had a queue for Indar until Lattice went in, which was prior to the merge too. Esamir and Amerish were ghost maps unless there was an alert and that is still the case now.
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  14. Rockstone

    I could not have said it better. Kudos for you.

    The people who like the failed hex system need to stop whining and play the game. SOE made a great decision implementing the Lattice, and I don't want them to ruin it for the vast majority of people who love the Lattice.
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  15. T-G-K

  16. deggy

    Case in point: Quartz Ridge Camp. You can't attack Indar Comm. Array from Quartz Ridge anymore, even though getting from one to the other is very, very simple.
  17. CaptainRobust

    I'm finding the game to be much more familiar and enjoyable since the introduction of the lettuce system. Some more links could alleviate a lot of the complaints about it, I think. I'm glad that the days of having to backtrack since some jerk is running around hacking empty bases is over. Now we can focus on the one thing that this game is advertised for:


    I saw nothing dynamic about the combat pre-lattice like a lot of the pro-hex people are talking about. It was a lot of capping empty bases, no real frontline, and a zerg that just run about a continent while the other factions just drove around it. The lattice system makes zergs collide, and I can only see that as a good thing.

    Then again, I like participating in the big battles that this game advertises much more than playing spec-ops in nearly empty bases. So I must be doing something wrong.
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  18. Cowboyhomer

    I go from one side to the other on the lattice. I think the fights were bigger before the lattice but I think the fights are more consistently decent fights than before the lattice. I havent seen the huge fights that caused pop in of my enemies since the lattice but I also havent spent an hour redeploying looking for a decent fight.
  19. Rivenshield

    And once again we get our daily OMG LATTICE SUX thread... with the majority of posts favoring the lattice.


    It's here to stay, and it's coming to the other two continents. Ghost hackers may wail and gnash their teeth. The rest of us are getting epic slugfests in parts of the map we never even *saw* before, and that suits us just fine.

    (A dynamic lattice with just a few links that occasionally flip from one base to another, perhaps with a warning timer, would be pretty neato though.... SCREECH-EEK-EEK! You get the warning bell and hit M to see what's up, and you see the pulsing dotted line telling you that in 15 minutes the Crown will be connected to the Crossroads Watchtower again. Better get ready for the Mags to come surging over Magrider Hill again, as they did of old... the Vanu have the southwest WG this week, and they look plenty POed...)

    EDIT: Let's wait and see what the Battle Islands look like. My guess is they're lattice-less, and that'll be just the tactical sandbox the hex-map partisans seem to hunger for. I think they're wrong about the lattice -- it isn't so much what it *does* as the many ills it *prevents* -- but I feel deeply uncomfortable telling them to suck it up or leave. That's bad for the game.

    EDIT #2: Is it just me, or are the vast majority of people with multiple-empire sigs the ones yelling loudest about how bad the lattice sucks? Does the Fourth Empire hate the lattice because it deprives them of free-form gameplay?
  20. zukhov

    Its just like ghost capping. Can't win the argument so just make another thread.
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